Glenn Beck to Gov. Cuomo: ‘If we are not welcome, we will leave’!/glennbeck/status/425396652615020545

Glenn Beck has written a lengthy open letter to New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, in response to Cuomo’s statement Friday that “extremist conservatives” (such as right-to-lifers) have no place in the state. In short, Beck says that “if we are not welcome, we will leave.”

It’s no empty threat. Beck says he employes 200 people in the state of New York though Mercury Radio Arts, The Blaze and his Mercury One nonprofit. “Our organization creates jobs for hundreds of people in your state, and provides news, opinion, entertainment and a helping hand for millions of people across this country,” Beck writes. “Are our contributions, tax dollars, and genuine goodness as citizens not welcome here? We respectfully request an answer on whether there are two classes of citizens.”!/rjgoniea/status/425406984796401664!/ProfessorRobo/status/425397177423101954!/Rockprincess818/status/425399686254456832!/sudranski/status/425398459634835456!/KBrocking/status/425387399430959105!/DougWheat2/status/425399360348618752

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Vets slam film critic who called ‘Lone Survivor’ a jingoistic snuff film!/tydurden2000/status/423598608609320962

The Twitter account of LA Weekly film critic Amy Nicholson has been inundated by Americans angry at her petty and condescending review of the popular film, “Lone Survivor.” She perfunctorily calls the movie’s Navy SEALs heroes, but spends most of her column deriding the movie as an embellished “jingoistic snuff film” with an attitude of “brown people bad, American people good.”

After Glenn Beck publicized her insults, many veterans and military family members took to Twitter to let her know how they felt about her derision:!/DanielRadding/status/423528913063518208!/MRpotadah/status/423594567641071616!/SGPrepared/status/423519095892373504!/JayzTwoCents/status/423615077955014656

Among all the people angry at Nicholson, there were a few veterans who agreed with her:!/Poni_Boy/status/423550171150966784

Since getting all this attention, Nicholson has tried to mollify her detractors:!/TheAmyNicholson/status/423684645234810882

We wonder how many egregiously inaccurate liberal movies (see, e.g., here, here, here, here, and here) Nicholson has raked over the coals for factual errors?


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