You Probably Thought You Knew These Celebrities, But You Had NO Idea.

We forget that whenever a baby is born to a parent NOT with the last name Kardashian, they start at the same level of celebrity as everyone else. Most often, these babies grow up and experience childhood the same way that you and I do. They’re aren’t famous (yet).

But for all of our equal footing, we know that one day these future starlets and geniuses will become famous and leave us in the dust. And that’s why coming across pictures from their hidden pasts is all the more tantalizingly amazing to see.

“They were just like us!”

1.) Stephen Hawking

2.) Bill and Hillary Clinton

3.) Col. Sanders and Alice Cooper

4.) Albert Einstein

5.) Alex Trebek

6.) (Young) Joseph Stalin

7.) Mr. Rogers.

8.) Winston Churchill

9.) Eminem

10.) The Manson Family

11.) Michael Jordan

12.) Adolf Hitler

(via eBaum’s World)

Between seeing the Clintons, in grown up hipster-mode, to Alex Trebeck singing his heart out on national television (and without silver hair!), I surely can’t believe they were even anything like us growing up. But these pictures, they certainly don’t lie. Maybe your day will come one day too…

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