3/11 American Idol Season 8, The New Rule. Michael Jackson Night Results


There is a “new rule” at American Idol. Each judge is given the chance to save a performer that did not get enough votes from America. They can only use this “save” once all season. So, once they use it, they lose it. You can expect the judges to only use it when they disagree dramatically with the audience’s decision.

jasminemurrayThe new rule is intended to save the unfairly eliminated. Possibly saving the Daughtry’s on a bad week. Would it play out this week? Let’s see.

Our bottom choice from last night was Jasmine Murray. She was horrible and when she sang again tonight, she confirmed she deserved to go home. Randy did not save her, thank heavens. She got shipped home and we are down to 12.

Megan Corkrey looked like she could go, but she made it through, which we were hoping because she was so out of her style this week, and we want to see her again with something more fitting.

jorgenunezNow for the silliness. We understand the sympathy vote; it happens again and again for the less talented cripples, elderly and children on various shows. We wish it wouldn’t, because it is so unfair to the performers that are better. Someone inevitably gets eliminated in the sympathy-getter’s place. Scott survived. He did not deserve it.

They dragged down Anoop and Jorge. Jorge did not deserve to go home. The tune was a bit boring but his vocals were much better, but the sympathy vote kicked him out. Anoop somehow lucked out and managed to survive to next week despite a rather bleak performance.

We don’t feel all that bad about losing Jorge. He is not controversial and great. He could not have won this competition, and Simon rightly did not save him using the “new rule”. But the fact is, it really should have been between Scott and Anoop.

No matter, Scott and Anoop will not survive long in this crowd, and Jorge isn’t in the league of the best either, but still, we feel sorry that he was the first to go in the name of a pathetic sympathy vote.

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