Female celebs confess to love of Hillary’s pantsuits in video

With only hours left before the Iowa caucuses, Lena Dunham is circulating a hastily shot and edited video showing a number of female celebrities reciting the line, “I’m with her,” with all the passion and persuasion of an automated answering machine routing your call to the help desk. To Dunham’s credit, we did recognize nearlyhalf of these big time celebs without peeking at the name cards.

All of these women love Hillary’s pantsuits, but what will they think of her bracelets when she’s finally indicted? A majority of Dunham’s followers are #FeelingTheBern, and display an encyclopedic knowledge of Clinton’s scandals.

Gossip monger Perez Hilton? He’s with her.

Now look what you’ve done, Dunham.

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BAZINGA: James Woods just used Elizabeth Warren to crush Hillary, and it was GLORIOUS

We need to come up with some special term fora James Woods tweet that nukes the Left in just the perfect way… James-i-fied? Woods-i-dized? Something with VideoDrome? (which incidentally is one of the freakin’ SCARIEST movies ever made)

Anyway, we need to come up with SOMETHING because this tweet (and many others like it) deservesits own category:

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WORST bachelor party entertainment of all time! [photo] #ImWithHer

So, this happened on the campaign trail in South Carolina today. Hillary Clinton somehow ended up in the middle of the world’s lamest bachelor party:

Here’s hoping the groom in the photo is a better husband to his future bride than Bill Clinton has been to Hillary.

More photos of the (for some reason) happy dudes:

Again, why are they so happy?

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Special musical guest announced for Jefferson-Jackson dinner

The relationship between Republicans and musicians usually goes somewhere along the lines of, “Stop using our song in your campaign.” Democrats are much more chummy with the artistic community, which explains how they were able to score Sheryl Crow to sing the national anthem before their first presidential debate.

Even better,Hillary Clinton superfan Katy Perry is going to perform at a rally for the former secretary of state this weekend in Iowa. What a coincidence husband Bill Clinton, who has laid low for most of the campaign, will be on hand as well.

Perry certainly does love her Democrats, to the point where she volunteered this summer to write Clinton a campaign theme song should the need arise and in 2012 literally performed dressed like a ballot filled out for Barack Obama (and Joe Biden which could prove awkward). We suspect Biden thought he and Perry had something, but now she’s backing a girl and she likes it. Sorry Joe.

TheKaty Perry performance is old news, though. The breaking news today? The musical entertainment at the Iowa Democratic Party’s Jefferson-Jackson dinner will be provided by candidate Martin O’Malley, who used today’s appearance on “The View” to show Perry how it’s done.

It’s true, and there’s video to prove it. If only O’Malley would put asidepartisanship, he could team up with Mike Huckabee on bass and make America great again.

And maybe a few million more supporters.

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HILLARY-OUS: Guess who Peter Daou thinks was owed a MAJOR apology at #WHCD2017

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Good one! Hugh Hewitt helps out journo soliciting questions for Hillary Clinton

Questions to ask Hillary Clinton? Hugh Hewitt has one that would be sure to make Hillary go into full dodge mode:

Excellent question!

There’s a good possibility Hillary would reply “what difference does it make?”

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Entrance polls give Sanders 91 percent of people under 30

With about 30percent of the results in in Iowa, Hillary Clinton looks to have a healthy 5248 lead over Bernie Sanders. That suggests an older crowd has showed up to caucus, as entrance polls showedas many as 91 percent of those under 30 declaring their support for Sanders.

On the other side of the pendulum, Hillary Clinton just can’t seem to secure the support of young feminists, no matter how many pop singers and celebrities she can talk into campaigning for her.

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Denver Post writer sees racism in the renovation of Union Station


Can architecture be racist? Well, according to the Denver Post’s Ray Mark Rinaldi, YES IT CAN! Here’s his piece from October 19:

And his headline:

Did diversity miss the train in Union Station’s architecture?
The urban playground at Union Station isn’t drawing people of color and it may be the building’s fault

People of color don’t like the way the building is constructed so they’re avoiding it? That’s kind of a racist thing to say. And tweeters were quick to point out the inherent racism in Rinaldi’s claim:

Ah! So this piece was written in the course of calling other people racist, so that makes it OK. Got it?

More outrage and mockery at Rinald’s assertions:

But, hey … what do we know. Maybe African-Americans do avoid coming to Union Station. Just last week Hillary Clinton and Sen. Mark Udall were busy shaking hands and campaigning at the station, or as Rinaldi described it in his piece, “Denver in 1950″ and we don’t  see any African-Americans in the photo:

And this:

Vanilla ice cream, no doubt.

And here’s Udall from back in May at a ceremony for the opening of Denver’s finest example of, again in Rinaldi’s won words, “architecture of exclusivity”:

Kind of odd for two of the top politicians in Democratic circles — Sen. Mark Udall and Hillary Clinton — to be seen at such a monument to racism, no?

Come to think of it, President Obama has been noticeably absent from the campaign trail in Colorado. We’ve assumed that it’s because Sen. Udall didn’t want to be tied to the president’s failed policies, but could it bet that it’s actually President Obama who doesn’t want to be seen with Sen. Udall because of Udall’s love of racist structure? We’re just asking questions…


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