22 Trash-To-Treasure DIY Projects For Stuff You’d Normally Throw Away

I love getting my money’s worth out of every purchase I make.

If that means I have to wear beaten-up shoes until the soles are worn through, I will. Even when it’s finally time to send something to the dump, I completely scan the house to make sure I can’t find some other use for it. My mother calls me a hoarder, but I call myself a upcycler.

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Upcycling is the act of repurposing an old, seemingly useless item into something with a significantly greater value. This process can be a crafter’s best friend. Before you consider throwing out that aluminum can or pitching your worn-out entertainment center, take a look at these 22 trash-to-treasure DIY projects.

1. Give your old cake pans a facelift by making a tiered display piece.

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2. Repurpose a candle jar into a cotton ball holder.

3. Transform an empty tin can into a working clock.

4. Don’t throw out another empty tissue box. Instead, make a custom desk organizer.

5. Reuse empty wooden crates as a colorful shelving alternative.

6. Who knew a headboard could make an awesome quilt holder?

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7. Those old buckets that are collecting dust in your garage could be used to make one-of-a-kind vases.

8. These hangers are perfect recipe holders.

9. With music sales going digital, you can now give your birdbath a facelift with this epic CD mosaic.

10. Give your boring clock a makeover by using paint swatch cards.

11. Never waste another coffee can again with these incredible planter buckets.

12. When the time comes to get new tires, try transforming the old ones into hanging planters.

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13. Give your kids the little kitchen they’ve always wanted by reusing an old entertainment center.

14. Turn a knife block into a kid-friendly crayon holder.

15. Take your headboard from the bedroom to the backyard by making this cool bench.

16. Upcycle old lampshades into unique floral vases.

17. Making a pinecone wreath is easy when you use a vacuum hose.

18. I can guarantee you’ve never tried making a desk organizer using broom bristles.

19. It’s never too early to start decorating for Christmas. These juice bottle snowmen should do the trick.

20. Tin can luminaries are great to have around when you’re throwing backyard parties!

21. Your dog will love you forever after you turn an old tv stand into a doggy bed.

22. Use that CD rack and make an epic garden planter.

I’ve spent the last 20 minutes looking around my room to figure out which of these upcycling projects to try first. What ones are catching your eye?

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She Completes Beautiful Landscapes With Something You Use During Dinner Every Night

When it comes to creating incredible works of art, Canadian painter Jacqueline Poirier has a lot on her plate.

After all, Poirier (previously) is the resident artist at The Ritz Carlton in Toronto, and she produces stunning pieces for everyone from hotel patrons to A-list celebrities. She’s been featured in major publications across North America and the U.K., and her most famous collection grows larger by the day. In fact, it’s now over 1,500 plates strong.

Instead of defaulting to the use of canvases, she gives tableware a new lease on life by emblazoning charger plates with hand-painted portraits, cartoons, and everything in between. Poirier’s landscape plates are among her most impressive.

By turning housewares that we use every day into little works of art, she helps foster the most important mealtime activity: good conversation.

To learn more about her work, check out her website. For regular updates and a little food for artistic thought, follow Poirier on Facebook and Instagram!

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This Balloon Artist Takes His Job Very Seriously. The Results Are Awesome.

When you think of the phrase “balloon artist,” you probably see images of puffy poodles, silly swords or maybe a funny hat. But this guy has given the children’s party staple has been a mind-popping upgrade.

Jason Seconda is the owner of Airheads Entertainment where he pushes the boundaries of what you thought balloons were capable of. I just hope he’s not blowing all of these up by himself. I never thought I could be this impressed by balloons.

This is just wild.

The 40th anniversary is now the balloon year.

I’d like to try this on for size.

I hope this princess didn’t pop!

These are the scariest balloons I’ve ever seen.

Lookin’ good, gramps.

“Kiss me, I’m a balloon!”

Special delivery!

(via Twisted Sifter.)

You can find out how to book the Pennsylvania-based balloon guru for your next shindig on the company’s Facebook

Spread the creativity with your friends using the buttons below!

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Any Of These 24 Brilliant Ideas For Your House Will Instantly Make It Better. Awesome.

Most people end up living in an apartment at some point during their lives. There’s no shame in living in a small space (sometimes, it’s actually pretty perfect). But when you don’t have a lot of space and you still own a lot of things, decorating can be tricky. That’s why some genius people thought of ways to make the most out of life in a smaller apartments. Check them out, even if you’re no longer in an apartment, these products would be awesome to have in any home.

1.) An adjustable REK bookcase

2.) The Floyd Leg, which will help you make a table out of anything.

3.) Furniture you can transform into other pieces of furniture

4.) Collapsable lighting

5.) Beautiful space/room dividers

6.) Felt pods that offer you privacy from roommates

7.) Beautiful storage space

8.) Super-functional furniture with storage space

9.) A desk with room for books, papers, pens and cords inside of it

10.) Extra closet space without the closets

11.) Tables that hide your entertainment

12.) A simple alternative to a medicine cabinet

13.) Multi-purpose furniture that doesn’t take up a lot of space

14.) Products that help you make use of vertical space

15.) Pet furniture you can easily disassemble and store

16.) Bookshelves that make the most out of space

17.) Hide-away beds that are actually beautiful

18.) An indoor garden that takes up almost zero space

19.) Put your entire apartment in a box

20.) Make a workspace that is just right for you

21.) Make use of shelves to hold your possessions

22.) Buy patio furniture with multiple uses

23.) Buy an awesome sofa that can be transported easily and is still comfortable

24.) Use a storage system that you can customize to your space completely

Fold-away furniture and collapsable storage will always be a good idea if you’re trying to make the most of your space. Plus, you can easily impress your guests with all of you ultra-modern and functional furnishings. (H/T Huffington Post) Share these cool products with others by clicking on the button below.

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Only People With Glasses Or Contacts Will Totally Understand This. It’s Brilliantly Accurate.

A cinemagraph is a special kind of digitally altered photograph that uses both stills and animation. In one frame, a motion will loop and the remainder of the photograph will stay still, creating a mind-boggling and beautiful effect. Artists Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg have created some of the most stunning cinemagraphs we have ever seen. Their most recent set shows you what New York City would look like through a pair of Armani glasses… and the effect is incredible.

When out of frame (literally) the world is a blur.

But, as soon as the focus movies in front of the glasses, the world becomes crisp.

If you wear glasses, then you know just how accurate these cinemagraphs are.

Using these spectacles in a cinemagraph is a brilliant idea.

We’ve never seen NYC like this before.

I love these NYC cinemagraphs, but to be honest, Jamie and Kevin’s best work is THIS. Source: Cinemagraphs / Jamie Beck & Kevin Burg If you love these unique photos, click below to share them with friends.

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