Apparently, ‘The Exorcist’ Doesn’t Even Need Sound In Order To Be Terrifying

Most people who have seen “The Exorcist” agree that it’s one of the scariest movies of all time.

Even for the most jaded horror lovers out there, the film does a great job of leaving you feeling very uncomfortable and afraid. Everything about it is creepy, including the behind-the-scenes footage that didn’t make its way into the final cut.

This compilation of outtakes and superimposition tests on the movie set is silent, but that definitely doesn’t make it any less unsettling to watch.

Right after the three-minute mark is when it gets especially disturbing for me.

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Somehow, I’m even more unnerved by the fact that Linda Blair actually suffered a back injury as a result of the scene above. Like I said before, this film is just oozing with creepiness.

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These 34 Behind-The-Scenes Photos Will Change How You Feel About Movies Forever.

For years, movie magic has been “tricking” audiences in to believing that some fantastical worlds and stories are real. Most movie goers know that they are being duped. After all, that’s the best part of going to the movies. Suspending disbelief and accepting an entire world as truth can be fun… even if it’s just for 90 minutes of your life. Here are some behind-the-scenes photos from some of the most iconic movies over the decades. No matter how much you love these movies (or how many times you’ve seen them), we bet you’ve never pictured them like this before. It’s mind-blowing… and it makes me love these movies even more. I’ve never seen this stuff before!

1.) Princess Leia gives Luke a refreshing beer.

2.) An Alien doesn’t seem so scary.

3.) Jaws must not have been hungry that day.

4.) Star Wars wasn’t very high tech…

5.) Is this the Hulk or Bruce Banner?

6.) Just chillaxin’ with friends.

7.) The Hound with and without makeup.

8.) Even Bellatrix Lestrange has to check her email.

9.) Amazing winter scene or… diorama?

10.) Who knew the Delorean was so small?

11.) Inception blew your mind in more ways than you know.

12.) Bill Murray behind the scenes on Fantastic Mr. Fox.

13.) We all re-touch our makeup down here.

14.) No one likes getting wet. Even wizards.

15.) Frodo’s epic journey would have went so much faster in a helicopter.

16.) Dr. Pepper: the refreshing drink of serial killers.

17.) Not only was there room on the door for both of them, but they were just in a small pool.

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The 7 Craziest Secrets From Hollywood Studios That You’ve Never Heard Before.

There’s a certain element of mystery to the film industry. For as much joy as the TV shows and movies bring us, we’re always left wondering about the events that take place behind the scenes. Luckily for us, the Internet exists and we’re finally privy to some really legendary stories from the actors. Check it out:  

The costume assistant for the original Wizard of Oz movie purchased the wizard’s coat from a thrift store to maintain it’s authenticity. The actor wearing the coat noticed there was a name written in the pocket. It was “L. Frank Baum,” the author of The Wizard of Oz books. This was later verified by Baum’s widow.

Brad Pitt wasn’t giving a convincing enough reaction to the stage punches he was receiving in Fight Club so, without telling Brad, the director instructed Edward Norton to actually hit him. If you watch the film, you can see that Brad Pitt really did get punched in the neck.

While filming Another Time, Another Place in 1958, Sean Connery’s love scene with co-star Lana Turner was so convincing that her real-life boyfriend pulled a real-life gun on Connery. Thinking quickly, he grabbed the man’s wrist and twisted the weapon free. Her boyfriend fled the set and was eventually killed by Turner’s daughter.

Bill Murray improvised every single one of his Caddyshack lines. His creativity turned a minor role in the movie into the most iconic character.

George Lucas repeatedly informed Ewan McGregor that he didn’t need to make the lightsaber noise while filming Star Wars: Episode I, but Ewan continued to imitate it throughout the shoot. His excuse? “I keep getting carried away.”

The button at the end of the Avengers showing the heroes eating shawarma actually sent US shawarma sales through the roof. It was obviously not their intention.

And this gem about filming Parks And Recreation from Chris Pratt.

Consider my mind blown. If yours was too, show others by clicking the Share button.

If you need me, I’ll be re-watching all of the scenes from above. Bye.


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American Idol Finalist Didi Benami duets with Keaton Simons on new song “If I Hadn’t Forgotten” (Review)

Keaton Simons’ new single entitled “If I Hadn’t Forgotten” features American Idol Season 9 finalist Didi Benami. It is now available to the public via iTunes and Amazon as a digital download.


Keaton Simons is a thirty-something, multi-talented singer songwriter, and musician who has albums and EPs attached to his credential along with a degree in Ethnomusicology.

His musicality is always spot on and his voice soulful and bluesy. This was clear on the song “If I Hadn’t Forgotten” originally released as a solo single.

The song itself on first listen renders a feeling that you might have heard it before from somewhere. In its simplicity and timelessness, it could very well be placed in a movie soundtrack or perhaps a TV show.

And placed it was! ABC’s hit medical drama series “Private Practice” picked it up and put the song front and center on its November 3rd episode (EP506) entitled “If I Hadn’t Forgotten.” Not only is the episode the same as the track title, the main character Dr. Addison Montgomery (Kate Walsh) sings a few lines of the song!

“If I Hadn’t Forgotten” took another turn this week with a special release of a duet version. Lending the other half of this now two-tone harmony is the wistful, pulsing voice of Didi Benami.

Simons and Benami are long time friends and Didi has appeared in a number of Keaton Simons shows in Los Angeles.

While the tune could be carried fine on its own solo, we could see why Benami’s voice is the missing piece needed to perfect this song. Says producer and owner of Revolver Recordings (where the song was mixed and recorded), Mikal Blue:

“it was suggested that Didi could come and do a duet on one of (the) songs. I thought it was a great idea but I’ve no idea how amazing it was gonna sound. As soon as it got Didi’s voice into this track, the whole track took on a new vibe; it was beautiful hearing them both.”

In a post from Official American Idol site about the song release, Benami affirms:

“I’m very happy and excited about it. It’s been a long time in the works for me to get something out there, and I think the wait brought us to just the right song at just the right moment.”

Keaton Simons Didi Benami

Whether there was conscious effort to bring in Didi Benami to ‘complete’ the track, the result is sublime and universally appealing. The give and take, the push and pull, the symbiosis brought the song into a whole new tier.

Benami’s voice hooks you in, inviting you to her world as she sings about the lost love. There is longing and yearning as she professes: “And I don’t know what you’ve been dreamin’ of, if your heart is haunted by our love, and I don’t know if you’ve tried movin’ on, But I can’t get past the way we left off…” leading into the chorus blending in tastefully with Simons’ crisp vocals:

If I knew now
What I knew then
If I hadn’t forgotten
What we meant
If I’d held on
Through the hard times
If I’d done what I needed to make things right
I’d know love before I lost it
If I hadn’t forgotten

Where the two draws the connection to the song, Benami might have sentimental attachment to it from the beginning as revealed on the behind the scenes video: “When I first heard the song, I felt like it was the last relationship that I was in, and it just brought me back… to what I could have done differently… It’s a message of hope for those of us that overthink everything and for those of us that don’t…

The track is Benami’s debut release since going on a nationwide American Idol tour in 2010. She was in New York City two months ago at the Rockwood Music Hall for an intimate showcase of what she’s been working on as far as her music goes. She is off to the Bahamas for a charity concert and dinner weekend on  November 11, and she’s chosen to benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital (

We wish both of these artists much success in their respective careers and we surely won’t mind another collaboration in the offing.

There is a streaming song preview at Didi Benami’s Official website. You can check out Keaton Simons official site here. You could get FREE song download from Didi’s fansite. They have a contest giveaway going on at their site as part of supporting the song and Benami.

Follow up to the minute updates from the two on their social network:

@DidiBenami on Twitter
@KeatonSimons on Twitter

Keaton’s Official Facebook | Didi’s Official Facebook

Update on Knicks City Dancers Auditions, Meet the Top 30 Finalists!


The auditions are over. 30 dancers remain from 350, selected to move on to Knicks City Dancers Training Camp (July 7-9). From there, 17 dancers will be chosen for the team, and the 18th member will be left up to online voters to pick from among 5 finalists. Included in the Top 30 is Bronx native, Asia Nitollano, who won the reality TV show Pussycat Dolls Presents: The Search for the Next Doll back in 2007 and became the next member of the Pussycat Dolls.

Rumors spread that she wasn’t the best match for the group, and in fact, after she won she ditched the Pussycat Dolls to pursue her own solo career. After signing with The Inc. Records (formerly Murder Inc. Records), we still haven’t seen a single release… so what is going on? We guess her solo career wasn’t cutting it…

Meet the Top 30

Go behind the scenes at the second day of auditions where celebrity choreographer Shane Sparks helps narrows down the hopefuls to 30

Go behind the scenes at the open call on the first day of auditions for the Knicks City Dancers 2009-10 season

Choreographer and “So You Think You Can Dance” star Shane Sparks showed the Knicks City Dancers hopefuls some serious moves at the 2009 KCD auditions.


SYTYCD 5 Results Night Opens with ‘Boom Boom Pow’ Top 20 Group Dance


“Boom Boom Pow” by the Black Eyed Peas. Choreographed by Shane Sparks

Behind the scenes of the the Shane Sparks choreography