LOL! Chelsea Clinton is STEALING line about Liz Warren for her own book

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BAZINGA: James Woods just used Elizabeth Warren to crush Hillary, and it was GLORIOUS

We need to come up with some special term fora James Woods tweet that nukes the Left in just the perfect way… James-i-fied? Woods-i-dized? Something with VideoDrome? (which incidentally is one of the freakin’ SCARIEST movies ever made)

Anyway, we need to come up with SOMETHING because this tweet (and many others like it) deservesits own category:

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‘The Tomahawk of Justice!’ Elizabeth Warren stars in comic book [pic]

Superman? Batman? X-Men? Eat your hearts out:

More from The Boston Globe:

Storm Entertainment, which publishes Female Force, a comic book series about empowering women, has released Female Force: Elizabeth Warren in print and digital. The product description of the 24-page book written by Michael Frizell and illustrated byVincenzo Sansone and Chris Canibano says: From modest means to the Massachusetts Senate, Elizabeth Warren has proven herself a powerful advocate for the middle class. Her plainspoken approach and dogged attacks on Wall Street have resonated with voters looking for someone who understands the crush of debt and the shackles imposed by student loans. STORM is proud to present this graphic nonfiction portrayal of her rise to power.

“Female Force” is fine and all, but wouldn’t this be better?

That’s more like it!

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