This Is What Famous Movie Scenes Looked Like BEFORE The Effects Were Added. Um… Wow.

Think of the last time you went to the movies. Even if you watched a film about slavery or truck drivers, if it wasn’t a documentary, odds are it was filled with visual effects. Hollywood has perfected the art of CGI to where you won’t even realize what you’re looking at is completely faked. Thanks to the visual effects studios of Industrial Light & Magic, Framestore, Sony Pictures Imageworks, and Rhythm & Hues along with visual effects software company Imagineer Systems, we were able to see what movies would look like without their “magic.” I was shocked by the amount of times my eyes were tricked.

In Life of Pi, the actor wasn’t anywhere near a tiger.

He wasn’t even on the ocean.

Sandra Bullock looked far above the earth in Gravity.

But she was safely in a movie studio.

In Wolf of Wall Street, Leonardo DiCaprio looked as if they flew to Italy to shoot one scene.

He never left Los Angeles.

Scenes of vintage New York City looked too good to be true in The Great Gatsby.

They were too awesome to be real.

We all knew that Superman wasn’t really flying…

But Henry Cavill probably did less than you think.

When Robert Downey Jr. looks like he is wearing an Ironman suit…

He’s actually just wearing a unitard.

Transformers obviously had a lot of CGi.

But did you know just how much?

Alice in Wonderland was a beautiful movie to watch.

Wonderland, though, was pretty much all CGI.

James Franco was a wonderful Wizard of Oz.

He just wasn’t in Oz.

He wasn’t even close.

Pacific Rim was full of fighting robots, so of course it was faked.

But the entire city of Hong Kong was dreamt up by designers as well.

Zachery Quinto’s huge, leaping fight scene in Star Trek was visually impressive.

It was actually quite tame to film.

One of the last sequences in the Lone Ranger was beautiful and well shot.

It was mainly filmed in front of a screen, though.

The cool Hunger Games consoles weren’t advanced technology.

They were just flat, green tables.

Mark Ruffalo wore this suit to make the Hulk’s movements look natural.

It took a lot of editing…

But they were able to pull it off.

A lot of the scenes, actually, in the Avengers weren’t shot in a real city.

Instead, the sequences were shot in front of green screen backdrops.

Shooting this kind of scene in the real New York City would have been difficult to control.

Thankfully, they didn’t have to.

And Scarlett Johansson was never in danger while filming this daring scene.

Although she still had to jump on some guy’s back.

For the Dark Knight Rises, the Pittsburgh football stadium was used.

There weren’t 80,000 people in the crowd, though. The crews just filmed smaller groups of people in different locations.

They also couldn’t REALLY blow up the field in the movie.

This is what it looked like while it was being filmed.

Designers added debris to the stadium.

Then, they digitally replaced almost the entire surface of the field.

Did you know just how much computer generated images you were looking at when you watched those movies? I know to expect some visual effects, but the sheer amount of digital editing in movies is always surprising. Share this with your friends. See if they know just how much of the movies they watch are completely fake.

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