Drama Queen ALERT: Hollywood elite send letter to Congress about Trump and ‘Constitutional Crisis’

If any of these people can spell the word Constitution, let alone have read it, we’ll eat our hat. And crisis, really?

Hello drama queens.

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Harry Connick Jr. weighs in on Clay Aiken’s run for Congress, Seacrest’s career


“American Idol” runner-up Clay Aiken made it official on Thursday: He’s running for Congress in North Carolina. Bloggers are truly blessed.

Popular “American Idol” judge Harry Connick Jr. marked Aiken’s forthcoming humiliation with this tweet:


Does Harry take requests?


And an exit musing from last night:


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Darrell Issa to require Obama to present a strategic plan to defeat ISIS


Nearly everyone, from everyday citizens to politicians to celebrities, has been calling on President Obama to present a plan on dealing with ISIS. Add House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chair Darrell Issa to that list. Rep. Issa on Monday will introduce a joint resolution to require President Obama to present to Congress a strategic plan to defeat ISIS.



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