SYTYCD 5 Profile Spotlight on Brandon Bryant


So You Think You Can Dance 5 Second Runner-Up | Brandon Joshua Bryant

Nickname: Brock, B

Birthday: July 26, 1989

Status: Single

Specialty: Contemporary

Hometown: Miami, Fla.

Currently Resides: Salt Lake City, Utah

Age: 19

Auditioned in: Denver, Colorado

Dancer Profile:


Auditioned in previous years, but sure this season will be the best: “I’m sorry, hands down. I’m like, watch out! I feel like there’s so much variety. Yeah, we have like five contemporary boys, but they’re all so different. One has movement, one has strength, one has legs. It’s crazy. Then you have these hip hop boys. One’s a popper, one’s just doing his own style. I’m like, whaa?! And then there are four ballroom people. Everyone’s so strong and so unique that this season is going to be on fire.” by Korbi Ghosh,



Bryant began dancing ballet at age 10. He is a graduate of Coral Reef Senior High School and now attends Miami Dade College. His most memorable dance experience was performing for Madonna at her daughter’s birthday party. (FOX)

Brandon’s signature move

Top 4 Solo Performance, Final 4: “Dies Irae”—Karl Jenkins

Top 6 Solo Performance: “O Fortuna”–Mozarteum Orchester Salzburg & Kurt Pretsel (The best solo this season!)

Fox 13 News: Utah Dancers: Randi and Brandon Make Another Round of Cuts on SYTYCD

Interview with Top 20 partner Janette Manrara

SYTYCD 5 Profile Spotlight on Ashley Valerio

Ashley Valerio

Specialty: Contemporary

Hometown: Mesa, Ariz.

Currently Resides: North Hollywood, Calif.

Age: 22


LA TIMES Interview

Wants a certain judge to choreograph her: “I would just love to work with Nigel and just see what he comes up with because, you know, he’s Nigel! I want to see him move! Show me what you got, Nigel.” by Korbi Ghosh,


How old were you when you started dancing?

Do you have any formal dance training?


Valerio has been dancing for most of her life. She is a graduate of Mountain View High School. (FOX)

Ashley’s Signature move

Interview with Top 20 partner Vitolio Jeune

SYTYCD 5 Profile Spotlight on Kayla Radomski


Kayla Jenee Radomski

Birthday: January 19, 1991

Specialty: Jazz/Contemporary

Hometown: Aurora, Colo.

Currently Resides: Aurora, Colo.

Age: 18

School: “I graduated high school.”

Other talents/hobbies: “Acting, modeling, singing, swimming”

Favorite professional dancer: “Brian Friedman”

Dancer Profile:


Inspired by her family: “They’ve given up a lot for me. My mom’s a single mom, so we live with my grandparents in order for me to continue to dance and afford all the classes. They’re extremely excited for me.” by Korbi Ghosh,



Radomski has been dancing for most of her life, and participating in SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE is one of her most rewarding experiences. She is grateful to her amazing mother who has supported her love of dance for so many years. Radomski also enjoys acting and singing. (FOX)

Top 4 Solo performance, Final 4: “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)”—Eurythmics

Kayla’s Top 10 Solo: “Rock Your Soul” – Elisa

Kayla’s signature move

Interview with Tony Bellissimo

Before SYTYCD:
Photoshoot for “Ice Princess”

Brian Friedman’s advanced class at The Pulse

Dancing at a young age:

SYTYCD 5 Profile Spotlight on Randi Evans


Randi Evans

Specialty: Jazz/Contemporary

Hometown: Orem, Utah

Currently Resides: Springville, Utah

Age: 23

Eliminated: Top 10, July 16


Third time’s a charm: “I tried out three years in a row. The first year, I didn’t make it to Vegas. Second year, I got cut in Vegas. And then third year, I made the show… My family is like jumping off the walls right now, especially my mom. They’re super excited, super supportive. My husband is loving that I’m doing what I love to do. He’s just like, go for it.” by Korbi Ghosh,



Evans began dancing at an early age and performed in the closing ceremonies at the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympic Games. She currently attends Utah Valley University where she is majoring in elementary education. (FOX)

Exit Interview with Kupono Aweau:

Randi’s signature move

Fox 13 News: Utah Dancers: Randi and Brandon Make Another Round of Cuts on SYTYCD

Interview with Philip Chbeeb

SYTYCD 5 Profile Spotlight on Jeanine Mason

America’s Favorite Dancer, Season 5 of SYTYCD! Watch the Finale results here… According to Fox, Jeanine “received the most votes out of the record-breaking 21.6 million votes cast. Additionally, she danced off with the cash prize of $250,000, the title of America’s Favorite Dancer and a cover feature in the November issue of Dance Spirit Magazine.” in the video below from TV Guide: Jeanine talks about what went through her mind on stage before it was announced she was crowned America’s favorite dancer.

Watch more post winning, post finale interviews by clicking on this link (Live at Regis and Kelly, Jimmy Fallon, Ok Magazine, etc).

Jeanine Mason

Nickname: J9, Nin, Mason, Sasquatch, Spaz

Birthday: January 14, 1991

Specialty: Contemporary

Hometown: Miami, Fla.

Currently Resides: Pinecrest, Fla.

Age: 18

School: “I just graduated high school and plan on attending the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA)…Go Bruins!”

Other talents/hobbies do you have: “I love acting and plan on pursuing it professionally. I sing as well, but spend most of my downtime eating pizza.”

Favorite professional dancer: “My favorite dancer is my sister Alexis Mason. She’s absolutely beautiful and fierce, but my favorite professional dancer is Ricky Ruiz, who is amazing.”

Choreographers would like to work with: “I would feel honored to work with any of them, but because I’m contemporary I am especially excited for Mia and Sonya.”

“Winning would mean having the confidence never to succumb to any obstacle. I came so close to missing out on the most incredible experience of my life because I didn’t believe in myself. It would be more than a personal victory. My winning would be a resounding victory for the underdogs and those who helped by encouraging them to dream and reach for what seems unattainable.”


Dancer Profile:


Have a backup plan: “School is important. I start at UCLA in the fall, as a freshman. I mean, if the show goes really well for me and I have to push it back a little bit, that’s totally fine, as long as I eventually go back to school. I think it’s so important for dancers to be educated, because our career is our body and our appearance, so at one point or another [we’re going to need other options].” by Korbi Ghosh,



A recent graduate of the Ransom Everglades School, Mason plans to attend the University of California, Los Angeles in the fall. She began her dance training in Ballet and Lyrical and then went on to study Jazz, Acrobatics, Hip Hop, Modern and Contemporary. (FOX)

Jeanine’s Top 4 Solo performance, Final 4: “Por una Cabeza”—The Tango Project

Jeanine’s Top 8 Solo Performance: Music “Let the Drummer Kick”—Citizen Cope

Jeanine’s signature move

Interview with Evan Kasprzak

Before SYTCD

SYTYCD 5 Profile Spotlight on Vitolio Jeune

Vitolio Jeune

Specialty: Contemporary

Hometown: Pétion-ville, Haiti

Currently Resides: Miami, Fla.

Age: 26


Has a personal story that will make you cry: “My mom died giving birth to my sister. I was an in an orphanage from the age of 9 to 15 and then I went to live with my grandmother, but she died one year later. Since then I’ve been on my own, trying to work, trying to hustle, make some money, make my way through school. I had a full scholarship in college, so I was able to get a bachelor of arts in fine arts.” by Korbi Ghosh,


SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE: Top 20: Vitolio Jeune. Hometown: Petionville, Haiti. Currently Resides: Miami, FL. ©2009 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Mike Ruiz/FOX

Jeune began dancing at age 18, and is a graduate of Florida’s New World School of the Arts. He loves motorcycles, and his favorite dancer is Desmond Richardson. (FOX)

Karla and Vitolio’s Exit Interview

Vitolio’s signature move

Vitolio was eliminated on July 2 Results show. This was his last solo and his journey on SYTYCD 5
Music: “Here Comes Goodbye”—Rascal Flatts

Interview with Ashley Valerio