This Boy Is Pretty Darn Impressive, But When A Little Girl Takes The Stage? Wow.

For those of us whose dancing abilities are confined to just kind of wiggling and wobbling around the dance floor, anyone who can choreograph or just perform dance moves seems to possess some kind of superpower. That’s why watching shows like So You Think You Can Dance is so addicting. It’s inspiring to see the amazing talents that other people have, that they’ve worked for years — even decades — to master.

What’s even more incredible is when children, who’ve only been training for a few years, are able to destroy the competition on the dance floor. The finals at the Chelles Battle Pro breakdancing contest in France showcase the best young dancers out there…

Leelou is doing great, but just wait until six-year-old Terra takes the stage!

They clearly both have incredible talent, but Terra’s attitude and command of the audience are undeniable! The best part of this video, though, is how supportive Leelou is once he sees how talented his younger opponent is. This is the type of sportsmanship everyone needs to learn!

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