Robert Downey Jr. Is Basically Tony Stark – And The Best Person Ever.

It’s getting more and more difficult to tell Robert Downey Jr. apart from his avenging superhero alter-ego Tony Stark. With his recent appearances in San Diego at Comic-Con, the lines between real life and fiction have all but disappeared. Where does the character end and the actor begin? Did the role bring out his latent Tony aspects, or is Robert hiding a secret glowing heart of his own?

Okay, obviously the actual Iron Man aspect is completely fictional… Probably. But everything else adds up to a curious case of who’s who with Dr. Stark and Mr. Downey.

He’s definitely got the charisma.

This is how he entered Comic Con this year…

And he definitely has the same Stark-level confidence.

Like, a lot of confidence.

Seriously. Off the charts, Tony-level confidence.

Pretty much impossible to tell them apart.

Who knows if he’s already invented his own iron suit.

Robert Downey Jr. is Tony Stark.

Even he gets confused:

Either way, there’s no denying the man is awesome. Just look at how much he loves to surprise his littlest fans:

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NYCC’s Cosplayers Show Off Dedication and Talent With These Giant Props.

If you’ve ever been to a convention like New York’s Comic Con, or even a smaller one, you know that cosplaying is serious business. “Cosplay” refers to dressing up like characters from your favorite games, TV shows, and movies. Some cosplayers create faithful reproductions of the characters as they appear originally. Some have fun putting a personal spin on the character, or even combining two fictional universes into one costume. (If Lord of the Rings was mashed up with Star Wars, for example.)

The costumes can get pretty complex. Dedicated cosplayers will also include accessories like makeup, hairstyles and, of course, the props.

Today we’re celebrating some cosplayers who are willing to go the whole nine yards and not only create some crazy-outsized props, but who are also willing to carry them around all day. That’s dedication! These prop-wielders were all photographed at New York Comic Con, which took place last week.

1.) Not gonna lie, I thought the dragon was a second person. I hope that thing is lightweight.

2.) Bonus points for passenger Chewie.

3.) This is seriously impressive, but we have to wonder about the logistics of a costume like this.

4.) Watch where you point that thing.

5.) We like Link’s shield, too, but it’s not as MASSIVE as Cloud’s sword.

6.) I’m assuming that’s supposed to be a sword, but whatever it is, this guy is rocking it.

7.) Besides the costume, a lot of time and energy went into this staff. I wish we could see more of the silver one!

8.) That sword actually looks kinda cuddly.

9.) Is this the new Prince video?

10.) This guy’s bird friend approves.

11.) “It’s a present. You’ll never guess what it is.”

12.) I’m not sure how this would operate, but it looks really good.

13.) Coordinating guns, belt and squid hat make for an impressive costume.

14.) Classic Harley with her mallet

15.) The new Harley Quinn mallet is plainer in style, but still impressive in size. Extra points for wearing two different shoes all day.

16.) Unfortunately, it’s really hard to make a rolling Clap-Trap, so it becomes an outsized prop.

17.) Large props can double as walking sticks, a good thing to have for a day of standing and walking.

Even if conventions and cosplay aren’t your things, consider this some Halloween inspiration if you’re looking for a costume. (If you have a lot of time on your hands for making costumes, anyway.)

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