Who Got Eliminated in So You Think You Can Dance 6?


Who is out of the competition?

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jonathanlegacy_perezJonathan Legacy Perez . Eliminated December 9, Top 8

molleegray8Mollee Gray . Eliminated December 9, Top 8

nathantNathan Trasoras . Eliminated December 2, Top 10

noellemarsh10Noelle Marsh . Eliminated December 2, Top 10

victor+smalleyVictor Smalley . Eliminated November 25, Top 12

karen+hauerKaren Hauer . Eliminated November 25, Top 12

huntekevinKevin Hunte . Eliminated November 19, Top 14

cookechanningChanning Cooke . Eliminated November 19, Top 14

Pauline Mata . Eliminated November 11, Top 16

Peter Sabasino . Eliminated November 11, Top 16


Bianca Revels . Eliminated November 3, Top 18

Phillip Attmore . Eliminated November 3, Top 18


Ariana Debose . Eliminated October 27, Top 20


Brandon Dumlao . Eliminated October 27, Top 20


Billy Bell left the competition after only one performance due to an illness. He was replaced by Brandon Dumlao who was consequently eliminated by a unanimous decision from the judges.

SYTYCD 6 Profile Spotlight on Brandon Dumlao

*Brandon Dumlao was brought into the competition at the last minute replacing Billy Bell who had to leave the competition due to an illness.

Full Name: Brandon James Dumlao

Nickname: Beej

Specialty: Hip hop

Hometown: Concord, CA

Currently Resides: Concord, CA

Age: 21

Audition City: Los Angeles, CA

School: “Currently going to Diablo Valley College for 3 years studying accounting, and planning to transfer to CSU Northridge next Fall. I haven’t graduated yet.”

Favorite professional dancer: “Jillian Meyers. Her concepts in her dances are always fresh and she has such an interesting, unique, intricate hip hop style that I love.”

Other talents/hobbies: “I’ve been bowling since I was 8 years old and I’ve bowled a 297 game, 3 short of a perfect 300 game. I’ve also been playing violin for 10 years and piano for 6.”



From Fox Dance profile:

Brandon Dumlao, 21 years old, was born and raised in Concord, California. He got his first taste of dancing at the age of 8 but was forced to quit to go out for sports. At the age of 17, he attended Kyle Hanagami’s hip hop class in San Francisco and fell in love with hip hop dance. He currently trains with NeverLand, a dance company under the direction of Kyle Hanagami & Ellen Kim from The Lost Kids. He is very thankful for all of the opportunities he has been given in the short amount of time he has been dancing. He strives to create his own style of hip hop which combines hard-hitting movements with contemporary-esque fluidity. Brandon hopes to be dancing for years to come.