27 Unique Photo Display Ideas That Will Bring Your Memories To Life

For when ‘gram-worthy becomes wall-worthy.

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1. Use twine to create this modern geometric display.

Find out how to recreate the look here.

2. Transform a PVC pipe into a memento vase.

Get the full how-to here.

3. Bring your photos to the party by making DIY coasters.

Make this whole set for less than $1!

4. Make your party photos pop by creating a balloon chandelier.

Check it out here.

5. Use washi tape to add a fun and easy faux-frame.

6. Use wax paper to transfer your favorite photos onto wood.

Check it out here.

7. Turn clips and some string into an IRL Instagram page.

Get the full how-to here.

8. Turn your favorite ‘grams into resin-coated charms.

Get all the deets here.

9. Add a little rustic charm by dangling polaroids from a fallen branch.

Learn how to recreate the look here.

10. Maximize your display space by using framed room dividers.

Get the full tutorial on how to create this awesome chicken wire screen here.

11. Display travel photos pinned to locations on a map.

12. Or cut out your photos in the shapes of states themselves.

Be sure to make duplicates before cutting into original photos. Check out all the steps here.

13. Make 3D photo shapes.

Check out the full tutorial here.

14. Plus, you can pile the shapes in a pretty jar or vase for an easy centerpiece.

15. Turn your Instagrams into lavender or cedar sachets.

Transfer paper + fabric + delish smells. Get the how-to here.

16. Get the party started with this photo bunting.


Get the super-easy tutorial here.

17. Use a clipboard for easy photo switch-outs.

18. Or DIY a sturdier version.


Check it out here.

19. Decorate your fridge with mini polaroid magnets.

Jennifer Kirk / ambrosiagirl.com

Learn how to recreate this here.

20. Illuminate your favorite snapshots by pinning them to fairy lights.

Buy pre-lit clothespin strands, or DIY your own!

21. Or DIY your own unique photo lantern to brighten a room.

Find out how here.

22. Display photos in a vintage window frame.

Don’t have one? Find one on Etsy.

23. Transform flea market finds into antique photo treasures.

Via Better Homes and Gardens.

24. Turn embroidery hoops into a unique photo chandelier.

Find out more here.

25. Make an antique bicycle wheel your new pin board.

Buy one on Etsy or DIY your own.

26. Use old-timey bottles for a ~found object~ kind of feel.

Via Apartment Therapy

27. Or turn a mason jar into a vase with a little paint!

Learn how to do it here.

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These People Came Up With Hilariously Genius Fixes To Everyday Problems

When something needs fixed in your home, you have two options: call a professional, or do it yourself.

In order to save a few bucks, some people opt for the latter option. But if your family is anything like mine, the last word you would use to describe yourselves is handy.

Desperate times call for desperate measures, though, which can force you to get pretty creative with DIY solutions. Not every fix is guaranteed to be a surefire winner, but every once in a while, genius strikes.

The 28 solutions below are certainly interesting, but are they genius or simply beginner’s luck? We’ll let you be the judge.

1. Never lose another book to the treacherous bathwater again.

2. I have to give this guy credit. That’s a pretty awesome way to cover up the fact that he’s a bad driver.

3. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Read more: http://www.viralnova.com/diy-solutions/

33 Ways Spray Paint Can Make Your Stuff Look More Expensive

It’s basically the Midas touch in a can.

Alice Mongkongllite for BuzzFeed

1. Your fridge just got classier with these gold spray painted magnetic alphabet letters.

2. Easiest winter decor ever: give dead branches new life with gold spray paint.

All that glitters IS gold.

3. Save tons of money on a new faucet by just spray painting the one that you have.

See how they did this here.

4. Do the same to your door knobs.

5. Christmas lights don’t have to be relegated to the holidays if you paint them gold.

Your mantel will now look straight out of a chilled-out Scandinavian home.

6. Take those orange teracotta pots to the next level.

7. Cover up that gross patio furniture mildew by spray painting DIRECTLY ONTO THE FABRIC.

Works for sun-faded cushions as well. Get the directions here.

8. DIY your own curtain rods by spray painting electrical conduit from the hardware store.


9. Or spray paint PVC pipe to create a seamless, custom curtain rod system.


See how she did this here.

10. Baby’s breath doesn’t have to look like the cheapest flower option.

You can spray paint directly onto the flowers!

11. Turn dollar store pails into metal-look tubs.

12. Tape up that boring white fridge and paint it gold.

13. Make those old vents and floor registers look like new again.

14. Give your winter galoshes an update.

Just use stencils or tape and spray on.

Or just go for an all-over color swap.


15. Gold spray paint + straws + string = easiest party bunting.

Directions here.

16. Make mirror orbs for your yard by spraying them with looking glass paint — your garden will look bigger.


Mirror, mirror on the ball. Directions here.

17. Create large, lovely planters by spray painting cheap plastic garbage cans.


Get the details here.

18. Make your patio furniture less boring by spraying it any color you want.

Black wrought iron is just so zzzzz. Get the directions here.

19. Turn dollar store locker baskets into Restoration Hardware-esque industrial baskets with a coat of gray spray paint.


Get the directions and spray paint brand here.

20. Cheap rubber mats can look downright joyful and welcoming with a bright coat of spray paint.

21. Best idea ever: spray paint measuring tape and use it instead as a growth chart for the kids.

This brilliant concept brought to you by Variations On Normal.

22. Rustoleum makes your outlets look less plastic-y.

They sell these outlet covers for like, $12 apiece at Restoration Hardware. You can now get the look for free.

23. Make any cheap-looking brass fixtures look like oil rubbed bronze.

Your dated ceiling fan can now get the makeover it so deserves. Directions here.

24. Make your vases and lamps look like mercury glass by spritzing with water, and then doing a coat of Krylon Looking Glass spray paint.


Get the full directions here.

25. The ultimate IKEA hack: Turning the Vittsjo shelf gold.


26. Makeover your dresser and cabinet hardware.

Hack! Stick those knobs into the bottom of a styrofoam egg carton before spraying.

Now you can get all 360° of each knob in one go.

27. Make your wicker basket a little less traditional with metal spray paint.

See how she did this here.

28. Do the same with one of those cheap IKEA trash bins.

Check out the transformation here.


Mind blown. See how it’s done.

30. Transform an ENTIRE dresser.

I promise your hand will be way less tired than brush-painting. See how they did this here.

31. Make wind stakes to pretty up the garden.

They’re just ping pong balls strung onto wire stakes and sprayed with looking glass paint.

32. Spray paint a plant hanger, turn it on its side, and use it as a curtain hook.

Get the tutorial here.

33. Fake a mirrored top.

Looking glass spray paint is now officially the best thing that’s ever happened to you. Get the tutorial here.

And if you need a place to store your giant spectrum of spray paint cans….

Use rain gutters! They’ll fit perfectly.

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Rihanna Serves Vocals On New Single “Towards The Sun”

It’ll be featured on the soundtrack for Home.

1. Last year, Rihanna announced she’d be releasing a “concept album” based on DreamWorks’ upcoming animated family film, Home.

Def Jam



She’s also voicing the main character, Tip.

2. Now, a full year after it was announced, the first taste of the album has made its way online and it’s good! Titled “Towards The Sun,” the song manages the tricky feat of being both family-friendly and distinctly Rihanna.

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Stream via Complex.

3. Also, vocals! In keeping with her other single “FourFiveSeconds,” Rih is singing on “Towards The Sun.”

4. According to a now-defunct Amazon listing, the soundtrack is due out March 17 and is rumored to feature three more new Rihanna songs, as well as new tracks from Charli XCX, Jennifer Lopez, and Kiesza.

Westbury Road Entertainment

1. “Red Balloon,” Charli XCX
2. “Run to Me,” Clarence Coffee Jr
3. “Dancing In the Dark,” Rihanna
4. “Peaceful Holiday,” James Clark
5. “Boov Death Song,” Jim Parsons
6. “Towards the Sun,” Rihanna
7. “As Real As You And Me,” Rihanna
8. “Deck the Halls,” The Platters
9. “Slushious,” Stargate & Balkan Beat Box
10. “Only Girl (In the World),” Rihanna
11. “Cannonball,” Kiesza
12. “Drop That,” Rihanna
13. “Feel the Light,” Jennifer Lopez

5. Fans are already clamoring for a video and it doesn’t look like they’ll have to wait long — last week, the pop star spent her birthday on a music video set.

7. This will definitely keep the famously ~patient and easy-going~ Navy happy until #R8, right?




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