She Was Sleeping Quietly In The Back Seat…And Then The Music Came On!

There’s nothing that this adorable trio of sisters enjoys more than dancing in the car. Every time their favorite song plays over the speakers, they simply drop everything and dance the day away…even if they’re asleep.

But what on Earth could provoke such a response? It’s not what you’d expect — not Sesame Street, or that that song from Frozen. Instead, it’s the theme song from one of the most popular movies of the ’80s.

Who knew that an Eddie Murphy movie could have such a positive effect on toddlers?

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This Baby Girl Is The Patron Saint Of Picky Eaters — First It Was Broccoli, Now It’s Yucky Yogurt

We all know someone who doesn’t like a ton of variety when it comes to food.

Some think many things taste bad, while others can’t get into certain textures or smells. These people are usually known as picky eaters, and they might even get picked on for their selective ways.

One little picky eater has been getting quite a lot of attention on the internet. Not only did she make some hilarious faces when confronted with broccoli for the first time, but she also recently gave her stamp of disapproval to a food that most people enjoy.

Her first experience with yogurt didn’t go so well. Watch below as she appears to gag and places her hand on her head to show how adorably distressed she is.

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I feel you, girl. I’m actually not a yogurt fan myself. Be sure to share this with your favorite picky eater!

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What This Family Saw In Their Backyard Is Truly Magical — What A Happy Scene!

It’s a pretty common theme in Disney movies that the pretty princess takes in a friendly animal…but why do just the princesses get to have all the fun?

That’s the question we suppose this little prince posed one day when a baby deer wandered into his yard.

Sniffing, licking, and nuzzling the tiny toddler, the fawn seems like she’s ready to ride off into the sunset with the little boy…adventure awaits!

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, a baby deer starts to nibble your ear!

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20 Hilarious Costumes That Would Be Perfect For Your Pets This Halloween

Everyone knows that the best part of Halloween is putting together an awesome costume and showing it off to the world.

But if you have pets, I’m sure you’ll agree that finding things for them to wear is an even better experience because they end up looking so hilariously cute. Sure, it’s mostly for our entertainment, but I’m pretty positive that they love the extra attention.

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If you’re in the market for a new pet costume and just can’t decide how to dress your furry friend, here’s a list that’s chock-full of preciousness to help get you started.

1. Move over, Beanie Babies — this guy is much cuter.

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2. She can’t wait for the Halloween feast at Dogwarts.

3. Turn your kitty into the glorious creature he was always meant to be with this lion mane.

4. Or just make your cat super jealous by getting one for your dog instead.

5. This is the most adorable spider I’ve ever seen.

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6. Who doesn’t love a good dogtini on Halloween?

7. If you have a tortoise and love playing all of the “Mario Brothers” games, there’s really no better way to go.

8. I had no idea that dragons actually existed.

9. Oh my, what big ears your grandma has!

10. “It’s time to walk the plank right meow.”

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11. Wiener dogs are so deliciously adorable.

12. This classic from “A Christmas Story” is the best costume ever for three-legged dogs.

13. “Thanks for humiliating me, Mom.”

14. Somebody is definitely plotting their revenge.

15. This tiny snake is the cutest gentleman around.

16. Your cat already prances around like a peacock anyway, so why not try this look?

17. Now your dog can just chase himself around when you yell, “Squirrel!”

18. Dress your canine companion up as your favorite fall drink: a pup-kin spice latte!

19. Your prehistoric cutie is sure to get tons of treats in this outfit.

20. Bring out your pup’s inner unicorn with one seriously magical getup.

Is anyone else having a lot of trouble picking just one of these? They’re all so awesome that my pets will probably end up with at least five costumes each.

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When His Daughter Was Watching TV, He Set Up A Camera To Record This Awesomeness

People love to emulate what they see on TV, hear on the radio, or watch on the big screen. How many times have you acted out or quoted a scene from a television show or movie? We all do it — it’s something that brings us all together.

Don’t believe me? Well, when you see what this dad and daughter did while they were watching a routine on Dancing with the Stars, you’ll definitely change your mind.

Man, those two can sure cut a rug! I’d love to see them on Dancing with the Stars — then again, they might end up stealing the show. Kudos to these two twinkle toes!

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Even Celebrities Started Out As Babies. And They Were So Cute!

It’s easy to forget that even the biggest celebrities, whose beautiful faces we constantly see grace the glossy covers of magazines and movie posters, also got their start just like the rest of us: as babies. That’s right, even mega-stars had to be born and face all the awkwardness of growing up. 

Check out these household names from way back when they more adorable than glamorous!

1.) Meryl Streep

2.) Brad Pitt

3.) Angelina Jolie

4.) Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

5.) Britney Spears

6.) Brooke Shields

7.) Ashton Kutcher

8.) Adam Sandler

9.) Blake Shelton

10.) Harrison Ford

11.) Justin Timberlake

12.) John Travolta

13.) Zooey Deschanel

14.) Charlize Theron

15.) Madonna

16.) Emilio Estevez

17.) Jamie Foxx

18.) Gwyneth Paltrow

19.) Katy Perry

20.) Beyoncé

21.) Kanye West

22.) Kim Kardashian

(via Izismile.)

Was your favorite on the list? Share with friends using the buttons below!

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These Pigs Are Really Hamming It Up. D’aw! I Think I’m In Love.

From Wilbur, to Babe, to Gordy (no one remembers Gordy, “the pig who hit it big”?), adorable pigs with big aspirations were weirdly a huge part of my childhood. Why don’t they make any pig movies anymore? We’ve been so focused on dogs and cats lately we forgot about the porksters. Kids everywhere are being denied a proper childhood.

God knows we don’t need another Beverly Hill Chihuahua, so here are some adorable pigs hamming it up for the camera:

Nothing like bacon waking up to a cookie.

This pig has an interesting take on the ice bucket challenge.

Pig in a blanket.

And a pig in a towel.

Pigs love swimming.

Especially in groups.

Because despite popular opinion, pigs love to keep clean.

This pig brings home the bacon.

Cowabunga! Or…pigabunga?

Here are some pigs trying to make friends:

Finally, some duck love.

I can’t tell if this cat is making friends with this pig or if he wants to eat him.

That’s ok, this pig is simply too cool and doesn’t need any friends.

Pig pyramid.

Pig+puppy pyramid.

Classic pig.

This hungry little just walked down ten gargantuan steps for a little bit of oatmeal. It’s that kind of determination that won him the name ‘Hamlet’.

Here’s hoping one of these pigs will be the next Gordy. … Seriously, guys, the movie was huge. It even had a minor hit song by the guys he wrote “Whomp (There It Is)”. There was a music video and everything!

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