Here’s What Your Favorite Child Stars Look Like Now. Some Aged Gracefully, Others.. Not So Much.

Oh childhood stardom. Is there anything more quintessentially American? Probably. Regardless though it’s always interesting to see who yesterday’s child stars grew up to be. Some of them are still respected actors with great careers, Leonardo Dicaprio anyone? Others though…well I think I’m sure you think of few who have not aged so gracefully. Here are 31 of your favorite childhood stars and how they look today.  

1.) Andrew Lawrence – 1996 and now.

2.) Christian Bale – 1997 and now.

3.) Christina Ricci – 1990 and now.

4.) Dakota Fanning – 2001 and now.

5.) Daniel Radcliffe – 2000 and now.

6.) Daryl Sabara – 2001 and now.

7.) Drew Barrymore – 1982 and now.

8.) Elijah Wood – 1992 and now.

9.) Emma Watson – 2000 and now.

10.) Frankie Muniz – 2000 and now.

11.) Haley Joel Osment – 1997 and now.

12.) Hilary Duff – 2001 and now.

13.) Jake Lloyd – 1999 and now.

14.) Jaleel White – 1990 and now.

15.) Jodie Foster – 1973 and now.

16.) Jonathan Lipnicki – 1996 and now.

17.) Kirsten Dunst – 1993 and now.

18.) Kristen Stewart – 2002 and now.

19.) Lacey Chabert – 1996 and now.

20.) Leonardo DiCaprio – 1990 and now.

21.) Lindsay Lohan – 1998 and now.

22.) Macaulay Culkin – 1991 and now.

23.) Miley Cyrus – 2006 and now.

24.) Mischa Barton – 1997 and now.

25.) Scarlett Johansson – 1996 and now.

26.) Taylor Lautner – 2005 and now.

27.) Taylor Momsen – 2000 and now.

28.) Wil Wheaton – 1987 and now.

30.) Zac Efron – 2004 and now.

31.) Alyssa Milano – 1984 and now.

H/T: Piximus I really think Macaulay Culkin is due for a comeback. Don’t forget to share this list with your friends by clicking below.

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These 9 ‘Before And After’ Photos Will Give Hope To All The Geeks Out There. Whoa.

These are the kind of photos that should give hope to every person out there who feels insecure about their looks. What people need to understand is that you can always change how you’re perceived, that’s in your control. Sometimes, growing out of being “geeky” or feeling unwanted is as simple as buying new glasses, getting into shape and growing up a little. Here are 9 celebrities that this Reddit user discovered started out a little nerdy… but ended up absolutely impressive. It’s hard not to be shocked by this.

1.) Jonathan Lipnicki

2.) Matthew Lewis

3.) Abigail Breslin

4.) Emma Watson

5.) Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

6.) Joseph Gordon Levitt

7.) Daniel Radcliffe

8.) Jaleel White

9.) Joe Mangeniello

Source: Reddit And every one of these inspirational transformations happened because these kids matured, filled out, got into shape and started presented themselves better. If you’re already an adult, you’re halfway there, no need to grow through your awkward stage! Share the amazing transformations of these celebrities by clicking the button below.

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These Shocking Before And After Hybrid Photos Will Keep You Far Away From Drugs. Horrifying.

Not only can drugs destroy lives, they can destroy your body. Photographer Roman Sakovich created a series that illustrates that point so well. The London-based photographer shows us just what substance abuse can do to a person. He titled this photo series Half. He split his subjects right down the middle, presenting a unique take on “before and after” photos. It shows that each person has a choice of timelines. One path is to live a normal and healthy life. The other? To be an addict.

You may think that this is all Photoshop and digital editing…

But at lot of these effects were done in-camera.

This is just clever costumes and makeup.

This may seem dramatic or superficial…

However, it gets the message across.

Not only that, but it is truthful and shocking.

Source: Roman Sakovich via My Modern Met Movies and television shows can romanticize drug abuse. Don’t be fooled. It is a real and serious problem that can completely tear apart your life. Let these portraits inspire you and teach you a lesson. Drug abuse shouldn’t be taken lightly. Share this shocking truth with others.

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So THIS Is What Those Movies Looked Like Before Visual Effects Were Added.

Is there anything that movie makers can’t do with today’s technology? When it comes to something on screen (not counting the sodas thrown by a rambunctious youngster), the things filmmakers can do today would blow any movie from the past out of the water. The visual effects (or VFX) artists in Hollywood today are working miracles for these films. Check out what these recent blockbusters looked like before and after VFX were added, and see for yourself.  

The Avengers

Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes

Life of Pi




Ender’s Game

The Wolverine

A Good Day To Die Hard

The Monuments Men

300: Rise Of An Empire

Check out this video to see what another blockbuster movie looked like before and after VFX were added.

(via IziSmile)

I know they call it “movie magic,” but I was still surprised to see how otherworldly the work of the VFX artists really is. It’s incredible how far we’ve come with effects over the years.

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