You Might Recognize These Movies, But Once The Music Starts, They’ll Never Be The Same

Classic dance numbers in movies are unforgettable. Who can forget seeing Gene Kelly spinning around that light post in Singin’ In The Rain? It’s a scene that will live on in cinema history forever.

Well, one creative mind decided to mash up these classic dance moves with contemporary music. In the process, this creator breathed new life into the performances we all know and love.

Even though “Uptown Funk” was only released earlier this year, it has a timeless feel that goes perfectly with these awesome routines. People should do things like this more often! It’s always good to nod to the performers who still inspire dancers and musicians to this day.

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This Woman Just Turned 90, But She Still Dances Like She Was 20.

When Jean Veloz celebrated her 90th birthday, she did it exactly like she had always done, with a dance.

The famous swing dancer has appeared in several Hollywood movies in the 1940s, and she still dances just like she did back in those glorious days of cinema. Watch as she hits the dance floor and shows three young gentleman how it’s done.

(Source: Anthony Mak)

I wish I could dance and move like that, and I’m in my late 20s!

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This Boy Is Pretty Darn Impressive, But When A Little Girl Takes The Stage? Wow.

For those of us whose dancing abilities are confined to just kind of wiggling and wobbling around the dance floor, anyone who can choreograph or just perform dance moves seems to possess some kind of superpower. That’s why watching shows like So You Think You Can Dance is so addicting. It’s inspiring to see the amazing talents that other people have, that they’ve worked for years — even decades — to master.

What’s even more incredible is when children, who’ve only been training for a few years, are able to destroy the competition on the dance floor. The finals at the Chelles Battle Pro breakdancing contest in France showcase the best young dancers out there…

Leelou is doing great, but just wait until six-year-old Terra takes the stage!

They clearly both have incredible talent, but Terra’s attitude and command of the audience are undeniable! The best part of this video, though, is how supportive Leelou is once he sees how talented his younger opponent is. This is the type of sportsmanship everyone needs to learn!

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What Bruce Springsteen Did In The Middle Of A Concert Will Put A Smile On Your Face

For 91-year-old Jeanne Heintz, this particular Bruce Springsteen concert will go down as one of her fondest memories.

During “Dancing in the Dark,” it is customary for the singer to pull an audience member on stage with him. In St. Paul, Minnesota, Bruce recently decided to pull up Jeanne Heintz, much to the delight of everyone in the audience.

What’s insane about the interaction is that it’s the second time Heintz has been pulled on stage during a Springsteen concert. She also got to share the stage with her favorite singer back in 2009!

This adorable woman and her daughter have been to over 100 Springsteen concerts, so it only makes sense that the singer would give one of his biggest fans another special moment. It’s always nice to see celebrities give back to the fans who love them!

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When His Daughter Was Watching TV, He Set Up A Camera To Record This Awesomeness

People love to emulate what they see on TV, hear on the radio, or watch on the big screen. How many times have you acted out or quoted a scene from a television show or movie? We all do it — it’s something that brings us all together.

Don’t believe me? Well, when you see what this dad and daughter did while they were watching a routine on Dancing with the Stars, you’ll definitely change your mind.

Man, those two can sure cut a rug! I’d love to see them on Dancing with the Stars — then again, they might end up stealing the show. Kudos to these two twinkle toes!

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An Old Man On Crutches Just Out-Danced Everyone On Earth.

Getting old can really stink. Everyone does it, but not everyone looks forward to it. You don’t move around well, forget things, and even have to use canes and crutches. The worst thing has to be that everyone assumes you’re fragile, and can’t do anything. They will that that, at least, until one day you can’t take it anymore. You’ll give everyone a shock they’ll be talking about for weeks (which is just what this gentleman did). You won’t believe how…

Wandering onto the dance floor, this old man suddenly wanted to act the age he still felt in his heart. Which of course was the same age he used to bust a move.

Throwing away his crutches, he literally stole the show, and our hearts.

You know you want to see more… oh so much more:



(H/T: Bravo sir, bravo! We can’t stop smiling at your love of life and music. We only hope to be just as adventurous come your age. Share this with your friends below and they’ll be smiling all the way to the dance floor.

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Video: Karina and Maksim of DWTS and SYTYCD stars perform at the Emmys La la la dance (I feel on top of the world)


From Fox Dance: “On the 61st Primetime Emmy® Awards live telecast, So You Think You Can Dance choreographers Tabitha and Napoleon D’umo choreographed a routine that showcased reality TV show dance and included some SYTYCD alumni. Season 4’s Joshua Allen, Katee Shean, and Mark Kanemura, and Season 3’s Hok Konishi and Dominic Sandoval danced on the Nokia Theater stage.”

“La la la” (I feel on top of the world) popularized by LMFAO from their album Party Rock. Tabitha and Napoleon Dumo choreographed this dance. Featuring Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Karina Smirnoff with Hok Konishi of SYTYCD.

Encore Performances from Twitch, Joshua, Katee, Will, Jessica, Chelsie and Mark for 2009 Emmy Nominated SYTYCD Choreographies


Emmy nominated “Silence” (by Unfaithful) – by Tyce Diorio featuring Jessica and Will

Emmy nominated routine: Mercy (Duffy) by Mia Michaels featuring Katee and Twitch

Emmy nominated routine – A Los Amigos (Forever Tango) by Dmitry Chaplin featuring Chelsie and Joshua

Bleeding Love (Leona Lewis) by Napoleon and Tabitha D’umo featuring Chelsie and Mark