Leave It To A Group Of Brilliant Librarians To Get Me To Open A Book Again. This Is Really Cool.

Redditor botd44 recently shared these pictures made by a group of librarians in the city of Kaposvár in Hungary. The librarians made these clever pictures in hopes of increasing the community’s interest in reading books again. In many ways, it is becoming a lost “art” as the masses let visual entertainment steal their imaginations. Not only that, but it seems actual books (real paper and binding) are becoming increasingly less used as well. Great for the environment, but sometimes reading the old fashioned way is just better. Check out their series of photographs to see how they brought attention back to book reading in their city.

As awesome as these pictures are, I’m not a 100% sure if they make me want to grab a book and start reading. They sorta make me want to grab my camera instead. Source: reddit Share these clever librarians with your friends below. Promote reading books with them.

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Dad Caught Singing A Funny Song To His Son During Bath Time.

When this mother heard weird sounds coming from the bathroom, she decided to grab her phone and film what was happening.

What she found was her husband singing a song in a hilarious Elmo-esque voice to their son during bath time. As she captured this precious moment, the dad just kept on singing, none the wiser that it was filmed for our entertainment. Even the dogs tried to warn him.

(Source: Tristen Combs)

Now I got that song stuck in my head. “Daddy’s little buddy?” Awww!

I bet the wife realized how much she loved him right as that happened. Well played, dad.

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Explosions Are Usually Very Bad. But I Can’t Stop Laughing At These… LOL. You’ll See…

We all know the best thing about summer movies isn’t the awesome story lines, or amazing acting, it’s the crazy mind-bending explosions that seem to never end. It’s serious eye-candy that I can only get in summer blockbuster – until now. Because haven’t you always thought everyday life would be so much more interesting if there were more explosions?

Oh that was awesome! It makes me so excited for the upcoming summer hits that I think I need to watch them again 😉 If you liked these as much as I did, please share with your friends below.

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These People Are Totally Overwhelmed In The Greatest Way Possible. Their Losing It Is Your Gain.

Have you ever been so overwhelmed by a moment that you completely lost control? Perhaps you applauded a little bit too hard at a ballgame or laughed a little bit too loud at the movies–or maybe your mind was actually blown by a random fact about James K. Polk (he was the 11th President of the United States – Whoa!). Well, if you haven’t, these folks certainly did enough losing their minds for all of us. Their loss is truly our gain. Check them out!

1. If the background is any indication, he should have no problem calming down.

2. He’s so shocked, even he doesn’t know if he’s happy or angry.

3. I hope she at least held on to the receipt.

4. Wait until this little guy experiences his first bridge.

5. And that’s how he decided to go paperless with his home business.

6. Maybe they shouldn’t get started on “Breaking Bad” right away.

7. Sometimes you just gotta smooch.

8. The soda is a metaphor, probably.

9. The “it” in “losing it” doesn’t always have to be your cool.

10. I don’t think he approves.

11. We’ve all been there.

12. Sometimes the nostalgia is just too much.

13. To the victor goes the strange dancing.

14. He’s so excited and he can indeed fight it.

15. That explains why most employers won’t let you bring a bat to work anymore.

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Here’s A Collection Of Times When Parents ‘Punked’ Their Little Punks.

Popular entertainment would have you believe that pranks and tomfoolery are a young man’s game, but when you think about it, it takes a special kind of cunning from your parents to embarrass you in front of your friends who have seen just about everything on the internet.  Here are some pictures of parents who are a little more Bart than Homer.

This kid underestimated his girlfriend’s dad’s skills as an embroiderer and tailor.

Worth the fine from the home owner’s association.

Dad is ready for anything, even white water rapids.

As is Mom…

Radical, Dad.

No more free cakes for you, Keith!

Sequel To “The Rock?”

So noble, so wise.

What is this picture even for? His Saturday Night Live headshot?

“Woah it’s like a Tim Burton movie in here!”

Dayum dats some…

“Just checking the support strength of this here doorframe. You know, dad stuff…”

(H/T pleated-jeans) If  you’re a funny dad or mommy… or wish your funny dad or mom would just stop, give this a share on Facebook!

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This Guy Doesn’t Need To Know Leonardo DiCaprio To Hang Out With Him.

Celebrities may claim to be “just like us” in the magazines, but you don’t really see them hanging out with us normals on a regular basis. No matter how many tweets you send or letters you write, your favorite stars tend to stay in their own famous world.

Some people use programs like Photoshop to fake their way into the spotlight, but this guy figured out a way to bring celebs into the real world with his project, “My Day With Leo.” Using vintage images of Leonardo DiCaprio, social media artist Joel Strong started chronicling his fictional life with the actor.

1.) Catching a train.

2.) Hanging out at the park with friends.

3.) Who ya gonna call?

4.) All in a day’s work.

5.) Enjoying a picnic.

6.) I’d swipe right.

7.) Letting it all hang out.

8.) A nice play on the Boy Scouts helping ladies across the street.

9.) Meeting cute new pals.

10.) A fun day by the sea.

11.) A nice day to fly a kite.

12.) Enjoying a nice summer stroll.

(via Bored Panda.)

Strong has since expanded to include even more celebrities, all still with the nostalgic, “teen beat” style. You can follow his adventures on Tumblr, Instagram, and Twitter.

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29 Signs You’re No Longer A Rookie Parent

Been there, done that.

1. Your baby bag no longer looks like the Goodyear blimp.

And now you actually remember to pack diapers!

2. When you choose to stay up late it’s with the full knowledge that you’ll be a zombie the next day.


But hey, sometimes your mental health requires a little binge watching of TV shows without talking animals.

3. You no longer poke your sleeping baby to see if they’re breathing.

Flickr: donnieray / Via Creative Commons

That doesn’t mean you don’t lean in REAL close and listen.

4. You no longer freak out when your kid falls down.


You’re like, “You’re okay.” (sips coffee)

5. You turn your phone on guided access before you let your kids play with it.

Flickr: quinnanya / Via Creative Commons

RIP deleted apps.

6. You no longer have a “Level 10” breakdown when you have to cut your baby’s nails.


Now it’s like level 6 or 7… because that shit’s still nervewracking.

7. You started a profile for your kid on Netflix.

This way Netflix can suggest My Little Pony to your kid, and Jennifer Lawrence movies to you.

8. When your kid asks to go into a toy store “Only to look,” you just laugh.

Lol, kid.

9. You’ve developed “Spidey sense” for when your kids are getting into trouble.

Things are quiet. Too quiet.

10. You don’t get embarrassed easily anymore.


“What’s that? I’m wearing sweatpants in public with spit-up on them? So I am.”

11. You don’t tell your kid about plans until right before they happen.

Digital Vision / Via ThinkStock

This way you avoid nuclear meltdowns caused by statements like, “I know I said we were going to Frozen On Ice, but I’m afraid it’s sold out.”

12. You know better than to leave a drink within arm’s reach of your little one.

Stephen VanHorn / Via shutterstock.com

They’ve got Go Go Gadget arms, these kids.

13. When you say it’s time to go and your kids whine you’re like:


14. You wipe snot off your kid’s nose without a second thought, and have probably even used the Nose Frida.

Literally sucking the snot out of your kid’s nose? That ain’t no rookie move.

15. Changing a diaper — even a nasty one — is NBD.

Now you can get up in the middle of a meal, change the rankest of diapers, then sit back down and keep eating without missing a beat.

16. When it comes to kid’s clothes, you value functionality (not to mention affordability) over all else.

Flickr: sydneytreasuresphotography / Via Creative Commons

A $70 kid’s shirt that is hand wash only? No thanks, Gwyneth.

17. You don’t get poached on doll clothes either.

You know the “American Girl” knock-off clothes at Target are super cute and your kid can’t tell the difference. (Yet another reason to love Target.)

18. You don’t like to brag, but when it comes to peekaboo you’re basically a rock star.

ABC Family

Do babies laugh when you play peekaboo? Does the earth circle the sun?

19. You know all of the children’s characters by their name.

You even know “Doc” McStuffins’ first name is “Dottie.”

20. You’re an expert on children’s books, too, and know which ones to suggest when you don’t have much time.

Harper Collins

When your show starts in five minutes: “We’re reading Goodnight Moon!”

21. Speaking of books, your funny voices are on point.

You even crack yourself up, TBH.

22. You can brush someone else’s teeth just as well as your own.


It doesn’t even matter if your kid is squirming like a toad.

23. You have the “parent tone” down cold.

Getty Images Stockbyte

24. And the “parent look.”


Your kids better not play with you.

25. Your arms are shockingly strong.


Your “guns” may not look like a bodybuilder’s, but over the course of a day you lift way more pounds (in kids) than they do.

26. You can sleep in any position.

Flickr: mliu92 / Via Creative Commons

You can even sleep with a toddler foot in your face.

27. When your kids say they don’t like the dinner you made it’s no longer the gut punch it used to be.


28. Other parents have started to ask YOU for advice.

New Line Cinema

At first you were like, “You don’t want to ask me,” but then you realized you know your stuff.

29. Lastly, you have more confidence as a parent than you ever dreamed possible.


You’ve got this.

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