WTF! You won’t believe why this Florida woman added a third breast

Apparently you don't have to wait until #Year3000 to seeTriple-breasted women.
#JasmineTridevil #Busted @mcbusted McBusted

— Hyoga Zawada 澤田氷河 (@hyogazawada) September 21, 2014

Can this be real?

This is why other countries hate us. Florida Woman Has Surgery To Add Third Breast To Her Chest « #3Boobs #MTV

— Happy Pants Media (@happypantsNJ) September 22, 2014

From the CBS in Tampa link above:

A Tampa massage therapist who calls herself “Jasmine Tridevil” says she spent $20,000 on a procedure to add a third breast to her chest.

The Florida woman told Real Radio 104.1 that she “called like 50 or 60 doctors” in order to have the surgery adding a third breast.

And why would she do this?

Woman gets 3rd breast implant to 'turn off men,' and you'll never guess which US state she lives in #ormaybeyouwill

— David Burge (@iowahawkblog) September 22, 2014

Yeah, that’s not very believable.

We can’t wait for the feminists to weigh in on this one. If nail polish that can detect date-rape drugs is reinforcing rape culture, what does a third breast do?

Bonus: she’s trying out for some sort of MTV reality show:

#3Boobs #MTV

— Jasmine Tridevil (@JasmineTridevil) September 15, 2014

— Jasmine Tridevil (@JasmineTridevil) September 15, 2014

Video and more photos are available here on her Twitter feed.

And yes Michelle, it is:

Death of civilization, part 998,999 MT @DailyMail FL woman adds 3rd breast in bid to become reality TV star

— Michelle Malkin (@michellemalkin) September 22, 2014

Here’s hoping that this is all a big hoax and we never, ever have to hear about it again.



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So You Think You Can Dance 5 Auditions Continue in Miami and Memphis, Tyce “Loosen Up!”


It does not take much to move from American Idol fever to So You think You can Dance mania after all. We thought we’ll have withdrawal symptoms from missing Adam Lambert belt out those outrageous high notes every Tuesday night. So You Think You Can Dance to the rescue! Our weeks will be filled with dancing and more dancing every Wednesday and Thursday nights and we are feeling it! We are so excited for these undiscovered dancers whose lives are about to change as they become TV stars and soon after ‘conquer’ America.

The Season Premiere continues as Cat Deely and the rest of the gang head to Miami, Florida and Memphis, Tennessee.

Dancers to watch out for in the Miami audition are Priscilla Marrero, 23 Miami, FL, Erik “Silky” Moore, 19 Oviedo, FL and Janette Manrara, 25 Miami, FL. We’re not sure about the last two making it very far though because Erik does tap and Janette ballroom. They might not be good in other dances. Janette was in Season 4 but was cut in Vegas week.

Last but not least, Talia Rickards, 24 Miami, FL who had a moving backstory reminiscent of Danny Gokey losing his wife prior to audition in American Idol. Talia lost her young husband to a motorcycle accident and SYTYCD had her narrated her love story found and lost. She dances with fire and intensity and thought she should go straight to Vegas but the judges wanted to make it more dramatic so they had her do choreography. She passed and is going to Vegas, but of course!

Beautiful and exciting dancers are aplenty in the Memphis auditions: Paris Torres, 19 from Seattle WA was Miss Washington prior to audition made it straight to Vegas after her “Toxic” audition performing in the acoustic version of the Britney Spears song. (Watch audition video here.)

Lots of siblings going to Vegas! Caitlyn Kinney, 21 Annapolis, MD,  who was stunning in her audition dancing in “Winter Song” by Sara Bareilles & Ingrid Michaelson and younger sister Megan is also joining her, shown in a montage of contemporary dancers. Both beautiful dancers. Twins’ Lauren & Lydia Guerra, 19 from Dallas TX are a pleasant surprise! Brothers Evan Kasprzak, 21 West Bloomfield, MI (lyrical Jazz/Broadway) and Ryan Kasprzak, 29 Astoria NY (Tap dancer and choreographer) are such exciting dancers and want to see more!

Anna Dunn, 18 Jackson, MS shows a lot of promise dancing contemporary to “Winter Song” (again). She too has a sob story where she lost her father to suicide. Must we really know these things? This is too private to be on TV but Fox has to “tell” it all… She made it to Vegas after doing choreography. We’d like to see her grow in the show but less talk about back stories please…

Contemporary Dancers: Henry Rivero, 18 Miami, FL, Megan Kinney, 18 Annapolis, MD and Alex Wong, 22 Miami, FL are also all worth mentioning.
(Watch audition video here.)

Tyce "flush it like a public toilet ba-a-ad" Diorio
Tyce "flush it like a public toilet ba-a-ad" Diorio

Tyce Diorio is an unbelievable choreographer but wow we didn’t realize he has got some unbelievable mouth! We thought Nigel Lythgoe was bad. Tyce is something else. All throughout the audition he came off really cocky to the point of being demeaning and insulting to the dancers. At the end of the Miami leg, Nigel finally had to say:  “… Tyce don’t be so mean with the Dancers.” Mary Murphy seconded with “I know…” That should teach them that perhaps Tyce is better off in the background, do what he does best- choreograph but not have to be in the judges panel.

In contrast, we are really beginning to like Lil C. We remember him as guest judge in the panel before and he always had something good and constructive to say. Some even deep and thoughtful which surprised us because he does not seem the type.  “Krump” choreography defines rugged and tough but Lil C is soft and gentle in a good way. He is not patronizing and seem to be really sincere in his criticisms without offending the dancers or the viewers.

Still more coming in the Los Angeles and Seattle auditions, Thursday… Check back for videos later!

1/27 American Idol 8 Audition: Jacksonville’s Sweet 16

There is one thing that is persistent on American Idol. On some shows there are memorable talents, on some there are horrific jokes, but the one thing that seems totally pervasive are the completely deluded.

This week’s show was no different. Several of the performers were included in the TV production primarily to let us know how unaware people can be of how badly they sing. Now, some aren’t really all that horrible, but just aren’t good enough to be a star. We understand that. But some seem to be absolutely broken hearted that they are not chosen for Idol after absolutely horrific auditions. We know some of them must just be willing to do anything, including making total fools out of themselves, to get on television, but others seem genuinely hurt when their dreams are dashed by reality.

Dana Moreno of West Palm Beach, FL was a prime example. She screeched like a cat in the throws of death, but we give her credit for her taste in clothes. She was rather ticked after she was voted out, but she honestly had a horribly shrill voice.

Kaneswa Finne, 16, from Jacksonville, FL came in encouraged by her mother to perform. She was horrible, absolutely horrible. And she had no idea. Her mother had less of a clue and had encouraged her own daughter to make a fool of herself. What a waste of show time!!

We were on the fence about Julissa Veloz from Orlando. She had bang-itis, and was not a knock-em dead singer. She is a likely early departure in Hollywood, but made it through this week.

And then it happened again. Darin Darnell came on and sang worse than a howling dog. And he was genuinely disappointed. He wasn’t joking? How could he not be?

Then the biggest joke of the night. Naomi Sykes sang “Loving You” in a way that would make even the deaf cringe. Certainly this had to be a complete farce, and yet she broke into tears when she realized she was not to be the next Kelly Clarkson, and she needed consoling hugs, etc.

Jasmine Murray
Jasmine Murray

There was the weekly freak. George Ramirez came in wearing a beard that looked like something out of the 1800s. He looked the part and played it perfectly singing like he was completely tone deaf, but he wasn’t funny like the best of the Idol freaks. He was so distressed when his audition failed. Certainly this had to be a joke, but these people act so seriously upset about their failed audition that one has to believe they honestly think they have talent. Could they have watched the great talent on this show rise to the top and honestly think they had a prayer?

Jasmine Murray, from Starkville Mississippi, was good, but overly nasal and has no chance at serious contention.

Rounding out the talent was TK Hash, from Concord, North Carolina and Anne Marie Boskovich of Nashville, TN. Both talented, but not very memorable performers. They got put through to Hollywood, but we don’t see them getting far.

Overall, Jacksonville was DULL. There weren’t enough humorous blunderers and there weren’t enough standout talents to make Jacksonville memorable as an Idol episode. However, we did find one very unique talent and dubbed Joshua Ulloa of Beverly Hills, Fla the most unique talent of the auditions thus far. His voice was strong and his personality quirky enough to make him standout.

One major complaint, the show spent way to much time playing up to the joke talents and should have shown more winners than whiners. We really hate getting to Hollywood not having seen the bulk of the talent that makes it prior to the serious competition, and we would find it more enjoyable watching talent than people making fools out of themselves, unless, of course, they are crazed psychos or extreme sociopaths.

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