26 Frustrations Kids In India Will Never Experience Today

Landline or internet? Choose wisely.

1. Having to choose between using the phone or using the internet.

Dharma Productions / Via Karima Khan

2. Coming home from school and talking on the phone with your BFF and having your mom take it away mid-gossip.

Jupiterimages / Getty Images

Unlike the current WhatsApp, Viber, Kik, Facebook, Hike generation.

3. Worse still, having a family member eavesdrop on your calls because of parallel lines.

Michaeljung / Getty Images

4. Having to go to music stores and buy an entire album to listen to your favourite song.

Indiaprwire / Via indiaprwire.com

The only MP3 player we knew was called the Walkman.

5. These brats today don’t the complicated relationship between these two.

Lvreephotography / Getty Images

We didn’t have play on repeat. We had manual labour. You’ll never know!

6. Borrowing/buying books and comics from the school library/friends was the only way to read.

Sneha Sooda / Via instagram.com

Screw you and reading on your fancy iPads.

7. Maintaining a book where you wrote down the lyrics to your favourite songs after having listened to them over fifty times.

Karima Khan

We were hard workers who lived without googling every little thing. *smh*

8. Having to depend on TV channels to watch reruns of your favourite shows.

Cartoon Network / Via galleryhip.com

9. Having to check the newspaper TV section to see if anything interesting would be telecast every. Single. Day.

Karima Khan

10. Having to wait for your favourite movies to be available on VHS tapes.


11. Having to rent CDs and CD players to watch movies.

Justdial / Via justdial.com

The technological struggle that went into plugging the player to your ancient TV set was real.

12. Flipping through Yellow Pages to find the number of the place you wanted to call.

Karima Khan

Which you gave up midway for the fear of tearing the damn book apart.

13. Taking pictures on a film camera and be able to take only 36 of them.

Then having to pay to the photo studio to see that 35 of them turned out blurred.

14. Oh, the trouble of going to an “STD. ISD. PCO” booth to call your family abroad.

Banana Chippy / Via Flickr: bananachippy. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons – commons.wikimedia.org

15. Having to ask teachers and your parents for answers and not Google.

Comstock Images / Getty Images

16. Having to give your message to a real person on the phone to send a message to your dad’s Pager.

Hades2k / Via Flickr: hades2k

17. Having to go to a cyber cafe to use internet.

Michael Coghlan / Via Flickr: mikecogh

Sometimes returning home because teenage boys wouldn’t stop playing Counter Strike on it.

18. Trying to pass your time by looking at this screen when the cable conked out on you.

Hollygraphic / Getty Images

Oh look at that TV rainbow. Still better than doing homework.

19. Having to fit your message in under 160 characters to send an SMS.

Creative Commons / Via en.wikipedia.org

20. Having to watch Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi because it was either that or doing homework.

Monkeybusinessimages / Getty Images

Unlike todays kids who just watch everything on their laptops, ugh.

21. Waiting all day for a song to download on LimeWire and having it turn out to be a troll file.

As opposed to torrentz-ing everything.

22. Having to save your data on multiple floppy disks.

Kschulze / Getty Images

And ultimately losing them.

23. The only way to record your friends’ likes and dislikes was having them fill out your slam book.

Tavleen Foundation / Via tavleenfoundation.com

24. Feeling cheated when this “999999 Games in 1” came with only 10 games.

OLX / Via olx.in

25. Writing letters to VJ Vishal and VJ Shehnaz and never having them read it on TV.

MTV / Via youtube.com

26. And exhausting yourself, looking for a magic pencil that actually worked.

Star TV / Via youtube.com


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17 Things You Used To Write About In Your Diary

Dear Diary, can’t talk, gotta go, bye.

1. First of all, many of us wrote about our lives to Dear Dairy, patron saint of milk and teenage secrets.

2. Who to go to the dance with. WHY YOU GOT NO ANSWERS, DAIRY?

“One day Chris B. asked me to the dance. I might go I might not.”

3. How much you hated your mother/brother/sister/father/the whole goddamned world.

4. What day it was and how sorry you were you couldn’t write more.

“Today is Jan 1 (?) 1994. Sorrey I havf to go!!”

5. A list of all your BFFs, edited to reflect those who were dead to you.

“All my homies.”

6. Any ~scandalous~ discoveries you made, which were BIG NEWS.

“Dear Diary today I learned my 1st curse word bitch.”
“Dear Diary bitch.”
“Dear Diary I just learned the f word it is fuck.”

7. Crucial declarations such as this:

8. Dumb poems.

“Roses are red, vilet are green, I can’t kiss you your as big as a washingmachine.”

9. And DEEP poems, or “pomes.”

She is cutting my hair,
I’m waiting on the chair
Wheres my love,
Waiting from above”

10. A list of all the celebrities you were going to bone.

11. And a list of all your dead and living pets.

“My old, dead, new & alive kitties”

12. The mysteries of life.

“After I lost my ball and I got it back the air was comeing out. No one know how the ball is losing air. But beleve me the air is not comeing out by a hole.”

13. Which teachers you liked and which you didn’t. Important for you records.

14. When a crush said THINGS (any things) to you.

“Today a boy I like talked to me even more than normal.”

15. Brief but important accounts of things gone wrong.

“Today I tried to wash the cat But it turned out to be a desaster.”

16. Your popularity status. And pens.

“It’s been over 2 months since I’ve written I got straight A’s and I’m kinda popular. I will now write in this pen.”

17. Philosophical reflections on the world’s tragedies. Or just the first thing that came to mind to take up pages and make it seem like you wrote more in your diary than you actually did.

“Why did geri want to quite [“quit”] the spice girls”

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