Complimentary tickets to CBS’ new comedy “The Exes” coming this Summer

Do you like Seinfeld, Scrubs or 3rd Rock from the Sun?

Have you ever seen a sitcom in person? In the studio, the cameras rolling, the television stars performing on stage in front of you? It’s like going to the theater except it’s actually entertaining and funny…and free.

This Summer’s biggest new sitcom, The Exes, has assembled an A list comedy cast with stars from some of the greatest sitcoms of all time and they want a live audience to perform for. With almost all sitcoms using laugh tracks now, this is one of the few opportunities left to see a celebrity cast live;  just you and the cast enjoying the making of a sitcom and all the hilarity, miscues, and high-jinks that happens on a Hollywood sound stage.

TV Land’s new comedy ‘The Exes’ revolves around three divorced men, ladies man Phil (Donald Faison), homebody Haskell (Wayne Knight) and newly-single and needy Stuart (David Alan Basche). The men all live together in an apartment directly across the hall from their divorce attorney, Holly (Kristen Johnston) –who also happens to be their landlord. Holly avoids her own relationship and commitment issues by becoming immersed in the men’s hilarious and sometimes awkward affairs as they try to put their lives back together in the midst of their glorious return to the dating scene.
There are very few sitcoms that have an audience anymore which is why On-Camera Audiences jumped at the chance for one that is actually funny. To read more information about the show, the schedule, and to print free tickets to see it live, please click here. OPEN DATES: July 20-August 10.


CBS Studios-Radford
4024 Radford Ave.
Studio City, CA 91604

Minimum Age:18+

Fashion Star: Tickets to NBC’s new fashion show with Elle Macpherson, Jessica Simpson and more!

If you have ever wanted to attend a real runway show with celebrities, this is your chance… tickets are FREE.

Elle Macpherson is bringing the glitz and glam of fashion to NBC PRIME TIME television. Jessica Simpson, Nicole Richie, and John Varvatos have been named as the show’s celebrity mentors!!

All across America, students, soccer moms, accountants, and people from all walks of life are sewing in their basements, selling jewelry at small town conventions and creating incredible works of fashion. And even though they all may come from different walks of life, they all share the same burning desire… to be discovered and expose their designs and creations on a national level, and most importantly, to see their dreams become a reality.

This show will inspire them to do just that. In this new competition series, Elle Macpherson – model, successful businesswoman, and an icon in the fashion world – is searching for the next big fashion star. In every episode, designers will be faced with challenges specifically crafted to further develop their fashion lines. With the help and guidance of Elle, they will present their new creations to a team of buyers and expert designers who will ultimately decide who stays and who goes each week. In the final episode, only one designer will be crowned the winner and their collection will be showcased in several major department stores across the nation for all of America to buy.

GET YOUR FREE TICKETS HERE. Schedules are subject to change and tickets run out fast so schedule right away. Open dates available as of this writing: July 13- July 29 and August 5th.

Culver Studios
9336 Washington Blvd
Culver City, CA 90232-2600

Minimum Age:18+