His Incredible Song Will Give You A New Perspective On This Beloved Classic

While we don’t often sit and think about movie soundtracks until the Grammys and Oscars roll around, film scores are critical pieces of the cinematic puzzle.

Imagine Titanic without the driving force of Celine Dion’s iconic voice. Imagine what all of those Disney movies would be like without the songs that made up the soundtrack of your childhood. Imagine your favorite films in total musical silence.

One of the most beloved songs of all is “Over The Rainbow,” which is forever tied to the story of Dorothy’s trip down the Yellow Brick Road. Because it’s a classic, artists over the years have created their own versions of the time-honored track. Take rising musician Chase Holfelder, for example. By singing the song in a minor key, he turns Dorothy’s world into something that is at once intriguing and unsettling.

It’s pretty amazing how such a simple change forces us to see one of our favorite films in an entirely new light.

To learn more about Chase Holfelder’s music, be sure to check him out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. If you can’t get enough of his voice, follow him on YouTube!

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In 30 Seconds, This Silent Film Will Creep You Out More Than Any Horror Movie

While Hollywood can still put out a genuinely creepy film when it wants to, most scary movies these days miss the mark. That’s why vintage films (and even silent films) are enjoying a resurgence at the moment.

If you think silent movies can’t be just as scary as the CGI-filled flicks in theaters today, you’re so wrong. As evidence, I present a clip from the 1911 silent film “L’Inferno.” In this scene, you’ll see Satan enjoying a nice meal made of human flesh.

Even though the effects are crude, it’s still creepier than any movie I’ve seen over the past few years.

(source: peeringthrough)

I think modern filmmakers could learn a thing or two from old productions like this. Sometimes, practical effects (even if they look weird) can be 10 times more disturbing than anything made on a computer.

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This Was Discovered in the Middle of the Egyptian Desert. … And It’s Stranger Than You Could Imagine.

If you ever happen to be wandering through the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt, you may come across a surreal sight that’ll leave you scratching your head. It might even make you question your sanity. Or theirs.

Allegedly, a man from France decided to construct the tiny blip you see here in the desert.

He bought theater seats and a projector from an old cinema in Cairo. He flew them to Sinai. Then, he arranged generator and a tractor to pull up the screen that was like a gigantic sail. He wanted to create an outdoor cinema.

Hundreds of movie theater seats sit at the bottom of a random mountain range, as if they were dropped in the middle of the Egyptian desert. They aren’t a mirage or art installation, and Estonian photographer, Kaupo Kikkas, has proof. It’s simply one of the most random outdoor theaters in existence: The End of the World Cinema. The mundane nature of the theater juxtaposed with the miles of nothingness that stretch out around it makes my skin crawl.

On the night of the premier, everything went wrong and the generator was sabotaged. No movies were ever screened here.

The local authorities weren’t too happy about the theater, a fact that may or may not be related to the premiere’s incidents.

And it still stands to this day, as strange as it is.

Don’t think this surreal theater is really standing? Check out Google Maps and see it for yourself. There’s more information on the strange setup on Kaupo Kikkas’s blog. Source: Kaupo Kikkas The world can be so strange. Share it with others.

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3 Brave Sisters Fighting Cancer Get An Unexpected Surprise While At The Movies

When Katie was diagnosed with bowel cancer, her two sisters stood by her while she underwent intensive chemotherapy off and on for years. Shockingly, while Katie was being strong and fighting the cancer, both her sisters, Cassie and Kristal, were diagnosed with breast cancer. After standing beside Katie every step of her fight, they too suddenly had to face their own battles.

To show that the brave sisters have plenty of people who love and support them, a local radio station decided to give a little back to this remarkable family. It’s a surprise so heartwarming you’ll be smiling through the tears.

What a wonderful gift to a family who has been through so much together. Stay strong, ladies!

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