This Is What Happens When Someone Cheats…And It Goes Very, Very Badly

Whether or not you believe that monogamous relationships work, one thing is certain: if you are in a relationship, you need to respect the other person and be honest. Your spouse, partner, or polygamous set of wives deserve that much.

So when someone cheats — and when that someone gets caught — it’s no surprise there is a lot of hurt. And when there’s a lot of hurt, some pretty nasty things can happen…

Although, these people had it coming.

1. Finally, the neighborhood had something to talk about.

2. Mrs. Liar found these condoms left behind and decided to leave a little note.

3. Yeaaaaahhhhhhh, you might want to stay away from relatives.

4. She took passive-aggressive, murderous rage to a whole new level. BRAVO.

5. Is this just mean…or attempted murder?

6. Good luck looking your neighbors in the face, lady.

7. Judging by the state of his car, I’m assuming it wasn’t.

8. This reaction is almost as alarming as the cheating itself.

9. That’s a fair question…

Although her face will be SO red if it’s just his accountant.

10. At least she put his stuff out on the lawn AND left an explanation.

11. Oh…that hurts.

But at least he got Aaron Paul’s attention!

Twitter / Aaron Paul

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12. And now she’s probably dating that dude next to her. BOOM.

13. “My friend got caught cheating recently…”

Why do they always favor black spray paint?

14. He found this under his toilet seat…his girlfriend apparently had a friend over.

15. Don’t cheat on someone who isn’t afraid to blow your belongings to smithereens.

16. This wife was caught sexting another man at a baseball game. A kind witness decided to fill the husband in on the shenanigans.

17. Judging by the screen cracks, her reputation isn’t the only thing he destroyed.

18. Take THAT, shoe lover!

19. Ohhhhhhhhh snap. Shots fired.

20. Billboard revenge = always classic.

21. Once again, don’t cheat on someone with access to that many pickaxes.

22. Aww, what a sweet welcome sign!

23. …Honestly, there’s no proof that Scott cheated. This is just mean.

Fail Blog

24. At least they avoided using spray paint to shame her.

25. Oh snap…if that doesn’t get the house off the market, what will/


27. Tasteful…yet alarming!

28. If you cheat on your partner, NEVER let them tattoo a part of you that you can’t see. That’s just common sense.

29. She can’t write worth a damn, but you still have to respect this ballsy strategy.

30. Oh, Davey Boy…

31. Wow, what a postscript BURN.

Lesson. Learned.

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