The LA Times Interview: Paris Torres and Tony Bellissimo SYTYCD 5 Experience

Paris Torres and Tony Bellissimo, the couple kicked off “So You Think You Can Dance” on Thursday night, chatted with journalists on a conference call. Below are a few excerpts:

Paris Torres:

On wardrobe malfunctions: The costumes were so elaborate. The wardrobe stylist on the show is amazing, and it was a great concept, but they constricted our movement pretty badly, and it just didn’t mesh well with what we were doing. With the tight, leathery plastic pants and the headphones, it was just a lot to take on, and it didn’t help the stress seituation much, but we tried to work with it and do the best that we could.

On a last-minute music choice: I had five songs chosen going into solos, and the last song on my list was the only song that got cleared by copyright, and I hadn’t rehearsed to that song yet! I had to go out there and throw a bunch of stuff to it.

On the show searching for “America’s favorite dancer”: I know that the judges are typecasting for the show and they need certain personalities and elasticities and types of dance, so it was a miracle for me just to make it into the top 20. I knew they weren’t eliminating me fully on the fact that they didn’t think I was a strong enough dancer.


Tony Bellissimo :

On his unusual audition: I was listening to the music and started thinking about somebody watching me, and I remember in Miami Nigel told me I wasn’t as up to par as I was last year, and I’m going to point out to him that I know he’s watching me and I know I’m going to do good.

On some of his favorites: Evan [Kasprzak] is what I like to call a leather man: He has so many little tools inside him. That kid can do anything! He’s like a gadget. I love that guy. I think Phillip [Chbeeb] has great potential because his brain is so smart and he’s so strong that he’ll be able to dedicate what he’s doing.

On the rumor that Katie Holmes might appear on the show: I didn’t know Katie Holmes could dance. I like the group of us together better than Katie Holmes.

On whether he would have chosen a different outfit for his solo in retrospect: People have been talking about my Re-Run outfit for a while, but that’s the thing, I wanted people to talk about “What the hell is that kid wearing?” But that locking outfit is true hip-hop, that’s “What’s happening!!”

On convincing his fellow football players to try dance: My best friend from football came with me and we did a hip-hop routine to “Thriller,” and he tore off his shirt like he was an animal. It was funny to see him take a classs, but it just proved to me that anyone can do it. He was like, “Oh, my God, dude, I understand why you do it!” And I said, “Yeah, you’re tackling dudes all day and I’m picking up girls all day.”

Original source — Claire Zulkey | The Los Angeles Times

5/13 American Idol Top 3 Results: Paula Abdul Trashes Danny Gokey

If a judge ever had a negative impact on a contestant, Paula Abdul did it to Danny Gokey.

Each judge had to pick a song for an artist and Paula picked an outdated and mismatched song, “Dance Little Sister” by Terence Trent D’Arby. Danny performed it well, but it was not memorable and it was unfair. There clearly should have been a restriction on what the judges could pick so the song choices were all relevant.

So tonight, we watched Danny get eliminated from the final 3. That leaves Kris and Adam to duke it out next week. Fact is, neither Danny nor Kris can touch Adam. So, that probably won’t matter much. But we are nearly certain, had Paula been forced to be more fair in her choice of song, it would likely have been Kris that was eliminated. But there was never any doubt about Adam.


Well, Kris is good, no doubt. Better than we thought and better than we expected. There is nearly nothing he could do to win next week. Adam would have to get laryngitis or die. Short of that, this one is a done deal.

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8/5 Season 3 Recap: America’s Got Talent Meets Last Comic Standing!!

It is time for the auditions to end, and for the folks that made it through to Vegas to show us all why they should move on.

It started with an incredibly cornball introduction in which the judges played themselves up, sitting on a private jet, and trying to make America feel envious. Tell us, does David talk to the plane too? Have these people learned yet that you never ever talk DOWN to your audience? The judges are not hunks (any more) and they have no 40″ bust lines, so if they don’t have any talent, one has to question why we watch them. This is “America’s Got Talent”, and when the judges have no talent and apparently can’t find any, how can you believe the show?

So Piers says they have to get tough!! Wow. What were the auditions about? They passed through half of God’s creation at our expense so they could get tough NOW?

After spending the show’s money sending a bunch of farcical acts through to Vegas, they now eliminate them before they even have a chance to perform. Are these clowns serious? We could only go along with this if they let us vote out at least one judge. We are leaning towards Hasselhoff, but Piers is second. Oh crap, just get rid of them all.

Last week was the Jerry Springer Show, where they aired freak after freak, but this one was even worse. It challenged us throughout to understand what was going on as they played self-aggrandizing music and promoted the judges in place of the real stars. Could we please cut to Pamela Anderson? We need something with a higher intelligence and a bigger bust line here!!

They then created groups a to d and wiped out c. We are not sure who was in c; neither are you, but that was the unlucky letter of the day.

Why did you fly them to Vegas to eliminate them before they got to perform? That is stupid. They should have been voted out before this episode.

You know, the best part of Jerry’s show and the best part of this one, is that it reminds the people in America how stupid the media takes us for, and hopefully, it will cut that multi-million dollar paycheck the judges get for doing nothing but sitting and making stupid comments down to a more reasonable level (like zero). The judges would be better off trying their limited talents on “Last Comic Standing”!! Certainly, this show was a joke, so why not bring it to an appropriate audience?

After more filler, they tried a grouping of “extreme” acts, but they whipped through them faster than we could see, once again focusing on the ultimate freak show, the judges, rather than the performers.

The Concrete breaker makes the stage. He busts layers of concrete with his head, hands, feet; you name it. (No not that).

The next act, Dan Meyer, swallowed swords. He swallows a couple, including a crooked sword, proving his colon has a curve in it and manages to simultaneously complete his colonoscopy. Next!!

Now we get a Brittney Spears as a cross-dresser act. She would have fooled Crocodile Dundee, but not the audience. This was clearly no “Shirley”.

A Tina Turner impersonator that lip syncs and has bigger thighs than Conan the Barbarian performs next. Wow. Yup, that is worth a million bucks!!

And now an Elvis impersonator that gets nervous in front of the judges. He did OK, but the way the show was laid out from beginning to end, we have no idea whatsoever if he got through. It is like missing a line in a bad movie and never being able to recover. You don’t know what happened, but you really don’t care.

There was only one magician they showed, and what really ticked us off here was there were several that were great in past shows, and they only showed us one freak act. He tries to split a girl using a curtain to hide his “magic” only to have the curtain suddenly roll up exposing his entire trick. He then says it was planned. Why? To prove himself an idiot?

They went through several segments, and then played up the child sympathy acts. A contortionist and a break dancer kid that is broken period. Great. We have nothing against kids, but these are not million dollar talents, just interesting family distractions.

Some freak acts then broke out and we had to quit and made our run to the bathroom. You cannot, as a half way intelligent person, believe that this was a show worth airing.

So when we got back from relieving ourselves, they finally decide to vote. Oh joy.

They pass through every freak show except the guy that breaks concrete. Couldn’t they have killed a few birds with one stone and taken out the rest of the no talent freak shows like the Brittney impersonator? Please.

Tap Dancing Dads make it through, but we still don’t get to see their act. How stupid do these choreographers think the audience is? If we weren’t critiquing the show we would have shut it off half an hour earlier!! I guess this implies that we have to watch every show, or heaven forbid, we might miss 100 year old men tap dancing, because that is about the age they will be before the show actually airs one of their performances.

A few more freak acts go through and then some opera acts. We started to beg for the commercials!!!!!! Oh please, a Pepto Bismol commercial for relief!!!

Then, a real talent, Mia Bistron, a 15 year old that could wale and play the piano came on. She wowed us!!! Finally!!! Somebody that really does have talent!!

They later eliminated her in favor of the oh-so-cute children acts that could only moderately perform going after the audience for the child sympathy vote. How sad!!

The army guy comes on for a few more exploitations of last week’s performance to self-promote America’s Got Talent at the expense of America’s veterans just a  bit more. They voted the guy through even though he stopped midway through his performance because he forgot the lyrics!!!  I can’t even remember a whole song, but I am worth a million bucks?  In the famous words of Homer Simpson, “D’oh”.

If you saved yourself the two hours and watched anything else, including even a ten year old “Murder She Wrote” you already saw ten times, it was better than this pathetic show. They have no one even close to Terry Fator this year, or they are concealing it showing filler to wait until the finales to surprise us. Our advice? Move on until the final. The lead up to the finals is just there to challenge your intelligence, and this show should go off the air after this season. It has just gotten stupid compared to all our other favorite reality shows, and has moved off the list. We will not review the shows anymore past this year’s final unless something dramatic happens, like they change the judges or actually find some talent.

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Season 4 SYTYCD Top 6 Results Don’t Shock Our Readers!!

Our Current poll is still up: Who Will win the title “America’s Favorite Dancer?” Please participate. Thank you. 🙂

We searched our refrigerator after this show, and we were quite fortunate. We were able to find some left over crow to dine on after tonight’s judging. The audience showed that it is never obvious what is going to happen, and what you see when you watch a reality television show is indeed based on your own reality.

The show started off with a lovely piece danced to Bette Midler’s “The Rose”. Bette has always been a favorite of ours because when you analyze her piece by piece as you do most people, she is nothing special. When you analyze her as a whole, she is a star.

That is how it is with great personalities and spectacular talents. In person, they are little more than the human beings we all are, but somewhere in their persona, they bring some small spark that generates the big bang that made the universe, and erupt into a talent that is bigger than life itself.

All six of the dancers demonstrated in this single piece that they are all exactly that type of talent, those special people that deservedly rise to the top of all of us to be our idols! This style of synchronized paired dance is rarely seen because it is so difficult, and these six amazing talents brought it to us in a masterpiece that, for them, was seemingly effortless after what was likely a few hours of rehearsal. How can you not love this show??!!

Something does gnaw at us just a bit though.  We just don’t know where the winners go. If they don’t turn up back on the show doing a bit of choreography or doing a lead-in piece for American Idol, they just seem to disappear, at least to the general public. Do any of you know what Sabre is doing right now without cheating using Google?

After the performance, guest judge Adam Shankman informed us all that in addition to the cash prize for the first place finisher, the selected individual will also be offered a starring role in his next production.  This is almost guaranteeing a star here, and it is a welcome opportunity to bring the excellence of this show to the rest of the world.  Dancing careers are typically short ones.  The demands dance places on these individuals are vast, and many dancers’ careers are over young if they cannot find an alternate path such as choreography to lead them into the future.

Many of the past winners have disappeared from view. We are guessing that this year, they want to ensure this person does not get lost in the mix of dance talents and guarantee that they get remembered. This show’s winners have been outshined by American Idol’s, and even America’s Got Talent’s winner, Terry Fator, received a 100 million dollar Las Vegas Contract, but what happened to Benji?

The Solos

The solos were interesting, but this is purely for the entertainment of the audience.  The voting was over, but we get one more opportunity to see the dancer’s perform a solo.

In solo one, it became apparent how painful being a professional dancer can be. The dues Courtney pays in every dance is showing up on her body, and her beautiful legs look so sadly abused. Her solo, as usual, was stellar.

Mark, we have decided, is some species of bird. We have not figured out what kind of bird, but in every solo, he appears to be seeking a mate. Mark is spectacular, but in this year’s competition, we have found he has a horrible habit of making goofy smiles and faces after a dance. It is a shame, because it does not seem to positively influence one’s opinion of him. He does something remarkable, and then makes childish faces diminishing his performance. It is a way to relieve the stress, but it doesn’t help him.  Marks solo was not the best.

Katee did a conservative solo, and it is likely this woman knows she is ahead by a mile. No point in risking a potential championship for a single slip that leads to an injury.

Joshua did an awesome popping segment that was also very safe physically. He proved he has another amazingly entertaining dance style without risking his rise into next week. To boot, Joshua had his braces removed before this show.  Joshua, you are quite dashing!!!

Chelsie demonstrates once again that she is a woman to die for, and her kicks are to die from. Her speed with those feet in high heels should require, by law, warning signs informing any bystander they are risking their life if they draw too close.

Twitch was awesome in his solo danced to “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”. We loved it, very creative. And Twitch has apparently created his own line of clothing. Check it out. So cool.

After the solos, they broke to a new talent that was ridiculous. A six year old that could win the competition next year!!! This kid could move better than most professional dancers. You have to see this if you missed the show.

The Verdict

It was time to see who got voted through.

They did not waste time; Katee got a pass to the finals very quickly.  Based on our polls, she is miles above the rest, so there was no point in dragging that one out.

They then moved to the guys, and the replays clearly showed what was about to happen. Joshua so obviously blew out the men last night, and the audience concurred.

What was humorous about these two getting the pass through to the finals was Cat’s statement that they were not necessarily at the top in the voting. Let’s think for just a minute. If you did not pass on Katee to the finals immediately, would you believe either of the remaining women could displace her? And if you did not tell Joshua he was “safe”, then you already knew who was the next one to go, and it would not be Joshua. Certainly, they garnered the top votes. Perhaps the show wanted to do their best to conceal it to give their competition some chance in the finals.

So it came down to Courtney and Chelsie. As they reviewed Chelsie’s dancing from the prior night, she was reminded that Twitch was her partner, and you could see a cringe on her face. Perhaps she knew from reviewing her performances that being Twitch’s partner was not the best result for a ballroom dancer. The audience failed to recognize her greatness in overcoming Twitch’s shortcomings and in performing one on one with Twitch in a Hip Hop. Chelsie performed with amazing determination and practically did a solo around Twitch in the first dance. None the less, we were wrong, Courtney got the votes, but we don’t think she won by much.

Now came the biggest surprise from our perspective. Mark is eliminated. We honestly believe Twitch did not perform like a champion last night and has little chance to win this competition. His Hip Hop was great as usual, but this is not a Hip Hop competition. His performances were good, but not great. Chelsie danced circles around him last night in their first dance and he nearly dropped her.  His Hip Hop performance was great, but nothing stellar.  We are puzzled by this choice, and all it guarantees is that Joshua wins easily for the guys.  But we also feel that if you voted based on past performances, you may have remembered Twitch’s classic sets from last week and voted him through, because what he accomplished last week was amazing.  He became a star in those performances with Katee and demonstrated what an incredible talent he is. Perhaps, as one of our contributor’s wrote, “Twitch is just too cool to get eliminated”.

The choice among Chelsie and Courtney could have really gone either way. As we reviewed last night’s performances, we could see that Courtney was superb, but for surviving Twitch as a partner and coming through incredibly in her performances, we honestly felt Chelsie had pulled it out. Courtney was delivered a diverse partner and two dances that catered to her style. Chelsie was delivered a horrible match as a partner that did not dance her style well at all, and was forced to perform Hip Hop, a dance completely out of her style, which she still killed. So, what we are betting is that this decision was so close, it could have been based on hanging chads or a Supreme Court decision; Courtney moves on.

What does it all mean? It is down to Katee or Joshua to lose. It is their battle. There is no competition that is close.  If Mark had made the final, he could have challenged Joshua. Twitch has no prayer. Neither Chelsie nor Courtney could beat Katee in the finals unless Katee has a horrible night, but we expect Courtney to bring it huge in the finale.

We were half right again.  We could clearly see that Joshua and Katee would get to the finals, but we did not call the victories by Twitch and Courtney, so we are still saving a little crow from tonight for the next show. We are starting to get used to it, and it isn’t bad fresh out of the toaster oven.

Our pollsters’ reality was right on the money. You folks picked it perfectly. The polls had Chelsie and Mark going home, and you all have proven you can pick a winner!!! You are all fantastic and we are grateful for your input. Please try to beat us again next week by voting in our polls, and please send your comments too as we move into the finals!!

Part Two: Why Did Twitch and Will End Up in the Bottom Two?

Why Will ended up in the Bottom Two:

We believe that Twitch introduced a theme of “violence against women,” but we believe it was a misinterpretation or at least an exaggerated interpretation of Mia Michael’s piece. Even if you were to believe an angel like Mia Michaels believes in violence against women, our belief is this is an artistic piece portraying the artistic talent of Mia, reflecting her emotions.

So why do we bring this up in discussion of Will’s dances, which were not choreographed by Mia?   Because we believe the voting was related.

Will’s pieces were beautiful and expressive, and had nothing to do with violence, but they both had to do with romance.  And possibly, the audience then inferred the violence from Twitch and Katee’s piece upon Will.

We are not at all sure here, we may be speculating, and a poll at the end of this article will tell us if we are not in touch with reality.  But we believe Will was tried and convicted of a crime he did not commit.  And we are so sorry for him, because he was the leading male talent of this show.

Why Twitch was in the Bottom Two. Click Here.

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Season 4: So You Think You Can Dance Top 8 Surprise Results a Shocker!!!

How can you say you were wrong and not eat a bit of crow? Well, we were half right, but the audience threw a major curve at us. The best of the guys goes home. Even Nygel Lythgoe said, they got it exactly wrong and the two best from last night were in the bottom two.

(We have updated this review and added videos, please go to this article if you want the latest)

This was reminiscent of Daughtry. The shock on Will’s face was total bewilderment, and was in every way the same face Daughtry had that fateful day he took the fall in fourth place on American Idol after performing two Elvis tunes the night before. Everyone knew Daughtry was better than anyone on that stage. So how did it happen?

Some said arrogance. Some said it was not Daughtry’s style. And still others said it was a voting fluke because everyone assumed Daughtry would win, so they voted to keep in their other favorites and inadvertently voted out Daughtry. Whatever theory you choose, the music charts say it was a mistake. The only true American Idol from that season is Daughtry touring and bringing hit after hit.

Now, Will was humble. Will was not arrogant in any way, so you can’t say that. Certainly, it was not because he was out of his style. He nailed his dances and his solo. So, what was it that garnered Mark more votes after an abysmal solo and, while great performances, not up to what appeared to be Will’s, or any of the other men’s level for that matter?

We will never know for sure. All we know is Mark got more votes. Will is destined to begin practicing for the tour. We will add a couple of interviews at the bottom of this article to ask why you think Will was sent packing. We have our opinions, but we won’t tell.

Interestingly enough, the voters on our site showed Will in the lead, but overall, there was a total disinterest in the guys. Katee drew vote after vote with Chelsie playing catch up. So perhaps this is telling us the men just aren’t drawing the audience like the women, and the focus is really on who will be the ultimate winner, not which gender they are.

Other than the shocker with Will, tonight went off pretty much as expected. Comfort was eliminated as we predicted. She also garnered zero votes on our web site saying she was destined for tour practice. But we are looking forward to seeing her perform during the tour. She is a fantastic talent and we are lucky she got this far.

The criticism of Joshua on numerous web sites surprised us last night, bringing us to his defense. We believe it was directly related to the difficulty of his dances. It works like the Olympics. There is a handicap. If you do a single flip off the horse it is way less complex than a double inverted somersault. If you do the first one perfectly, you get less points than if you do the latter perfectly because of the difficulty!

The audience got that right big time. They saw Joshua’s strength, and he did not get into the bottom 2. The fact that Twitch did, though, was another shock to the system. How could you watch those sets with Katee and not believe those performances were vastly better than Mark and Comfort?

So how does an audience properly catch the subtleties in a complex dance in Joshua’s case and yet miss the incredible performances of Twitch and Will? Sometimes those cell phones can get confusing to use while driving a car. Be more careful next week folks.

As far as the women go, our poll was right on, the bottom two should have been Courtney and Comfort. Courtney is so good, but Katee is better. Is Chelsie? We are not so sure, but you know what? They are so close that any preference could turn a vote. If you prefer the ballroom style, you go towards Chelsie. If you prefer the contemporary style, you call for Courtney.

We think Courtney was number 2 and Chelsie number 3 this week. We had that backwards, but only by a notch. But when it comes down to it, all that matters is who was eliminated. Comfort and Will. Next week is an entirely new game.

We leave you with Will and Courtney’s emotional hip hop dance:

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Season 4: So You Think You Can Dance Top 10 Results Recap

Hopefully, you watched last night’s elimination round of “So You Think You Can Dance”.  The show was awe inspiring, well, for the most part. The all member dance was great as usual, well choreographed and right on target with the audience.

For the men only piece, one of the judges choreographed a prize-winning set that was sheer entertainment.  How these five men can dance a complicated dance performance like this as well as they did, while rehearsing their solos and competition dances is beyond comprehension.  Nigel Lythgoe outdid himself choreographing this movement, although he admitted he did have some help.

The women’s only dance was boring and slow.  Tired makeup made the girls look drawn and unappealing, and the dance was difficult to grasp, conveying little meaning or value.

Now let’s talk about the prior night and the results of the voting…
Continue reading Season 4: So You Think You Can Dance Top 10 Results Recap