Firefighter Saves Dying Dog Using CPR…Here’s What The Lucky Pup Looks Like Now!

We’ve all seen movies and TV shows that demonstrate how effective CPR is for humans.

When someone’s heart stops, it’s the first thing medical professionals do to save them. There’s also CPR for dogs, but successfully reviving animals using it is very rare. That’s what makes the story of a brave Romanian firefighter and the pooch he saved so special.

Costache Mugurel found the pup completely still on the sidewalk after his owner was taken to the hospital with serious injuries caused by a fire. Both had suffered from smoke inhalation.

Mugurel gave the dog chest compressions, mouth-to-mouth, and an oxygen mask, hoping to save his life.

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He still has a long way to go, but vets posted a video of the dog lounging in his crate and recovering!

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I’m so glad there’s a happy ending, and I hope this pupper gets to go home to his owner soon. Share his journey with others who will love this daring rescue.

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When Left Alone, This Pooch Decided To Leave Its Mark…All Over The House

When you have traditional Chinese calligraphy ink in your home for whatever reason, it’s probably smart to keep it out of your dog’s reach.

That’s what one family learned when they came home and found a million black paw prints covering every inch of their home.

While they were at the movies for 3 hours, their dog showed them who’s boss.

Judging by these photos, I’m going to assume that this family likes to keep 30 gallons of calligraphy ink on hand at all times.

The canine culprit needs a little practice when it comes to lettering.

That being said, the pooch would not be defeated by a stupid pot of ink!

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No room was spared.

That’s just cold.

Okay, what the dog did is horrible, but how could anyone possibly stay mad at that face?

Fortunately for everyone involved, the ink was non-toxic and easy to clean up!

Again…the face. Just look at that face.

Huskies are definitely active dogs, so if you have one in your house, you can’t really blame them when madness like this goes down. They need to run free (while covered in ink, I guess).

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Proof That Working At Animal Hospitals, Shelters, And Rescues Is The Best Job

I love my job.

I mean, who wouldn’t? I get to write about puppies, kittens, inspiring stories, travel destinations…you name it! But that doesn’t mean I don’t have serious job-envy of others.

No, I’m not talking about people who earn millions or travel the world for a living (though that is up there)…instead, I am über-jealous of those who work at animal hospitals, shelters, and rescues. While the work is tough, it is SO rewarding. And here’s the proof.

1. Even if someone is looking over your shoulder, it doesn’t feel overbearing.

2. And even if the waiting room is full, it’s totally adorable — not annoying.

3. Patients really know how to show their appreciation.

4. Fierceness is part of the job.

5. You get to bring together forever families.

6. Coworkers are super cute.

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7. And they’re always eager to take on new responsibilities.

8. Your patients never forget what you’ve done for them.

9. Oh right, and everyone is adorable.

10. Definitely a reason to wake up every morning.

11. When new patients come in, they’re a welcome handful.

12. But when they’re too much of a handful, you’ve got pockets!

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13. You never know who might walk in the door.

14. Baby beavers? Yep.

15. “‘ello mate!”

16. Bath time is arguably the best part of the job.

17. Your customers really look up to you.

18. But even if you’re landed with an angry patient, they’re still so. Darn. ADORABLE!

19. Off-site meetings are really awesome.

20. When things are slow, endless entertainment opportunities await.

21. Bottom line: Best. Job. Ever.

If I had a stomach for blood and surgery, I’d totally go to veterinarian school. Alas, I can just look on with utter jealousy…you lucky devils!

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Seeing This Is All I Needed Today. What This Boy With Autism And His Dog Do Is Priceless.

One reddit user recently shared these magical photos of his autistic son and the amazing bond he has with his service dog, Tucker. As a companion dog Tucker’s job is to provide a bridge for a child with autism to connect with the world. Autism service dogs provide a sense of security and they help keep kids calm in new or fearful situations. They can be an ice breaker in social or school settings – you’re the kid with the dog, not the kid with autism. Each companion dog is trained to meet the unique needs of the child they are paired with. Be it autism like in this case or to help a child with poor motor skills, to help steady and brace them or even be there to give them something soft to land on should they stumble and fall. Dogs really are man’s best friend!

Tucker and his little master/best friend have a very special bond. They go on the trampoline together.

They cuddle in the car together.

They go trick or treating together.

They go to the movies together.

They go to the store together.

They opened Christmas presents together.

They hide out during boring IEP meetings together (IEP = Individualized Education Program).

They enjoy breakfast on the patio at the family’s favorite restaurant together.

They enjoy breakfast at the house together.

They play at the dog park together.

Tucker really is a part of their family.

Here’s Tucker all tuckered out from being a good dog.

In short, Tucker is one cool dog.

For this young boy with autism, Tucker serves as a loyal and constant friend who doesn’t judge and provides unconditional companionship. All he asks for in return is love…and the occasional treat. 😉 Source: reddit Share Tucker’s inspirational story with your friends below.

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Here Are Some Reminders That Dogs Have Magical Genie Noses.

Everyone knows that dogs have a fantastic of smell, but did you know how fantastic they really are?  Sometimes dogs use their noses to save our lives!  Here are a few things that dogs are trained to sniff for because they like us and want to keep us around.

Some dogs are trained to detect high or low levels of blood sugar. So maybe this guy is begging for Cheetos, or maybe he’s watching out for your hypoglycemia.

There’s a dog named Buck who is an expert in sniffing out ‘Foulbrood’ an infection that can be deadly to bee larvae in hives. Whenever you put honey in your tea, thank Buck!

Did you know that search and rescue teams use dogs to find dead bodies? Well did you know that dogs also excel at finding bodies in the water? Yup, they drive a little dog boat and everything! (Not really)

While your dog is sailing on his dog boat (again not a thing), he can also tell you if any whales have pooped recently. Yup, there’s a dog named Tucker who is trained to detect whale poop so scientists can examine their migrations.

If you live in New York, pay attention! Some dogs can detect bed bugs. Make sure your dog isn’t just telling you there are bed bugs in your bed so he can nap in it without you.

There are dogs who are trained to sniff DVD’s to stop the illegal movie-pirating trade. If only they could smell my movies in my Netflix instant queue to tell me if they are good or not.

Holy cow! Did you know dogs can detect when a cow is in heat? This probably isn’t useful to anyone except farmers and baby-crazy cow wives though.

Studies have shown that dogs can even detect cancer just by smelling a patient’s breath. Aren’t dogs awesome? They’re not just cute, they’re also fuzzy little hero machines!

If you’re into dogs, life-saving, and whale poop (I dunno) give this a share on Facebook!

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You’d Never Believe It If Someone Told You What This Dog Does… So Just Look. It’s Crazy.

Most people know that dogs are smart animals. They can be trained to lead the blind, respond to chemical changes within the body, find people during disasters and much, much more. No matter what amazing things you’ve heard of a dog doing… we bet you haven’t heard of something like this. Meet Hekan. For fun, Hekan the Border Collie doesn’t do anything usual (or expected). Instead of playing fetch, he rides horses. (He also helps his owner manage his equestrian center, but that’s almost less impressive.)

Hekan works at Equestrian Excellence in Melbourne, Australia.

He helps his daddy run the place.

He’ll hold horses once they are saddled.

He also takes them for walks.

He’ll even play fetch (fetching items that his owner needs on the job, that is).

Steve Jeffreys says that the dog is basically his secretary… and we can see why.

(H/T BuzzFeed) Steve and Sandy Jeffreys run the center. They are both accredited NCAS riding coaches, teaching all levels of riders. The couple (and their dog) also provide trained horses and dogs for live shows, movies & commercials. Their customers come for their excellent service… and we could understand if they stayed for their excellent dog. 🙂 Check out their site to get more information.

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