You’d Never Believe It If Someone Told You What This Dog Does… So Just Look. It’s Crazy.

Most people know that dogs are smart animals. They can be trained to lead the blind, respond to chemical changes within the body, find people during disasters and much, much more. No matter what amazing things you’ve heard of a dog doing… we bet you haven’t heard of something like this. Meet Hekan. For fun, Hekan the Border Collie doesn’t do anything usual (or expected). Instead of playing fetch, he rides horses. (He also helps his owner manage his equestrian center, but that’s almost less impressive.)

Hekan works at Equestrian Excellence in Melbourne, Australia.

He helps his daddy run the place.

He’ll hold horses once they are saddled.

He also takes them for walks.

He’ll even play fetch (fetching items that his owner needs on the job, that is).

Steve Jeffreys says that the dog is basically his secretary… and we can see why.

(H/T BuzzFeed) Steve and Sandy Jeffreys run the center. They are both accredited NCAS riding coaches, teaching all levels of riders. The couple (and their dog) also provide trained horses and dogs for live shows, movies & commercials. Their customers come for their excellent service… and we could understand if they stayed for their excellent dog. 🙂 Check out their site to get more information.

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