FAQ Guide to Voting for So You Think You Can Dance

For Season 5, the toll-free phone number to dial starts with 1-888-836-76 followed by the number of the contestant in the order they performed. Example: Brandon Bryant performed first so the number to call to vote for Brandon would be: 1-888-836-7601; for the second performer: 1-888-836-7602 and so on…

UPDATE: August 5th, Final performances: Click here for the numbers to call for the Top 4



How do I vote?
Each contestant will be assigned a toll-free telephone number during the performance show.  However, during the first 5 weeks of voting (starting Wednesday, June 10, 2009), contestants will perform as couples and each dance couple will be assigned a toll-free telephone number during those performance shows.  To vote, simply watch “So You Think You Can Dance” on FOX each week (see local listings for times in your area) and dial the telephone number of the contestant(s) for whom you wish to vote.  Voting will open at the end of each performance show.  DO NOT call before the end of the show as the lines will not be open.  Results of the vote will be revealed in the results shows that will also air on FOX each week (see local listings for details). Rules and procedures are subject to change at producers’ discretion without notice.

Who can vote?

Anyone calling from within the continental US, Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands can cast their vote for “So You Think You Can Dance”.

When can I vote?
Voting for “So You Think You Can Dance” opens at the end of the performance show each week (see local listings for times in your area) and stays open for at least 2 hours, subject to time zone restrictions.  Outside of these times, the toll-free lines will play a busy signal and your call will not count as a vote.

Is it true that some people can cast votes outside of the 2 hour window after the show?
No, this is not true. As part of the process to ensure that the “So You Think You Can Dance” voting system is accurate and ready for the public to call and vote, a test window is built into the toll-free system for the morning of each vote show.  During this test window, anyone calling the toll-free numbers from a phone with a West Coast area code will hear the ‘thanks for voting’ message.  This vote window is for testing purposes only and any calls received during this time do not count as valid votes.  Your votes will only count if you call during your valid 2 hour vote window after the performance show, subject to time zone limitations.  Outside of these hours, votes will not count, even if you hear the ‘thanks for voting’ message.

How much does it cost to vote?
Telephone calls to the “So You Think You Can Dance” voting lines are toll-free so you will not be charged to vote.  If you use a cell phone to call, airtime and applicable roaming and long distance charges will apply.

Can I vote by using my cell phone?
Yes, you can vote using your cell phone, although airtime and applicable roaming and long distance charges will apply to toll-free numbers from cell phones.  Contact your cell phone service provider if you want to know how much you will be charged.

If you are calling from a cell phone and you are in a different time zone from your cell phone number, the system will accept or reject your vote based on the time zone of your cell phone area code.  For example, if you have a New York cell phone area code but are calling from Los Angeles, you will be voting outside the East Coast voting window and your vote will not be accepted.  Try calling again from a land line telephone during the West Coast voting window.

Text message voting is not available for “So You Think You Can Dance”.


I couldn’t get through to the lines or all I get is a busy signal when I call – why?
Although the telephone network is designed to handle huge volumes of calls simultaneously, there may be times (particularly just after the show) when it will not be able to handle every single call due to the sheer volume.  If you are calling during your voting window but can’t get through to cast your vote, be patient and try again.

If you hear the fast busy signal, it may be that you are calling outside of the voting window.  When your voting window closes, lines will switch from a ‘thank you for voting’ message to a fast busy signal.

If you are sure you are calling within your voting window but still can’t get through, it may be that your local phone company has been flooded with calls.  Try waiting a few minutes before calling again.  If you still have problems, contact your local phone company.

If you are calling from a cell phone with an area code that is in a different time zone from that in which you are calling, the system will accept or reject your vote based on the time zone of your cell phone’s area code.  For example, if you have a New York cell phone area code but are calling from Los Angeles, you will be voting outside the East Coast voting window and your vote will not be accepted.  Try calling again from a land line telephone during the West Coast voting window.

Can I vote if I subscribe to a digital phone service or VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) service?
Yes, you can vote if you subscribe to some digital or internet-based phone systems, such as Vonage or Skype. However, note that digital phone and VOIP services often re-route outgoing calls to a different geographical location from which the call is being made. As a result, you may only be able to vote in the voting window to which your call has been re-routed. If you are trying to vote in the regular voting window for your region and your call is re-routed outside of your region by your service provider, you will not be able to vote (instead, you will hear a fast busy signal). However, you still have the availability to vote during the other voting window. For further information, contact your digital phone or VOIP service provider.

When I called one of the toll-free lines, I heard the wrong dancer’s (or couple’s) number – why?
All lines for “So You Think You Can Dance” are tested before going on-air to make sure the lines work properly and are playing out the correct audio.  If you call and hear the wrong contestant’s number (or dance couple’s number), it’s possible you accidentally misdialed, so check the number and dial again.

What will I hear if I call the toll-free numbers?

Voting begins at the end of the performance show when ALL of the contestants have performed – if you call before then, you will hear a busy signal and your vote will NOT count.

At the end of the performance show each week, phone lines will be opened and voting can begin.  Voting lasts for at least 2 hours, subject to local time zone restrictions, from the end of the show and during that time you will hear a pre-recorded message thanking you for voting for your chosen contestant(s).  Each contestant (or dance couple, during the first 5 weeks of voting) will have their own number read/shown on air, and the phone message will confirm for whom you have voted.  After the voting window closes, no more votes will be accepted and lines will play out a busy signal.

When I called, I was told to call a “900” number – isn’t “So You Think You Can Dance” voting toll-free?
If you call to vote for your favorite “So You Think You Can Dance” contestant(s) and hear a message to call a “900? number, or if you hear anything other than ‘thanks for voting’, you have misdialed.  Do not call this “900? number to vote as “900? numbers are not connected to “So You Think You Can Dance” voting.  Please try the “So You Think You Can Dance” toll-free numbers again, dialing carefully.

How do I know my vote has been counted?
Your vote will count if you vote during your valid voting window and hear the ‘thanks for voting’ message.  If you do not hear a pre-recorded message thanking you for voting, your vote did not count.

How do I find out the results?
“So You Think You Can Dance” will air a performance show Wednesdays on FOX each week (see your local listings for show times) and the results of each vote will be revealed in the results show on FOX each Thursday (see local listings for details).  So make sure you don’t miss a single minute of the two shows each week if you want to see how your vote affected the results!

What’s being done about power dialing?
Production will have in place weekly monitoring procedures designed to prevent individuals from unfairly influencing the outcome of the voting by generating significant blocks of votes using technical enhancements.  The producers reserve the right to remove any identified ‘power dialing’ votes.

Why can’t I vote by the toll-free numbers using a payphone?
Votes from payphones will be blocked.  To vote for your favorite contestant(s), use a standard land line telephone or cell phone.  If you use a cell phone to call, airtime and applicable roaming and long distance charges will apply.

Why can’t I vote on the Internet?
Only toll-free phone voting is available for “So You Think You Can Dance”.

Original post on Fox SYTYCD Blog.

5/20 American Idol Season 8 Finale: America says “NO” to gay

We were not totally surprised, but we also felt that America let us down, or somehow the system did. Idol prevented the first openly gay idol to emerge. Adam clearly won the competition. Even Kris knew it. Adam has more range, more diversity, more power. But he has black fingernails and he wears a guy liner.

What does Kris have? He is humble. He has an honest feel. And he is likeable. But most of all, he isn’t gay.

So when it came down to 100 million votes, Kris won. And we think Danny was better. And we think it showed during the final show’s duets. Danny sang with Lionel Richie and kept up with a genius.

But you know what? We like all three. We want to hear records by all of them. In fact, some of the top 13 could be big talents this year, depending on how they are promoted.

And we will concede that during the season and during the finals, we heard songs from Kris we want to hear again.


So, CONGRATULATIONS KRIS!!! You won, and you know what, it doesn’t really matter why. It is all conjecture. You won because overall, you were the best talent. And we know we will pay to see you in concert, just like we did Daughtry. But we will pay for Danny and Adam too. Shoot, we have to buy a ton of tickets this year.

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5/19 American Idol 8 Finale, Who Will it Be? Kris Allen Shows His Metal

“The Acoustic Rocker vs the Glam Rocker. Conway vs California, The guy next door vs the guy liner.” Kris Allen vs Adam Lambert.

This week was rather surprising for us. Kris did an excellent job on his first two songs, especially his first, to make it at least seem to be a horse race.

1 Adam Lambert – Personal Favorite- “Mad World” by Tears for Fears

By the luck of the drraw, Adam had to go first, which did give Kris an advantage. Adam started off with “Mad World” which we could imagine being a huge hit right here, right now. His falsetto was flawless, but what strikes most about Adam is how effortless it all is for him. His range is super-human, his screams from the planet Krypton and his creativity from Mozart.

2 Kris Allen – Personal Favorite- “Ain’t No Sunshine” by Bill Withers

Could Kris follow? Kris followed with an incredible rendering of “Ain’t No Sunshine”. We didn’t think we would be impressed, and we were wrong. This was an excellent and creative version of the song and Kris could do this as a hit as well. This was a performance with the piano, and we believe it is the instrument that clearly gave Kris an advantage no one else had, because he is actually quite talented as a musician as well, not just a vocalist, and it clearly adds to his appeal.

3 Adam Lambert – Producer Simon Fuller’s Choice – “A Change is Gonna Come” by Patti LaBelle and Sam Cooke

The producer picked the next song for the contestants. Adam did “A Change is Gonna Come”, and wowed us again. What was most amazing is we feel the choices for both artists were second rate. Perhaps that is just us, but we don’t think so. Still, Adam made us love it, which as we said before, it doesn’t matter what song it is for the truly talented, and Adam is miraculously talented.

4 Kris Allen – Producer Simon Fuller’s Choice – “What’s Goin’ On” by Marvin Gaye

Kris followed with“What’s Goin’ On” on his guitar. Again, it was not a great choice, but what is key here, and something always missed when the judges judge, is he didn’t choose it. Yet he was criticized for its not being the right song. Geesh, guys, get real. At any rate, Randy and Simon did a poor critique of the song and were negative on it, which was ashame, because Kris did a commendable job of keeping in the competition, but the judges ended any chance he had with their comments.

5 Adam Lambert – Original Winner’s Song – “No Boundaries” by Kara Dio Guardi

Finally, both artists sang a new song written by Kara. It was written as a canned hit song to be done by any artist, and Kara is excellent at that. The tune has melody and is very catchy. But the song is different from the others. It has not been performed before to an audience. It wasn’t a hit last week and the artists do not get a chance to see what worked before. It is new. Here is where Adam truly separated himself from anyone we have seen. He took the new song and made it a smash hit. A song we had never heard and we loved it.

6 Kris Allen – Original Winner’s Song – “No Boundaries” by Kara Dio Guardi

Kris took the song and decided to sing it sans instruments. We think he should have stayed on the piano. It is just the artist we see him as being. Kris had no idea where to go with the melody. He started off incredibly pitchy and by the time he got to the end was an octave too high for his vocal. While he did a commendable job, it was just enough for the boy scout merit badge. It wasn’t a smash.

So, there you have it. We said before that unless Adam got laryngitis or died this past week, this year was his. Adam is the best and most diverse talent we have seen on this show. When we first discovered how good he was, we captioned our article, “The Scream Is Back”. His scream is effortless and is on par with the greats of rock like Robert Plant and Roger Daltry. There is no song he cannot do and do well. His falsetto is flawless and never off key. His range is beyond anyone we have ever seen, including the women performers. We believe if there were a contest for the best American Idol, Adam would win easily. And so Kris never had a chance. But then, neither did Danny. There were bad calls along the way, but Adam is untouchable, and if the audience did not vote for him, it would be a travesty.


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Catching up with the Amazing Race Season 14, the Final 3. Asian Sibling Lawyers for the Win!


After 12 episodes, 3 continents, 9 countries, 20 cities and 40 thousand miles of distance traveled, Amazing Race Season 14 concludes with new winners!

After 11 teams of two race around the world with one team eliminated each end of the leg, the finale has come down to three competing teams: A team of siblings/lawyers, mother and son and friends/former NFL cheerleaders.

They need more than physical strength to win. More importantly they need the mental agility to cope with both pressure and stress in performing the tasks and challenges in stored for them. In the end, Tammy and Victor were Victorious winning the coveted 1 million dollars prize!

Who were the Top 3 Teams?

THE AMAZING RACE 14Tammy and Victor: 4 times in number 1 position out of 10 legs (5 for the win!)

This duo of brother and sister seem to have everything going right for them. They’re smart, highly competitive and young enough to tackle any physical challenge that is thrown at them. Early on, they already showed that they could win the race. However, we’ve never liked them from day one. They remind us of ken and Tina of Season 13 whom we also dislike as soon as we saw them. Yet can’t seem to get rid of them! Ken and Tina managed to come in second last season.

Why we dislike them: We don’t like Victor’s know-it-all, smart-aleck attitude and pity Tammy for putting up with him. Victor places his sister in more challenges and criticizes her for her mistakes. If you know too much why don’t you do the task yourself?! Our favorite episode is that of Episode 3 where Victor took the lead, stubbornly won’t listen to Tammy that almost cost them early eliminations (we can only wish!). He sure was humbled by that episode.

The trip to China was clearly an advantage to the two because they could speak the language. They breezed through it all while others struggle. Thumbs down to Amazing Race for a poor planning, or were they thinking Tammy and Victor would have long been gone before the China race?

luke_margieLuke and Margie: 3 times in number 1 position out of 10 legs

This mother and son tandem is an inspiration to people with hearing disabilities. Luke was born deaf and his mother has been his ears to the outside world. They are in the competition to prove that any impairment shouldn’t hinder one from trying bigger experiences and challenges in life.

We really liked them in earlier episodes until Luke’s nastier side started to show. We can’t blame Luke for U-turning Amanda and Kris in Leg 4. They were obviously the stronger contender but did Luke really have to do that knowing that they were just ahead of everybody else and won’t be eliminated anyway? We didn’t think so. The u-turn cost Amanda and Kris the race. They were booted out of the competition after coming in last.

Then there was this scuffle with Kisha and Jen in Episode 9. Watching the clip over and over, it clearly shows the whole thing was started by Luke! Kudos to CBS for an unbiased recap of what happened.

Ok so Luke reacted on impulse by almost hitting Jen in the face. He jabbed his elbow towards Jen and the shocked Jen also reacted on impulse by exclaiming “Bitch!” Luke’s move was in fact dirty and he shouldn’t get away with it just because he is deaf! Jen was reacting to Luke’s awful move. What follows was even more ridiculous as Margie tries to defend her son!

They use Luke’s disability to get sympathy as Margie accuses Kisha and Jen of making fun of her son! Margie rants on giving an unsolicited and self-righteous speech. Kisha and Jen even offer their apology but the mother and son wouldn’t hear of it.

We believe Kisha and Jen handled themselves respectably and would have loved to have seen them in the final three except that we were also rooting for Cara and Jaime.

THE AMAZING RACE 14Cara and Jaime: 2 times in number 2 position out of 10 legs, never won a leg

The brunette NFL cheerleaders are clearly the underdog among the final three. They never won a leg and have always been the middle of the pack sometimes even at the bottom.

We like the two because they are very determined yet try not to step into the other team’s shoes unlike the other players. They do have a lot of tension between them during challenges but they make it work out for them in the end.

We didn’t think they would make it in the finale. There hasn’t been an all-woman winner in the Amazing Race and it would have been sweet victory for them to make history.

The winning edge:

“TAMMY & VICTOR WIN After getting off to a smashing start, mother and son Margie & Luke seemed to have victory within their grasp until Luke hit the Roadblock. Luke became frustrated as he watched his lead disappear as Victor surpassed him and, along with his sister, claimed the title of winner of THE AMAZING RACE 14.”

Luke and Margie had a very wide lead going into the last challenge. They really looked like they were going to win it with the confident Luke just breezing throught the memory challenge, one right answer at a time… until Victor arrived and then Jaime.  The two were closing in and Luke just lost it. He panics and couldn’t think straight. Victor finished first and that right there sealed the deal as the next stop WAS the last and final stop.

Tammy and Victor while not our favorite were the team to beat from the very beginning. They earned the prize and we’re happy for them! Congratulations!



12/08 Amazing Race 2008 Final: Which Pair Is Worth A Million??

Tonight’s race came down to two couples. It could have gone either way. You have to watch the show to get the tension out of it, our narration couldn’t do it justice. Suffice it to say, Ken & Tina won, second place that is. Nick and Star took the purse. The Frat boys were never in the race.

It was very close with lead changes at every turn, and it kept us on edge throughout.

Congrats to Nick & Star. They took more first place finishes than any other team in Amazing Race history and to win the last race was only fitting. They deserved it.

You our dear readers are right again on this one! Thanks for participating on our poll. See you next season!

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11/25 Dancing With The Stars Finale. It is OVER! Winner gets Perfect Score!

Was there a way for Lance or Warren to come back from their deficit to Brooke going into the final night.  Brooke needed a 24 to win, and Warren and Lance could pull off that perfect score for a shocker ending.

Third Place:

Lance & Lacey – Lance needed a perfect score to have a prayer.  They didn’t get it.  The audience didn’t give them the votes for that hip hop last night.

Second Place

Warren & Kym  –  Amazing Warren could get this far at 300 pounds, but Kym would have had to lift him over her head to win.

First Place

Brooke & Derek – Perfect score from the judges two nights running?  You can’t beat that.  Brooke takes the ugliest trophy in show business.

Our reader’s choice to win this year’s Dancing with the Stars with 54% of the votes is also Brooke Burke!

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10/1 America’s Got Talent Finally: The Winner Unveiled!

What do we care about in a winner takes all finale? Who won!! What do we get? Usually not much else, but we have to get through the hour to find out who the grand champion is.

There was way too much Jerry and some rather boring performances except for the Leona Lewis “Better in Time” act.

Jerry made the insight “everybody wants their favorite to win”. Well, Jerry, we didn’t think they wanted their favorite to lose. We will tell you, you aren’t our favorite.

Time for the one at a time elimination, let’s see how we did…

First out: Queen Emily

Clearly the least talented.

Second To Depart: Donald Braswell

Looks like he bored the audience too.

Well, we have to say that so far we are right on for what we expected. Could it continue? Not quite.

Third to go… Nuttin But Stringz

No idea what people were thinkin’. These guys were 1 or 2, but they didn’t get to the final 2? Still, not too shabby for the final pick of the night.

Second Place?? Eli Mattson

Won’t matter, we know who we will be listening to on CD in the next year, and it won’t be Neil.

First Place! Neil E. Boyd!!

We don’t totally believe that America voted for an Opera Singer. And we know people would not pay to see an Opera Singer by himself in Vegas. So, we have no clue what this finale was all about.

Still, Neil is good and we hope next year, we have fewer singers in the finale.