This Guy Just Built The Most Beautiful TV Wall For Under $200

TV stands work well to hold your electronics, but most of them aren’t really nice to look at.

My TV sits on top of my dresser, but I’ve always wished that I had the time to build an awesome wall mount instead. While that definitely isn’t going down anytime soon because of my epic laziness, this guy made it happen without even spending a ton of money.

Imgur user cwdobbins took the idea behind floating beds and used it to craft a seriously cool wall mount in his living room. The best part is that he did it all for under $200!

This space was transformed into entertainment heaven after he was through with it!

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First, he bolted a piece of wood to the wall, creating a French cleat that would safely support the combined weight of the floating wall and TV.

Then he hammered and welded a steel frame together out of angle iron.

He wanted a cool backlight, so he installed LED strips onto the frame.

Next, he cut some wood boards to size and sanded them before staining each piece.

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After applying some polyurethane finish, he got to work on screwing the boards into the frame.

When all the boards were attached, it was finally time to hang this beauty up.

It was too heavy for him to lift on his own, but his transmission jack turned out to be perfect for the job.

In order to keep his TV’s electronic accessories off of the floor, he welded more angle iron into the shape of a box.

Then he created a smaller mount for the case that would be directly attached to the wall.

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Lag bolts assured that it would be nice and sturdy.

Then came the fun part — finally mounting the TV!

The only thing left to do was complete the electronics case, so the crafter cut shelving boards to enclose the box.

And for the front door of the box, he installed some hinges.

After staining all the pieces, he screwed that bad boy into the mount.

After plugging everything in, he was good to go!

Not only does he have an amazing TV wall now, but his living room looks so much classier!

I am so completely jealous of him.

Something tells me that cwdobbins is going to have a lot of trouble ever leaving that room. If you’re dying for your own floating TV wall, you can find the full instructions here.

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You Love These 18 Celebrities, But Here’s Something You Didn’t Know About Them. It’s Awesome.

Celebrities can get a pretty bad rap for being selfish, indulgent and completely indifferent to people that aren’t like them. However, that’s massively untrue in many cases. They’re people, just like everyone else. Some are bad… and some are good. These celebrities may not be well-known for their generosity, but that’s because they aren’t bragging about it. They’re famous Good Samaritans and, when you learn what they have done, they’ll make you feel a whole lot better about the world, in general. You might not realize how some of these people have positively impacted the world around them. It’s amazing.

1,) Keanu Reeves

2.) Johnny Depp

3.) LeBron James

4.) Tupac Shakur

5.) Dave Chappelle

6.) Dave Grohl

7.) Daniel Radcliffe

8.) Emma Watson

9.) J.K. Rowling

10.) John Cena

11.) Jon Bon Jovi

12.) Mila Kunis

13.) Marilyn Manson

14.) Tom Hanks

15.) George Takei

16.) Russell Brand

17.) Tom Cruise

18.) Zach Galifianakis

Don’t let the state of the world get you down. No matter what is happening around the globe, there will always be good people. Maybe they’re famous and maybe they’re not. What matters is that they exist. Share this uplifting story by clicking below. Restore someone’s faith in humanity.

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Rare Candid Photos Of Your Favorite Celebrities Will Make You Love Them More.

Theater photographer Michael White spent the last half-century rubbing shoulders with Hollywood’s famous faces. Nicknamed “the most famous person you’ve never heard of,” White is the subject of an upcoming documentary, The Last Impresario, which focuses on his prolific career.

While promoting the film, he allows the rest of us to take a glimpse at rare photos taken of our favorite celebrities at their most candid. White always brought his camera along to capture important moments. Shot throughout the 90s, the scenery around the stars ranges from elaborate award shows to intimate family vacations. Take a look.

Michelle Williams and Heath Ledger

Michael White

Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Moss

Michael White

Woody Harrelson

Michael White

Johnny Depp

Michael White

Elizabeth Taylor

Michael White

Naomi Watts

Michael White

Winona Rider

Michael White

Drew Barrymore

Michael White

Uma Thurman

Michael White

Thandie Newton and Nicole Kidman

Michael White

Susan Sarandon and Richard Gere

Michael White

Christopher Reeves

Michael White

Sharon Stone and Rupert Everett

Michael White

Salma Hayek

Michael White

Pierce Brosnan

Michael White

Al Pacino, Jerry Hall, and Marie Helvin

Michael White

Nicole Kidman and Naomi Watts

Michael White

Liam Neeson and Natasha Richardson

Michael White

Paul Simon and Lorne Michaels

Michael White

Liv Tyler

Michael White

Jude Law

Michael White

Jessica Lange and Jack Nicholson

Michael White

Goldie Hawn

Michael White

Harrison Ford

Michael White

Carrie Fisher

Michael White

Brook Shields and Peter Beard

Michael White

Elle MacPherson and Anthony Hopkins

Michael White

Demi Moore and Iggy Pop

Michael White

Dolly Parton

Michael White

(via Huffington Post.)

You can find more information about the upcoming documentary on the film’s official website, and also find out if there will be a screening near you.

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How The Worst News Imaginable Made This Girl Do The Unthinkable. The End Totally Shocked Me.

There’s an 18 year-old girl from Kansas who is fighting a battle that most of us wouldn’t be able to handle. She has stage 4 Glioblastoma, a brain tumor. But instead of locking herself away and being depressed, Alisa is truly living. Not only that, but she is inspiring people worldwide to help her achieve her dreams.

Alisa is a senior at the smalltown Kansas school, Colby High.

She has been battling stage 4 brain cancer since July 2012. In 2014, she was placed in hospice care after a deadly prognosis.

There, she made a 48-item bucket list … and started something amazing. She gained a following on Facebook…

1. Kiss Channing Tatum. 2. Indoor sky diving. 3. Throw a big party. 4. Go on a disney cruise. 5. Swim with dolphins. 6. Go to Europe. 7. Go to Vegas. 8. Go scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef. 9. Hot air balloon ride. 10. Learn to shoot a gun. 11. Ride a mechanical bull. 12. Ride an elephant. 13. Try every cheesecake at the cheesecake factory. 14. Go on a taxi ride and say “follow that car.” 15. Release a bunch of lanterns into the sky. 16. Get chocolate wasted. 17. Give people a reason to remember me. 18. Say yes to everything for a whole day. 19. Pie war. 20. Drive all day blasting music. 21. Travel to every state. 22. Go to New York and go sight seeing. 23. Go to Alaska. 24. Kiss under the Eiffel Tower. 25. Walk on the Great Wall of China. 26. Live a happy life. 27. No Facebook for 2 weeks. 28. Pay in pennies. 29. Go zip lining. 30. Go to Times Square for New Year’s. 31. Water sliding from dusk ‘til dawn. 32. Bake a rainbow cake. 33. Hold a baby lion. 34. Drink from a coconut. 35. Go through a drive thru on a horse. 36. Bake in the middle of the night with someone you love. 37. Go to the drive-in movies. 38. Have a glow stick fight. 39. Have a guy sing to me. 40. Propose to a stranger. 41. Tie messages in balloons and release them. 42. Kiss underwater. 43. Ride a dolphin. 44. Play messy Twister. 45. Have a paint fight. 46. Jump in a pool fully clothed. 47. Make an adventure book. 48. Go mudding.

And soon, people from all over the world were sending pictures of their love and support.

First it was just the Colby community, but now people everywhere are sending in their messages.

They just want to show Alisa how they are thinking of her and wish her well.

People in Colby are rallying to help Alisa complete her bucket list. Even companies, like this Starbucks, are trying to help her out.

Alisa has started checking things off of her list already! Here she is having a pie war outside of her school.

Then, she went on a shopping spree and paid for everything in pennies.

Next, she tried every kind of cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory.

At school, she was serenaded by a man… whom she proposed to right after (even though the proposal was just for fun)!

Next, she took a hiatus from Facebook, to focus on the important things in life.

On March 10th, Alisa received good news from doctors…

And now she is on her way to Paris!

“Alisa knows in life there is no guarantees for tomorrow for anyone, and that she only needs to live for today.” -Alisa’s mother

Her family and friends know that Alisa possesses incredible strength. Her attitude throughout all of her struggles has been amazing. “When Alisa was told by the doctors [that] there was no more they could do, she had a tear in her eye when she looked at her mom and said “Nope, I’m not going to do this.” She smiled at the [doctors], told them “Thank you,” and was ready to go home. There is a hope in her that if her dad and sister can keep surviving their cancer just maybe today can be her good day! My daughter Alisa has a sparkle in her eyes and strength beyond anyone I know. She has a biological father with heart problems that she witnessed him flat line for several minutes; a father who raised her that was told he had a terminal brain tumor; and a sister at age 22 who fought ovarian cancer twice. They are keeping an eye on her youngest brother for suspicious spots on his thyroid glands and lymph nodes. She has triumphed through so much and still remains positive through all she is going through.” And even though she didn’t get to kiss Channing Tatum (yet), he DID send her this video from the Oscars:



We hope and pray that Alisa continues working her way back to health! If you’d like to show her encouragement yourself, visit the Alisa’s Butterflies Facebook page. Her story is truly amazing, please share it with others and keep praying for her! Source: Alisa’s Butterflies

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A Roundup of Some of the Most Awesome Parents Out There Right Now.

Parenting is a tough job–there’s no question about that. No one will judge you if you’re tired and cranky after chasing kids around all day, but parents will also tell you that it’s all completely rewarding. And it’s even more rewarding if you can have some fun along the way. 

That’s what these parents did. Not only did they create some awesome memories for their families, but they had fun doing it. Here’s a roundup of some of the coolest parents out there. 

1.) The Pancake Master

1.) The Pancake Master Nathan Shields Dad and teacher Nathan Shields creates elaborate, edible illustrations for his children using pancake batter and a squeeze bottle.

2.) The Video Bomber

2.) The Video Bomber Imgur Mom decided she needed to make a cameo.

3.) The AT-AT Walker Designers

3.) The AT-AT Walker Designers Imgur Not content with the average snowman, this family decided to work a lesson about classic film into a snow day.

4.) The Entertainment

4.) The Entertainment YouTube/104.7 WNOK Sporting events require a long attention span, so this dad knows that dance breaks are a necessity. Watch the whole video for more awesome dad dancing.

5.) The Proud Parents

5.) The Proud Parents Getty Images These parents are awesome because they’re proud of their children, whoever they are.

6.) The Mad Scientist

6.) The Mad Scientist Imgur They said it couldn’t be done, but this dad found a way to entertain his twins (and make a Calvin & Hobbes reference)

7.) The Interior Designers

7.) The Interior Designers Funpedia I hope it’s lightweight. Just in case.

8.) The Positive Enforcers

8.) The Positive Enforcers 9gag Not only does this allow Cassidy here a way out of being grounded, but it gets some chores done.

9.) The Cardboard Architects

9.) The Cardboard Architects DesignDazzle These parents used cardboard, some tape and a lot of patience to create this maze for their little Minotaur(s).

10.) The Costume Designers

10.) The Costume Designers These parents understand that even Iron Man needs to feel pretty sometimes.

11.) The Other Costume Designer

11.) The Other Costume Designer Cassie McLelland Cassie McLelland wanted to make sure her son, Caleb, was able to celebrate Halloween, and so began the tradition of designing and building awesome costumes that incorporate his wheelchair.

12.) The Intimidator

12.) The Intimidator EpicFail Mom always valued clear and open communication.

13.) The Plating Expert

13.) The Plating Expert Samantha Lee Mom Samantha Lee began creating food scenery to encourage her daughter to eat, and her work has since gained her significant recognition.

14.) The Comedienne

14.) The Comedienne This mom knows how to shut people down with a smile.

15.) The Directors

15.) The Directors Cardboard Box Office Lilly and Leon Mackie stage scenes from famous movies and TV shows using cardboard boxes and other everyday items, including their baby, Orson. This one is called “Breaking Dad.”

16.) The Graphic Artist

16.) The Graphic Artist David Laferriere David Laferriere is a designer and illustrator who took to creating these scenes on his kids’ lunch bags. You can see the whole collection on his Flickr account.

We know there are a lot more awesome parents out there. This is just a small sampling! Keep up the awesome work, parents.

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A 16 Year Old Girl, Armed With A Pencil, Entered A Competition. The Result Blew My Mind.

You could say 16 year-old Shania McDonagh is good at drawing. You could also say that she is absolutely, mind-blowingly brilliant at it, too. She has entered the Texaco Children’s Art Competition before and won in different age categories, but this year she won the overall prize. She has been entering the competition for years, but this year everything was different. She submitted a work of art that’s stunning. You’ll understand why she took home first place.

Shania is wonderful young artist.

And THIS, a portrait entitled “Coleman,” is the stunning work of art that helped her win the first place award. No, it’s not a photograph.

She drew Coleman by hand, using only pencil.

Via and Irish Times The judging panel chairman said she is now established “as one of the most talented artists of her generation, and one whose skill could see her become one of Ireland’s foremost portrait artists of the future.” Her talent will leave your jaw on the floor. Share this incredible work of art with others by clicking below.

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