One Intoxicated Nurse Changed Two Families’ Lives Forever With A Monumental Mistake

Normally, switched-at-birth narratives are reserved for network dramas and blockbuster movies, but Sophie Serrano’s story is a real-life nightmare.

When she was 18 years old, the French woman gave birth to a beautiful baby girl with her boyfriend, Davy. The two were thrilled when their little one, Manon, came into the world. But shortly after her birth, nurses placed Manon in an incubator to deal with a case of jaundice. The new mother felt a twinge of anxiety, but she was assured that everything would be okay.

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And that certainly would’ve been the case had the nurse who returned Manon to her mother not been intoxicated at the time. As soon as Sophie held her baby, she knew that something was wrong. Convinced that she was just being paranoid, however, she and Davy went home to start a new life with their tiny addition. Little did they know that the baby with whom they left the hospital was not actually theirs.

By all accounts, the three of them lived in a happy home. But as Manon grew up, Davy started to question if he was really her father because of her appearance.


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He walked out, but Manon and her mother formed an incredibly close bond over the years. The only problem was that after he left, Davy demanded that Manon undergo DNA testing so that he could get out of paying child support.


The tests didn’t just confirm that Davy was not Manon’s father. Shockingly, the girl’s DNA revealed that Sophie was not her mother either.


In her drunken stupor, the nurse who’d returned Manon to her mother accidentally picked up the wrong baby. Both of them were heartbroken, but their mother-daughter bond was unshakable.

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Sophie was conflicted. Somewhere in the world was her biological daughter, but the relationship she’d already formed with the little girl she raised on her own was something she could never break. She panicked at the thought of Manon’s birth parents wanting her back.

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The two families eventually ended up meeting, but the girls remained with the parents who raised them. All parties involved were given hefty settlements from the hospital that had caused them so much confusion and pain.

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The situation was obviously traumatic for everyone, but at the end of the day, these two had each other. Sophie even went on to have more children with her new partner, Stephane.

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But Sophie loves Manon just as much as her biological children. As the mother explained to a French news network, “My feelings for Manon are eternal and as powerful as those I have for my other children. There is no difference.”

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The two families affected by this glaring oversight are no longer in contact with one another, primarily because they’ve already built worlds around the children who left the hospital with them that day. Fortunately, those worlds are still spinning.

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6 ‘Harmless’ Things That Are Actually Signs Of Major Health Problems

WARNING: if you’re a hypochondriac, you probably shouldn’t read this!

In movies, sometimes a character will interrupt a conversation with a cough that seems innocent at the time, but sure enough, a few scenes later, everyone’s at that character’s funeral lamenting, “We should have seen the signs!”

This is, of course, just a plot device, and it doesn’t bear any resemblance to the real world…or does it? One might think your body would tell you if it’s dying — “HEY, LISTEN UP! GO TO THE DOCTOR” — but oftentimes, it warns us in the most frustratingly subtle ways. Here are some symptoms that may seem harmless at first…but could end up spelling your doom.

Weak teeth = bad stomach


Despite brushing, keeping soda out of your diet, and doing virtually everything your dentist tell you to do, is your enamel still too weak? Well, then you might have an acid reflux problem in your stomach! While sugary treats wear down the enamel on the front of your teeth, acid from your stomach may be eroding the backs!

Hair loss = prostate cancer

There may be a link between hair loss and prostate cancer in men. Studies show that men with moderate balding are 83% more likely to get prostate cancer down the line. But how does hair protect you from prostate cancer? It doesn’t! The real culprit is testosterone. Too much of it is the true cause of balding AS WELL AS problems with the prostate.

Changes in handwriting = Parkinson’s disease

Write a sentence down on a piece of paper. Now write it nine more times. Notice any noticeable differences? If you see that each time you wrote the sentence the words got smaller and more crowded together, it could be an early sign of Parkinson’s. You see Parkinson’s causes the nerves to stop producing dopamine, which causes stiffness in your hands. This can affect your handwriting.

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Long pointer finger + shorter ring finger = schizophrenia

If your pointer finger is longer than your ring finger, it may be an indicator of schizophrenia. A recent study confirms that men with this sort of digit ratio are likely to have a disturbed hormonal balance that could also lead to schizophrenia.

Inability to calculate tip = Alzheimer’s

Is the reason you’re not tipping well enough not the fault of the service you received, but because you’re too afraid to do the calculations? The inability to perform simple math equations could be a early warning sign of Alzheimer’s. One brain fart might not mean much, but if it happens on a regular basis, it could be a signal for memory problems later in life.

Snoring = heart disease


If you snore, you may actually be keeping up you partner with your weakening heart. Sleep apnea is linked to the thickening of arteries in the neck, which can lead to strokes and heart attacks more than commonly thought heart detriments (smoking or increased weight).

Of course, these symptoms can be caused by any number of things, so don’t go buying a plot in the cemetery just yet. Consult a doctor if your symptoms are really troubling you, no matter how small. You might come off looking like a crazy person, but a little piece of mind is better than freaking out over it.

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