These Pictures Of Ordinary Foods Might Seem Boring, But Take A Closer Look

If you’re anything like me and you binge watch the Food Network like it’s your job, then you’ve probably seen your fair share of elaborate cakes.

There are plenty of bakers out there who take pride in transforming everyone’s favorite treats into towering works of art, and a culinary creator by the name of Debbie Goard takes cake decorating to a whole new level.

Her creations channel everything from classic movies to savory dishes. Check them out!

1. Wingardium Leviosa!

2. Even Snoopy needs a caffeine fix every now and then.

3. There’s nothing bad about this mashup. Nothing.

4. I don’t know about you, but I want to travel the world in search of more cakes.

5. This doesn’t really make me feel warm and fuzzy.

6. Minions are inescapable.

7. Cake is a girl’s best friend.

8. Anyone looking for hot wings here is in for a rude (and chocolatey) awakening.

9. I can’t tell if I want dessert or a Vietnamese dinner.

10. Honestly, this is probably healthier than anything at Taco Bell.

11. It is a game of cakes.

Can’t get enough? Don’t worry! There’s more where those came from.

Be sure to follow Debbie Goard on Instagram to add a daily dose of deliciousness to your feed!

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24 Celebrities With Cakes Of Themselves

There’s just nothing else quite like it.

1. Jack Osbourne

WireImage / Denise Truscello

“You really shouldn’t have.”

2. Susan Sarandon

WireImage / Jemal Countess

“Why, Tim? Why?”

3. Snooki

Splash News

“The pouf is just perfect.”

4. Ja Rule

NY Daily News via Getty Images

“Ja Rule never smiles.”

5. Jessica Simpson

Kevin Winter / ImageDirect

“It looks just like me: dead inside!”

6. Joe Jonas

Getty Images / Kevin Winter

“Thanks, I guess.”

7. Oprah

Splash News

“One slice? Wheres the rest of the cake?”

8. Brittany Snow

WireImage / Denise Truscello

“Oh, I get it. It’s a cake shaped like a can of hairspray because I’m in the movie Hairspray.”

9. Mario Lopez

WireImage / Denise Truscello

“Y’all know I’m not that tight with Jessie anymore, right?”

10. Claudia Jordan

WireImage / M. Phillips

“I am genuinely surprised by this cake.”

11. Kim Kardashian

WireImage / Denise Truscello

“Welcome to my party.”

12. Jeremy Scott

FilmMagic / Chris Weeks

“This pleases me.”

13. Cassie

WireImage / Denise Truscello

“Cool but why is my hair all up in my eyes?”

14. Hugh Hefner

WireImage / Denise Truscello

“It’s a birthday for all of us.”

15. Eddie Murphy

WireImage / Denise Truscello

“This cake is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.”

16. Beth Stern

WireImage Djamilla / Rosa Cochran

“Glad you remembered the time I was on the cover of Hamptons magazine!”

17. Dennis Rodman

WireImage / Johnny Nunez

“Yup, that’s my chest.”

18. Fergie

WireImage / Denise Truscello

“Couldn’t you have found a photo of me with my eyes open?”

19. Willard Scott

© NBC Universal, Inc. NBC

“Presented by Smuckers.”

20. Tyra Banks

NY Daily News via Getty Images


21. Valerie Bertinelli

WireImage / Jim Smeal

“Thanks, I think.”

22. Victoria Justice

WireImage / Jesse Grant

“Can I stop posing by this cake now?”

23. Kellan Lutz

Getty Images / David Livingston

“MAN I loved that beanie.”

24. Beyoncé

Getty Images / Evan Agostini

“Thanks but can you make my hair look less like bacon next time?”

Beyoncé again.

Rj Capak / WireImage

“Why is my face melting, though.”

And Beyoncé again.

Splash News

“That’s better.”

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Having Something Like This At Your Wedding Would Truly Make It A Magical Day.

Disney always releases interesting products for the sake of entertainment (and money, of course). So it’s no wonder they’re looking to cash in on girls who grew up singing along to every Ariel, Jasmine, and Belle song in the Disney catalog. And there’s no better way to do this than by finding a way into a $51 BILLION wedding industry in America.

Disney recently unveiled a cake mapping technology with the ability to make your cake the envy of every person in the room.

It will also make every eligible bachelor quiver with fear.

We hope you both live happily ever after.

Disney patented this technology in 2012, making the dreams of every girl possible.

(via Buzzfeed)

I don’t know if I would want to have a Disney wedding. I’m also aware that I wouldn’t have the final say as a groom. I suppose I could appreciate a Lion King cake if I had to.

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