Just 20 Seconds Into This Home Movie And You’ll Be Shocked. It Left Me Speechless.

Filming one second a day for an entire year is a new, creative way to make home movies. It ends up being a collage of “a day in the life” for one person or family. Like other home movies, the one-second-a-day videos may only be entertaining to those who know the people in it. This “one second” home movie, though, is one you’ll never forget.

The home movie starts out normal enough.

It documents one second a day in the life of a girl in the UK.

Life seems ordinary.

But then you’ll realize…

This video is anything but ordinary.

To find out just what happens, click below to watch the video. 20 seconds into this home movie, I was shocked to see what happened.

This is surreal, but also entirely possible. Source: YouTube Share this surprising video with others. It’s just so different.

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These 25 Things Are Totally Banned In Certain Countries. Mostly Absurd… But #9 Is Hilarious.

If you grew up in a progressive, free country then it might be strange to think that some other countries have banned items you may use every day. Most people reading this article probably have the freedom of choice, especially when it comes to every day, normal decisions. However, countries like China, Iran and Malaysia have banned their people from watching certain things on television and even wearing certain colors. This is so strange… and wrong.

1.) Game consoles (China): In 2000, the Chinese government enacted a ban on gaming consoles to prevent the youth from wasting their time and not working.

List 25

2.) Emo clothing (Russia): The country decided that emo clothing was a “natonal threat to stability” and banned the fashion. They wanted to bring down the high suicide rate among teens.

List 25

3.) “Western” hair cuts (Iran): Styles such as mullets, ponytails and spikes were banned.

List 25

4.) Valentine’s Day (Saudi Arabia): This ban included restrictions on anything and everything red from being sold on Valentine’s Day. This eventually led to a thriving black market on the holiday.

List 25

5.) Video games (Greece): This was intended to prevent electronic gambling machines, although the law was written very broadly and led to the arrest of someone playing a video game in an internet cafe.

List 25

6.) Reincarnation without prior consent (China): This sounds crazy, but this was China’s attempt to control the Tibetan Buddhists.

List 25

7.) Fortified foods (Denmark): There is a fear in this country of consuming too many vitamins. It has led to the banning of many popular products, such as Ovaltine and certain cereals.

List 25

8.) Scrabble (Romania): In the 1980s, President Nicolae Ceausescu banned this game, describing it as “overly intellectual” and a “subversive evil.”

List 25

9.) Claire Danes (Manila): Claire Danes once referred to Manila as a city that was weird and smelling of cockroaches, so every film by the actress was removed from the city and the star was denied and future entry.

List 25

10.) Most baby names (Denmark): There are 24,000 approved government names that parents can choose from. If they want a different name, they have to apply for permission.

List 25

11.) Avatar in 2D (China): They allowed the movie to be released in 3D, even though there weren’t many in the country. The government didn’t agree with the political undertones of the movie.

List 25

12.) Furbies (NSA): This wasn’t a nationwide ban, but in 1999, the NSA was afraid the toys could be used to record classified information.

List 25

13.) Yellow clothing (Malaysia): In 2011, the government decided that it was illegal to wear yellow, as it was the color of a certain group of activists.

List 25

14.) Jasmine (China): The Jasmine Revolution in Tunisia inspired Chinese protestors, the government decided to ban the flower.

List 25

15.) Haggis (USA): Traditional Scottish haggis are made with sheep’s lung, which is an illegal food product in the United States (and had been for 40 years).

List 25

16.) Cell phones (Cuba): During Fidel Castro’s reign, only high ranking government officials were allowed to have cell phones.

List 25

17.) Chewing gum (Singapore): Since 1992, the import and sale of gum has been illegal in the city in order to keep public places clean.

List 25

18.) Mannequins (Iran): Not all mannequins are banned, but the female ones must be demurely dressed in a hijab.

List 25

19.) Plastic bags (Bangladesh): In 2002, the country outlawed plastic bags. Soon to follow in their footsteps was France, Tanzania and Mexico.

List 25

20.) Women drivers (Saudi Arabia): There is no written law that prevents women from driving, but they are not issued licenses.

List 25

21.) Ketchup (France): In 2011, France banned the condiment from school cafeteria’s in order to preserve French cuisine.

List 25

22.) McDonald’s (Bolivia): There is no law stating that there can’t be a McDonald’s, but no citizens ate at the restaurant during its stint in the country. It’s the only Latin American country without the chain.

List 25

23.) Spanking (Sweden): Teachers can’t spank in schools, but neither can parents at home.

List 25

24.) Baby walker (Canada): Studies showed that babies who were taught to walk in a walker have delayed motor development. They were then banned in 2004.

List 25

25.) Time travel (China): Of course China banned time travel. Due to the “frivolous” treatement of history by TV shows and movies, Chinese censors have been cracking down on time travel in the media.

List 25

(H/T List25) This probably seem strange to most people, but there are thousands of people in the world who have to live within these constraints. Share these odd banned items with others by clicking on the button below!

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She Was Driving In A Thunderstorm When She Caught This Epic Explosion On Camera

When I was little, my parents used to tell me that lightning was just God and the people in heaven having a really elaborate photoshoot.

Nothing says summertime quite like an afternoon thunderstorm. The loud crashes of thunder mixed with the flashing imagery of lightning provide the perfect cinematic entertainment without having to pay to go to the movies.

As cool as thunder and lightning may be, the latter can also be incredibly dangerous. There are an estimated 100 lightning strikes on Earth every second, and each bolt can possess around one billion volts of electricity. Nearly 2,000 people are killed each year as a result of being struck by lightning.

Check out these 18 insanely awesome yet terrifying lightning strikes.

1. This incredible lightning strike at a train station caused a massive explosion that forced the cancellation of many departing trains.

2. This plane just narrowly escapes being struck by lightning.

3. It’s a bird. It’s a plane. Nope it’s just super-fast lightning!

4. This slow-motion video of a lightning strike looks like a bunch of tiny hands reaching out into the night sky.

5. A photo like this happens once in a lifetime.

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6. Luckily no one was on the beach during this lightning strike.

7. This compilation of lightning strikes is truly shocking.

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8. There’s a light at the end of this rainbow!

9. I promise, this isn’t the beginning of the apocalypse.

10. They say lightning never strikes the same place twice. I think they’re wrong.

11. Who knew upward lightning was even possible?

12. Looks like there’s trouble in paradise.

13. Thankfully, no one was hurt in the filming of these lightning strikes.

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14. Golden skies like these can only bring about bad news.

15. That was a close one!

16. This Peruvian soccer player survived being struck by lightning in the middle of the game.

17. A little too close for comfort.

18. This lightning really didn’t like that telephone pole…

I think I’ll keep watching lightning storms from the comfort of my living room window, thankyouverymuch.

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This Guy Rendered His Own Brain Scan In 3-D And It’s Morbid, But Also Fascinating

If you stop and think about it, medical technology is almost like modern-day science fiction.

Although the media and society at large pay attention to technological advancements, an outsized share of that attention is focused on more consumer-oriented inventions.

What gets lost in the shuffle is medical technology that is slowly becoming the stuff we once only found in books and movies. Take, for example, what Redditor taurus_manure was able to do following an MRI scan for migraines.

He was able to take data from his MRI scan and use another piece of software to create these 3-D renderings of his own skull.

Pretty wild, right? According to taurus_manure, the process of producing work like this is surprisingly easy.

What you need to do is first get a copy of the MRI data from your doctor. You might have to pay a small fee, but most will give these scans out for free.

Then you can take the 2-D images from the MRI data and combine them to create 3-D versions.

For the more technologically advanced, you can do this process by hand, but the Redditor suggests searching for DICOM 3-D reconstruction software on Google if you’re a beginner.

With the help of such software, you can get up close and personal with the inside of your own head.

But why would anyone do this?

Well, for one, 3-D models can be used to create 3-D printed body parts.

Unless you’re a doctor from the future, you’ll only be able to print those parts in plastic. That being said, it’d still be pretty cool to see your body turned inside out.

Say cheese!

(source: Reddit)

That would be awesome to have on display when guests come over. Talk about a conversation starter, am I right?

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You’ll Never Believe The Deadly Secret These Celebs Have In Common. #5, Wow. I Had No Idea.

You’ve seen their films, cheered for their team, bought their album, and read their words…but you might not know that each of these famous faces have one thing in common: they all have someone else’s blood on their hands. Whether caused by carelessness or violent tempers, the following celebrities are responsible for the deaths of others. I am still in shock.

1. Matthew Broderick: While vacationing in Ireland with then-girlfriend Jennifer Grey in 1987, the actor drove the wrong direction and struck an oncoming vehicle. Both the driver and passenger died as a result of their injuries.

2. Howard Hughes: In 1936, Hughes struck a man with his car but was never subject to any charges against him following a small investigation.

3. Brandy: The singer was involved in the 2006 freeway pile-up that resulted in the death of Awatef Aboudihaj.

4. Ted Kennedy: In 1969, the senator drove his car off a bridge near Martha’s Vineyard. Though he was able to swim to safety, his passenger Mary Jo Kopechne drowned.

5. Laura Bush: While in high school, the former First Lady failed to stop at a stop sign and collided with another car, killing her classmate Michael Dutton Douglas.

6. Dog the Bounty Hunter: He is banned from entering the UK following an incident in 1976 where he was present at the murder of Jerry Oliver for which he served 18-months of a 5-year sentence.

7. Aaron Hernandez: The former New England Patriots tight end is currently awaiting trial following the death of his friend, Odin Lloyd, who was found shot to death near Hernandez’ home.

8. Charles S. Dutton: When the actor was 17 he got into a fight with another man and killed him. He spent 7 years in prison.

9. Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle: A prominent actor in the silent film era, his career suffered after the death and apparent rape of a woman found in his hotel room.

10. William S. Burroughs: The author shot and killed his wife during a drunken evening of playing “William Tell.”

11. Keith Moon: The energetic drummer for The Who accidentally struck and killed his bodyguard while trying to escape fans at a pub in 1970.

12. John Landis: The director was acquitted of involuntary manslaughter charges after an accident on the set of The Twilight Zone movie caused the death of actor Vic Morrow and two child actors. However, he gave $2 million to each of the children’s families.

13. Don King: The boxing promotor was the cause of TWO separate deaths. First, in self defense when a man broke into his gambling operation. The second landed him a second-degree murder conviction after stomping an employee to death who owed him $600.

14. Johnny Lewis: In 2012, the ‘Sons of Anarchy’ actor fell to his death after breaking into the home of and killing an elderly woman.

15. Christian Brando: Marlon’s son plead guilty to manslaughter after he shot and killed his sister’s boyfriend, though he claimed it was an accident.

16. Vince Neil: The Motley Crue singer spent only 15 days in jail after a drunk driving accident caused the death of his passenger and brain damage to those in the other car.

17. Salman Khan: The Bollywood actor is currently facing charges of culpable homicide after driving his car into a bakery in 2002, resulting in the death of 1 patron and the injury of 3 others.

18. Lead Belly: Notorious for his bad temper, the blues legend once killed one of his relatives when the two men were fighting over a woman.

19. John Huston: The legendary writer/director struck and killed a woman with his car in 1933. No charges were ever pressed against him.

20. J.R. Smith: The New York Knicks player was charged with vehicular manslaughter in 2007 after failing to stop at a stop sign led to the death of his passenger. He plead guilty, but only served 24 days of his 90 day prison sentence.

21. Rebecca Gayheart: Convicted of vehicular manslaughter after striking a 9 year old, who later died of his injuries, with her car in 2001.

22. Michael Massee: The actor was the one who pulled the flawed prop-gun that led to the accidental death of Brandon Lee while on the set of ‘The Crow.’

23. Lane Garrison: The ‘Prison Break’ actor plead guilty to vehicular manslaughter after a drunk driving accident caused the death of his passenger.

24. Oliver Stone: The director was enlisted in the U.S. Army during the Vietnam war and killed several enemy soldiers.

25. Sid Vicious: Punk rocker Sid Vicious had a notoriously tempestuous relationship with his girlfriend Nancy Spungeon who was found stabbed to death in the hotel room they shared. He died of a drug overdose before the trial could begin.

26. Robert Blake: In 2002, Blake was acquitted of charges after his wife was shot to death, but the actor was still found liable of wrongful death in a civil lawsuit.

27. Phil Spector: The legendary music producer was put on trial in 2003 following the death of Lana Clarkson and found guilty in 2009, currently serving a 19 years-to-life sentence.

28. Oscar Pistorius: The four-time Paralympics gold medal winner and double-amputee is currently on trial for shooting his girlfriend to death in 2013. The athlete claims to have thought she was an intruder.

(via: eBaum’s World.) I’ll never look at their work the same again. Click the link below and share with your friends.

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Here Are 11 Extremely Strange Jobs That No Longer Exist. #10 Is Just Downright Creepy.

Finding a position in today’s job market is hard enough as it is, but what if you were unlucky enough to have one of these careers? A user on Reddit posted a link to this list of extinct jobs. They are all real jobs that people used to have back in the day. It’s strange to think that something called a knocker-upper was hired to wake people up, but it’s even weirder that these jobs just winked out of existence.

1.) Bowling alley pin setter

This was typically a teenager’s job and didn’t pay very well.

2.) Knocker-upper

Knocker-uppers were basically human alarm clocks. They would make sure their clients would wake up.

They would rap on doors and windows with truncheons, or even use pea shooters.

3.) Ice cutter

When lakes froze, ice cutters would saw through the layers and give the pieces to ice delivery men.

4.) Pre-radar enemy aircraft detection

These devices helped soldiers listen for approaching enemy aircraft and warn their own troops

5.) Rat catcher

In Europe, rat catchers were hired to control the rodent population and prevent the spread of disease.

It wasn’t an easy job, as many of them would suffer from bites.

6.) Lamp lighter

Until electric street lamps were introduced, lamp lighters would need to go around lighting or extinguishing street lamps.

7.) Milkman

Because of less advanced refrigeration and preservation techniques, cold milk would need to be delivered often.

8.) Log driver – Before log transportation via truck was possible, these men would guide logs down the river.

9.) Switchboard operator

Before modern technology, switchboard operators were an integral part of telephone networks by connecting calls.

10.) Resurrectionist – – They were basically 19th century body snatchers. Resurrectionists would remove corpses from graves for universities to use as cadavers.

11.) Factory worker lector

Lectors hired at factories would read to those who worked all day, providing entertainment.

Some day in the future, maybe even your job will be eliminated. Advances in technology have led to extinct jobs year after year. Thankfully, as each door closes in life, a window opens. (And when there are metaphorical opening windows, there are metaphorical window washers.) Source: Reddit Click below to share these strange, unique jobs with your friends. Hopefully, they didn’t use to be milkmen.

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These 21 Terrifying Medieval Devices Take Cruelty To A Gruesome Level Of Insanity. OMG.

If you think the world is a screwed up place now, then you have no idea how cruel and insane parts of the world used to be. Back in Medieval times, there were wars, crusades, kings and assassinations. All of which required a certain level of violence. People needed a way to punish prisoners or extract confessions, so the dark age torturers and executioners thought of these absolutely terrifying torture devices. You have may seen some of these awful tools in movies and thought,” This couldn’t possibly be real…” (You’d be wrong.)

1.) The Judas Cradle: This torture could last days or hours. A victim would sit on this pyramid-shaped seat, with their legs tied together. If they moved one leg, the other would move as well, causing even more pain.


2.) Coffin Torture: Victims could be kept in cages or coffins for a length of time, depending on the crime. Blasphemy would earn them death.


3.) Brazen Bull: A person would be placed inside this bull and be slowly burned to death. The Greeks even invented a system of tubes so that the screams from inside would sound like an ox.


4.) Scold’s Bridle: Primarily used on women, this iron muzzle had a bit that was usually covered in spikes. That way, if the victim tried to talk they would be in severe pain.


5.) Rack Torture: A person would be attached to the rack and the torturer would turn the handle, causing ropes to pull in opposite directions on their hands and legs. Eventually, their bones would become dislocated … and then torn apart.


6.) Chair of Torture: There are many variants on this chair, but all include spikes covering the back, arms, seat and leg rests of the chair. To keep the victim from moving, they would be tied or pinned to this device.


7.) Pear of Anguish: This instrument was inserted into a victim’s orifice. Then, a screw would be turned and the four “leaves” of the pear open up and mutilate the victim.



9.) Breast Ripper: This was used on women, mainly those accused of forcing a miscarriage or adultery. The claws would either be hot or cold, and clenched around a woman’s breast. If she wasn’t killed, she’d be scarred for life.


10.) Head Crusher: This was widely used during the Middle Ages. A person’s chin would be placed on the bottom bar and the head under the cap. As the handle was turned, the cap would slowly be pressed to the bar, until the head was crushed.


11.) Saws: Saws were widely used as torture devices, as these tools were found in almost any house. Hanging a person upside down and sawing through them, lest they confess, was gory but affective.


12.) The Iron Maiden: Some dispute the legitimacy of this torture device, but if it was real, a victim would be tied inside this container and the doors were shut. The spikes wouldn’t penetrate any vital organs so it could take hours or days for death to occur.


13.) Spanish Tickler: This simple instrument would tear a victim’s skin apart, neither bones nor muscles were spaced. The tickler, indeed.


14.) Garrotte Torture: This device would slowly crush a victim’s neck, causing death from asphyxia.


15.) Flagellation Whipping: This was extremely common in Rome, but still used during the Middle Ages.


16.) Pillory Torture: This was meant to publicly humiliate the victim and sometimes the crowds would make this torture lethal. Many times the victim would also be whipped.


17.) Breaking Wheel: A victim’s limbs would be tied to the spokes and the wheel would slowly revolve. As it turned, a torturer would bludgeon the victim. Once their bones were broken, they would be left on the wheel to die.


18.) Thumbscrews: Fingers were placed inside this instrument and slowly crushed as a torturer would turn the handle.


19.) Heretics Fork: This device was a metal rod with a fork at each end. One fork would be placed under the chin and the other at the upper chest. A collar would support the fork, forcing the victim to hold their head erect, or else they’d experience pain.


20.) Knee Splitter: This could be used on any limb or joint, and the spikes would slowly crush whatever was put inside the splitter.


21.) Crocodile Shears: These were saved for those who attempted to assassinate the king. This was a tube that contained numerous spikes on each end. A victim’s fingers or penis would be placed inside and then mutilated.


(H/T Ebaumsworld) Be happy that you live in a time and place where this level of torture is almost unheard of. Unspeakable acts and torture still happen to many people around the world, but at least you’re safe from some of these archaic and terrible torture devices. Share this chill-inducing gallery with others.

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Looking For A Creepy Summer Home? How About The Amityville Horror House?

Even if you’re not a big fan of horror movies and supposed stories of true hauntings, you’ve probably at least heard about the infamous Amityville horror house.

That house, which is located at 112 Ocean Avenue in Amityville, New York, is now for sale. The asking price is $850,000.

The story of this horror house begins in 1974. One fateful day that year, 23-year-old Ronald DeFeo went on a killing spree. By the end, both of DeFeo’s parents and all four of his siblings were dead.

Initially, DeFeo claimed that the murders were the work of a hitman, but he soon confessed and was sentenced to life in prison. He’s still behind bars today.

Not long after, the new owners of the home claimed to be haunted by several angry spirits. Their tales of paranormal activity became the basis for Jay Anson’s popular book “The Amityville Horror,”and for all subsequent films.

Despite widespread tales of ghosts and demons, there has never actually been a documented haunting on the property. Rather than the Amityville horror, locals refer to the rumor as the Amityville hoax.

(via Unexplained Mysteries)

Regardless of whether the house is haunted or not, the new owners could make a killing if they opened up an Amityville horror-themed bed and breakfast. (Okay, maybe “make a killing” isn’t the best phrase.)

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