Nobody Did Halloween Like This Former Special Effects Designer. C’mon!

Adam Savage is a former special effects designer who you may already know from his hit TV series “Mythbusters”. Well, it turns out Savage is not only works for the movies, he is also one of the biggest movie fans of all time. Halloween is a time where he gets to really let his fandom come out.

This is what happens when you put decades of working in the movie industry into one awesome costume a year.

Gilbert Kane (Alien).

Gilbert Kane (Alien). discovery discovery

The Joker in disguise (The Dark Knight).

The Joker in disguise (The Dark Knight). discovery discovery

No-Face (Spirited Away).

No-Face (Spirited Away). discovery discovery

The Rocketeer.

The Rocketeer. discovery discovery


Chewbacca. discovery discovery

Captain Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean).

Captain Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean). discovery

Han Solo.

Han Solo. discovery

Steam Punk Iron Suit.

Steam Punk Iron Suit. discovery

Mercury-era Astronaut.

Mercury-era Astronaut. discovery

Ghost Buster Suit.

Ghost Buster Suit. discovery discovery

Captain Jack Aubrey (Master and Commander).

Captain Jack Aubrey (Master and Commander). discovery

Doc Ok (Spiderman 2)

Doc Ok (Spiderman 2) discovery

He made this costume specifically for his comedian friend, Patton Oswalt, so he can accompany his Spiderwoman daughter on Halloween.

He made this costume specifically for his comedian friend, Patton Oswalt, so he can accompany his Spiderwoman daughter on Halloween. badassdigest


Stomtrooper. discovery


Hellboy. discovery

Admiral Ackbar.

Admiral Ackbar. discovery

Ringwraith (The Lord of the Rings).

Ringwraith (The Lord of the Rings). discovery discovery

I don’t even feel like dressing up for Halloween next year. Savage just destroyed anything I could ever do. It’s not fair.

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NYCC’s Cosplayers Show Off Dedication and Talent With These Giant Props.

If you’ve ever been to a convention like New York’s Comic Con, or even a smaller one, you know that cosplaying is serious business. “Cosplay” refers to dressing up like characters from your favorite games, TV shows, and movies. Some cosplayers create faithful reproductions of the characters as they appear originally. Some have fun putting a personal spin on the character, or even combining two fictional universes into one costume. (If Lord of the Rings was mashed up with Star Wars, for example.)

The costumes can get pretty complex. Dedicated cosplayers will also include accessories like makeup, hairstyles and, of course, the props.

Today we’re celebrating some cosplayers who are willing to go the whole nine yards and not only create some crazy-outsized props, but who are also willing to carry them around all day. That’s dedication! These prop-wielders were all photographed at New York Comic Con, which took place last week.

1.) Not gonna lie, I thought the dragon was a second person. I hope that thing is lightweight.

2.) Bonus points for passenger Chewie.

3.) This is seriously impressive, but we have to wonder about the logistics of a costume like this.

4.) Watch where you point that thing.

5.) We like Link’s shield, too, but it’s not as MASSIVE as Cloud’s sword.

6.) I’m assuming that’s supposed to be a sword, but whatever it is, this guy is rocking it.

7.) Besides the costume, a lot of time and energy went into this staff. I wish we could see more of the silver one!

8.) That sword actually looks kinda cuddly.

9.) Is this the new Prince video?

10.) This guy’s bird friend approves.

11.) “It’s a present. You’ll never guess what it is.”

12.) I’m not sure how this would operate, but it looks really good.

13.) Coordinating guns, belt and squid hat make for an impressive costume.

14.) Classic Harley with her mallet

15.) The new Harley Quinn mallet is plainer in style, but still impressive in size. Extra points for wearing two different shoes all day.

16.) Unfortunately, it’s really hard to make a rolling Clap-Trap, so it becomes an outsized prop.

17.) Large props can double as walking sticks, a good thing to have for a day of standing and walking.

Even if conventions and cosplay aren’t your things, consider this some Halloween inspiration if you’re looking for a costume. (If you have a lot of time on your hands for making costumes, anyway.)

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21 Frustrating Realities Of Being A Black Nerd


1. Attempting to reconcile two very distinct cultures which is, often times, difficult.

In other words “too black for the nerdy kids, but too nerdy for the black kids.”

2. When people realize you’re not the “cool black kid” of lore.

Fox / Via

Sorry guys. My input on what’s going on in hip-hop culture is severely limited.

3. You know all too well that your parents kinda don’t get it.

Fox / Via

4. Dealing with the people who expect you to always have strong feelings on the casting of traditional superheroes as POC.

FX / Via

5. And when they realize you actually like the original Peter Parker, they treat it as if you’ve disrespected your people.

Warner Brothers Pictures / Via

Just because I don’t care that the next Spider-Man is black doesn’t mean I don’t support the cause, people.

6. The realization that there are not a lot of POC options to cosplay as.

Homegrown Pictures / Via

7. So you say “Fuck it,” and just do you.

8. Having to call out people for making racist slurs on Xbox Live is just a typical day.

NBC / Via

9. Not to mention the racist remarks on online forums and in fan chat rooms.

20th Century Fox / Via

10. And you always have a weird sense of camaraderie with any other POC at conventions.

ABC / Via

11. You have to bite your tongue when people insist that historically, black people wouldn’t be in things like Lord of the Rings.

USA / Via

12. Or assume that the black character in a series must be your favorite.

Tyler the Creator / Via

13. Then there are those times when you read a novel and imagine a character as a POC…

NBC / Via

14. … but then you watch the movie and realize they’re actually white.

Universal Pictures / Via

15. Or worse, when you know a character’s a POC, but the movie casts them as white anyway.

16. Then you notice that every main character in a video game is white.

17. POC superhero figures were so few that seeing them at all made a huge impact on you as a kid.

NBC / Via

18. Which made meeting your childhood POC idols the greatest treat because of how much they made you believe that you could be special, too.

19. It’s always upsetting when you watch all the POC die or leave your favorite show.

USA / Via

20. And you’re reminded, yet again, how much representation actually matters.


21. But you can’t deny the comradeship that comes with being a part of the blerd community.

Thumbnail photo credit: Warner Brothers Television via

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