‘EPIC!’ Candace Cameron Bure, Danica McKellar ‘torture’ Jason Hervey [pic]


Oh my. D.J. Tanner vs. Winnie Cooper! Twitchy favorite Candace Cameron Bure, who played DJ Tanner on “Full House,” is on the cast of the new season of “Dancing with the Stars.” And so is Danica McKellar, who played the much-loved Winnie Cooper on “The Wonder Years.”


We are excited too! “The Wonder Years” actor Jason Hervey is excited as well … yet tortured. Why?


Well, the ladies have a fix to end the torture, Jason.



This Twitter user is trying to figure out who will win:


You’d win the prize for remembering weird sitcom factoids, sir!

One thing is clear: ABC is the big winner here. A DJ Tanner vs. Winnie Cooper face-off is drawing in potential viewers.



But what about Jason Hervey’s brother on “The Wonder Years”? What is Fred Savage thinking?




‘Get ready for fabulous!’ Candace Cameron Bure to take the stage on DWTS [pics, video]

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‘Ugh’: Andy Levy unhappy with Chris Martin/ Jennifer Lawrence coupling


The entertainment world was shaken when Coldplay singer Chris Martin and actress Gwyneth Paltrow mutually decided to “consciously uncouple.” News that Martin is now dating actress Jennifer Lawrence has “Red Eye” ombudsman Andy Levy saying “ugh.”


Let’s all keep cool heads and monitor the situation.



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Here’s How 27 Famous People Aged Over The Years. Number 6…What Happened There?!

We all age and even though most of us don’t like to admit it, we don’t age very well. That is even more true for some of these celebrities below, most of whom look like they’ve been cast as extras in a Zombie flick (apart from Johnny Depp and Peter Frampton, who apparently bathe in the fountain of youth every day).

Check out how these 27 celebrities have changed through out the years:

Mark Hamill

Mickey Rourke

Johnny Depp

Pamela Anderson

Geena Davis

Axl Rose

Jim Carrey

Barbra Streisand

Carrie Fisher

Pierce Brosnan

Lisa Robin Kelly

Hugh Hefner

Goldie Hawn

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Lindsay Lohan

Mike Tyson

Peter Frampton

Clint Eastwood

Simon & Garfunkel

Eddie Van Halen

Mel Gibson

Gary Busey

Wayne Newton

Dolly Parton


Boy George

Billy Idol

Clearly some of these pictures weren’t taken at ideal moments, but even so, it begs the question: How the heck are they going to use Hamill and Fisher in the new Star Wars movie?

We’ll soon find out.

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You Love These 18 Celebrities, But Here’s Something You Didn’t Know About Them. It’s Awesome.

Celebrities can get a pretty bad rap for being selfish, indulgent and completely indifferent to people that aren’t like them. However, that’s massively untrue in many cases. They’re people, just like everyone else. Some are bad… and some are good. These celebrities may not be well-known for their generosity, but that’s because they aren’t bragging about it. They’re famous Good Samaritans and, when you learn what they have done, they’ll make you feel a whole lot better about the world, in general. You might not realize how some of these people have positively impacted the world around them. It’s amazing.

1,) Keanu Reeves

2.) Johnny Depp

3.) LeBron James

4.) Tupac Shakur

5.) Dave Chappelle

6.) Dave Grohl

7.) Daniel Radcliffe

8.) Emma Watson

9.) J.K. Rowling

10.) John Cena

11.) Jon Bon Jovi

12.) Mila Kunis

13.) Marilyn Manson

14.) Tom Hanks

15.) George Takei

16.) Russell Brand

17.) Tom Cruise

18.) Zach Galifianakis

Don’t let the state of the world get you down. No matter what is happening around the globe, there will always be good people. Maybe they’re famous and maybe they’re not. What matters is that they exist. Share this uplifting story by clicking below. Restore someone’s faith in humanity.

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‘Why is Harry Connick Jr. so orange?’ ‘Idol’ judge responds to the buzz [pics]


Harry Connick Jr. has been a welcome addition to the new season of “American Idol.”


Don’t get us wrong — he looks great. The ladies have spoken:


But Twitter has been buzzing about what looks like bad makeup or a little too much self-tanner.


Oompa Loompa? That gives the “American Idol” judge an idea:


Heh. Don’t worry, Harry. You’re not that orange.



Harry Connick, Jr. could be one tough #AmericanIdol judge

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These 10 Extremely Famous And Successful People Were Once Harshly Rejected. Here Are The Letters.

It is said that the road to success is paved with failure. That notion is completely true. Most people who are “successful” have faced failure time and again. However, no matter how many times they failed, those people just kept trying until they got it right. That’s the difference between someone who succeeds and someone who doesn’t. Failures will happen. You just have to know to keep trying. When these (soon to be) famous people received rejection letters, they didn’t let it get them down. Or if they did, they just used it to fuel their motivation… because they proved everyone wrong.

1.) U2: Bono, The Edge, Larry Mullen, Jr., and Adam Clayton formed their U2 in 1976 when they were just teens. In 1979, they submitted their first single to London-based RSO Records, who rejected them saying the music was “not suitable for us at present.” Within a year, U2 had signed with Island Records and released their first international single, “11 O’Clock Tick Tock.”

2.) Andy Warhol: In 1956, Andy Warhol attempted to donate his work to the Museum of Modern Art. On October 18th the artist received a letter rejecting the work “which you so generously offered as a gift to the Museum.” (Today, MoMA owns 168 of Warhol’s pieces.)

3.) Sylvia Plath: Howard Moss is The New Yorker editor that rejected Sylvia Plath’s Amnesiac. Although, he did admit that perhaps he was being “dense.”

4.) Madonna: This rejection letter sent to Madonna’s team most likely took place before she signed with Sire Records in 1982, a year before she released her first, self-titled album. That album sold more than 10 million copies worldwide. Even though she was not “ready yet.”

5.) Kurt Vonnegut: Later an award-winning novelist, Kurt Vonnegut was often rejected. In 1949, he received a letter from Edward Weeks, editor of The Atlantic Monthly, who said his samples “have drawn commendation although neither one is quite compelling enough for final acceptance.” A framed copy of the letter hangs in Indianapolis’ Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library.

6.) Tim Burton: In 1976, while still a high-schooler, he sent a copy of his children’s book, The Giant Zlig, to Walt Disney Productions for publication consideration. It was rejected, but a few years later, the company brought Burton on as an animator’s apprentice.

7.) Gertrude Stein: This poet’s prose was too dense for Arthur C. Fifield to even bother reading the full manuscript for The Making of Americans, which he declined in 1912.

8.) Jim Lee: Today, Jim Lee is an artist, a writer, and the co-publisher of DC Comics. In the mid-1980s, he was struggling to find his place in the industry, and was even rejected by Marvel.

9.) Stieg Larsson: This rejection to his application to journalism school in Stockholm at the Joint Committee of Colleges of Journalism was discussed by publisher Christopher MacLehose, who said, “This is a letter saying ‘you are not good enough to be a journalist’ to a man who went on to create a supremely creative, crusading magazine which fought against the worsening tide of extreme right thinking and activity in Sweden.”

10.) Hunter S. Thompson: Technically, HST wrote this rejection letter to William McKeen, author of a 1991 biography of Thompson (he wasn’t a fan). Thompson sent McKeen a handwritten review of the book (which William then framed).

If failure ever slaps you across the face, take a page out of Madonna or U2’s book. Don’t give up. Not everyone will like what you do, but eventually, you will find a way. Source: Mental Floss Even celebrities know rejection. Share these letters with others by clicking below.

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Here Are The Very Last Photographs Taken Of These 25 Iconic Celebrities.

Life is a short and fragile thing. While you’re living your own, you might not realize just how delicate it is until you experience tragedy. It’s easy to get caught up in your own life to the point of forgetting that it won’t last forever. These photos are a good reminder of our own mortality. Shortly after each of these pictures were taken, life-changing tragedy struck. The photos below are the very last pictures ever taken of each of these celebrities before they passed away. For every picture that you see, there was also a tragedy.

1.) This is the last picture taken of Freddy Mercury in 1991, before he died of bronchial pneumonia resulting from AIDS.


2.) Tupac Shakur sits with his manager Suge Knight before he was shot to death in a drive-by on September 13, 1996.


3.) Before taking her final flight, Amelia Earhart posted for photos in 1937.


4.) This photo of Adolf Hitler was taken approximately two days prior to his death. He was standing outside of his Berlin bunker, surveying the damage a bomb had done.


5.) Accounts of Abraham Lincoln’s last photograph are varied. This picture was taken before his assassination in 1865 and was found in General Ulysses S. Grant’s photo album.


6.) Albert Einstein poses for a photograph in March of 1955 at his home in Princeton, New Jersey. A month later he died from an aortic aneurysm.


7.) A week before Amy Winehouse’s death on July 23, 2011, she was spotted walking near her home in North London.


8.) Heath Ledger smiles on the set of The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus before overdosing on pain killers.


9.) This is the last known photo of Chris Benoit, taken on a cell phone in Dr. Phil Astin’s office on June 22, 2007. His wife was already dead at the time this was taken.


10.) The man who shot John Lennon, Mark David Chapman, appeared in the last photo taken of the musician. He was asking for an autograph.


11.) This is supposedly the last photo of Anne Frank. She stands with her sister Margot in early-to-mid 1942. This was taken before her family were discovered and arrested on August 4th, 1944.


12.) Bob Marley hangs out with his family in Munich, Germany, before he passed away from cancer on May 11, 1981.


13.) Elvis Presley pulls into Graceland with Ginger Alden on August 16, 1977, after visiting the dentist.


14.) James Dean stands with his allegedly haunted Porsche, which he only owned for 9 days, before his death. Many blame the car, “Little Bastard.”


15.) Biggie Smalls appears in a photo with Sean “P. Diddy” Combs, right before his death after the Soul Train Music Awards.


16.) Jim Morrison and his girlfriend Pamel Courson pose for a picture in Saint-Leud’Esserent. Five days later he was found dead.


17.) Jimi Hendrix poses with his favorite instrument, “Black Betty,” the day before he died.


18.) The Who drummer, Keith Moon, died on September 7, 1978. He overdosed on a drug prescribed to combat alcoholism. This is him at dinner.


19.) These pictures of Kurt Cobain were taken by Jesse Frohman. Soon after, Kurt committed suicide in 1994.


20.) This picture of Lucille Ball was taken on the red carpet at the 61st Academy awards in March 1989.


21.) Marilyn Monroe visited Frank Sinatra and Buddy Greco the weekend before her death on August 5, 1962.


22.) Princess Diana is in the back seat here, looking back at the paparazzi. Seconds after this picture was taken, the Mercedes she was in crashed.


23.) Richard Pryor poses with Eddie Griffin shortly before his death on December 10, 2005.


24.) Jackass star Ryan Dunn was drinking with his friends hours before the high speed crash that killed him and his passenger.


25.) Steve Irwin poses with marine biologist Chris Jones on his boat two days before his death in 2006.


One day, each of us will exit this mortal coil. We may not know when or where that will happen, but that won’t stop it from happening. Take a moment to appreciate the life you’re living. Hopefully, these celebrities took a chance to do the same before passing away. Click below to share this reminder to appreciate your own life.

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