This Is The Part Of Disney You Don’t Often See. And It’s Even Better Than The Movies.

In a world like this, we need to gain inspiration from somewhere. Thankfully, there are thousands of places to get it: movies, books, religion, friends… the list goes on and on.

But today, I want to show you why Walt Disney could be the key to all things happiness. Here are 16 of his quotes, all of which are way too true.

1. Stay young.

2. Do the best you can. Then let it go.

3. Learn everything you can.

4. Never underestimate the minds of children.

5. Do what you love. The money will come.

6. Love life – no matter what.

7. Actually DO what you say you’ll do.

8. Step out on faith and go for it.

9. Don’t waste your life doing what you hate.

10. You can’t lose if you don’t quit.

11. Go all in when you truly believe something.

12. Because nothing is impossible.

13. Sometimes life is not perfect.

14. Stay curious. Pursue the unknown and change the world.

15. Never, ever stop laughing.

16. Stay young… again.

I would say Walt Disney is a credible source, considering he’s the mind behind the most incredible magic kingdom on Earth. We better listen.

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