This Guy Just Built The Most Beautiful TV Wall For Under $200

TV stands work well to hold your electronics, but most of them aren’t really nice to look at.

My TV sits on top of my dresser, but I’ve always wished that I had the time to build an awesome wall mount instead. While that definitely isn’t going down anytime soon because of my epic laziness, this guy made it happen without even spending a ton of money.

Imgur user cwdobbins took the idea behind floating beds and used it to craft a seriously cool wall mount in his living room. The best part is that he did it all for under $200!

This space was transformed into entertainment heaven after he was through with it!

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First, he bolted a piece of wood to the wall, creating a French cleat that would safely support the combined weight of the floating wall and TV.

Then he hammered and welded a steel frame together out of angle iron.

He wanted a cool backlight, so he installed LED strips onto the frame.

Next, he cut some wood boards to size and sanded them before staining each piece.

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After applying some polyurethane finish, he got to work on screwing the boards into the frame.

When all the boards were attached, it was finally time to hang this beauty up.

It was too heavy for him to lift on his own, but his transmission jack turned out to be perfect for the job.

In order to keep his TV’s electronic accessories off of the floor, he welded more angle iron into the shape of a box.

Then he created a smaller mount for the case that would be directly attached to the wall.

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Lag bolts assured that it would be nice and sturdy.

Then came the fun part — finally mounting the TV!

The only thing left to do was complete the electronics case, so the crafter cut shelving boards to enclose the box.

And for the front door of the box, he installed some hinges.

After staining all the pieces, he screwed that bad boy into the mount.

After plugging everything in, he was good to go!

Not only does he have an amazing TV wall now, but his living room looks so much classier!

I am so completely jealous of him.

Something tells me that cwdobbins is going to have a lot of trouble ever leaving that room. If you’re dying for your own floating TV wall, you can find the full instructions here.

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22 Trash-To-Treasure DIY Projects For Stuff You’d Normally Throw Away

I love getting my money’s worth out of every purchase I make.

If that means I have to wear beaten-up shoes until the soles are worn through, I will. Even when it’s finally time to send something to the dump, I completely scan the house to make sure I can’t find some other use for it. My mother calls me a hoarder, but I call myself a upcycler.

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Upcycling is the act of repurposing an old, seemingly useless item into something with a significantly greater value. This process can be a crafter’s best friend. Before you consider throwing out that aluminum can or pitching your worn-out entertainment center, take a look at these 22 trash-to-treasure DIY projects.

1. Give your old cake pans a facelift by making a tiered display piece.

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2. Repurpose a candle jar into a cotton ball holder.

3. Transform an empty tin can into a working clock.

4. Don’t throw out another empty tissue box. Instead, make a custom desk organizer.

5. Reuse empty wooden crates as a colorful shelving alternative.

6. Who knew a headboard could make an awesome quilt holder?

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7. Those old buckets that are collecting dust in your garage could be used to make one-of-a-kind vases.

8. These hangers are perfect recipe holders.

9. With music sales going digital, you can now give your birdbath a facelift with this epic CD mosaic.

10. Give your boring clock a makeover by using paint swatch cards.

11. Never waste another coffee can again with these incredible planter buckets.

12. When the time comes to get new tires, try transforming the old ones into hanging planters.

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13. Give your kids the little kitchen they’ve always wanted by reusing an old entertainment center.

14. Turn a knife block into a kid-friendly crayon holder.

15. Take your headboard from the bedroom to the backyard by making this cool bench.

16. Upcycle old lampshades into unique floral vases.

17. Making a pinecone wreath is easy when you use a vacuum hose.

18. I can guarantee you’ve never tried making a desk organizer using broom bristles.

19. It’s never too early to start decorating for Christmas. These juice bottle snowmen should do the trick.

20. Tin can luminaries are great to have around when you’re throwing backyard parties!

21. Your dog will love you forever after you turn an old tv stand into a doggy bed.

22. Use that CD rack and make an epic garden planter.

I’ve spent the last 20 minutes looking around my room to figure out which of these upcycling projects to try first. What ones are catching your eye?

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