For Some Strange Reason, There’s An Airplane Inside Of This Hotel

In every hotel, there are some mysteries that are…well…best left unsolved. But Redditor yasbo found something inside his hotel that defies all explanation — a room designed to look like the interior of an airplane, complete with first-class seats and compartments to store fake luggage!

And you thought the sounds coming from the next room over were weird…

I looked it up, and Cloud 9 is not a real commercial airline. Not at all. Yet the Cork International Hotel in Ireland keeps a room designed to look like the inside of one of the fictitious airline’s planes.

The plane-themed room is filled with seats that are also massage chairs. For your entertainment, they always have a movie going.

It is eerily detailed.

There are even overhead compartments.

You can pretend to adjust the air on the fake console above, or even have an oxygen mask dropped on you!

I wonder what the view is like.

Why? Just…why?

A few Redditors believe that an airline may use it as a training facility for flight attendants, but this isn’t actually true. The Cork International Hotel says that the space is merely an airplane-themed room designed for businessmen to “relax.” Because what’s more relaxing after a long flight than tricking yourself into thinking that you’re still on an airplane?

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Here Are All Of The Things You Can Get From Hotels (If You Know How To Ask)

If you’re planning a vacation, it’s important to pack everything you’ll need. It is paramount that you do not forget certain things, because without your essentials, the entire trip could be ruined.

As it turns out, however, hotels can help out on that front. Next time you forget something when you go on vacation, pay the front desk a visit. They may very well have what you need.

1. Nightlights

If you’re scared of the dark, or if you just want to be able to find your way around at night, most hotels can provide you with a nightlight.

2. Kindles

If you like reading, some fancier hotels offer complimentary Kindle readers for you to use during your stay.

3. Extension cords

Some hotels have extension cords on hand if you need a little bit more power.

4. GoPro rentals

Guests at some Marriott hotels are able to rent GoPro cameras so that they can share their travel experiences with the world.

5. Sewing kits

You can sew that button back on at your hotel, because most places have more than a few sewing kits on hand.

6. Yoga mats

Need to get your sun salutations on? Some hotel chains will even hook you up with a yoga mat.

7. Pillows

Think the pillows in your room aren’t up to snuff? You can ask the hotel for different ones and find the pillow that’s comfiest for you.

8. Hair tools

Several hotels have curling and straightening irons on hand if you forget to bring yours, so don’t fret. Your hair will be looking fabulous in no time!

9. Rental cars

Some hotels offer FREE car rentals. That’s right, FREE. This is usually only offered at upper-echelon hotels, but it can’t hurt to ask if your hotel does it, too.

10. Kid’s entertainment

If you didn’t bring toys for your kids to play with, fear not! Most hotels have crayons or spare toys on the premises.

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11. Nail polish remover

If you start to hate your nail color while you’re on vacation, just ask the hotel for some complimentary nail polish remover.

12. Plastic travel bags

These little baggies are perfect for organizing your toiletries, especially if you’re flying.

13. Phone chargers

If you forgot your all-important phone charger, hotels often have extras on hand.

14. Toothpaste and mouthwash

You wouldn’t want to have smelly breath on vacation, right? Well, most hotels can provide you with toothpaste and mouthwash.

(via Business Insider)

Next time you’re at a hotel, take advantage of these sweet deals! You could be rolling around in a Porsche with curly hair and awesome breath in no time.

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They Could’ve Just Scrapped This Old Truck. Wait Til You See What They Did With It Instead… Whoa.

If you’re sick of staying at Marriotts and Hiltons, then look no further, this hotel is for you (if you’re in Scotland). The Beer Moth Hotel is located at the Inshriach House in Aviemore. This unique hotel was built inside of something… strange. Walter, its creator, acquired a 1956 Commer Q4 from the Manston Fire Museum in Kent. He transported it back to Inshriach House and did what any skilled renovater would do. He converted it into a hotel.

On the Inshriach House Estate in Aviemore, Scotland, there is a hotel that’s constantly at capacity. No, it’s not filled with celebrities… it just has room for two people.

The Beer Moth is a unique hotel, a converted vintage 1956 Commer Q4 fire truck with modified features.

Inside, there is a Victorian double bed, a cottage door, and a parquet floor and other unique additions.

The adventurous who want to explore the Scottish countryside can rent this room. Pets are welcome (as they would probably just be outside anyway).

Because of the nature of this adventurous room, no children are allowed.

Source: Canopy and Stars If you’re interested in learning more about this quirky fire truck hotel, click here. If you don’t happen to be traveling or living in Scotland, just let the Beer Moth be inspiration for you in the future. I have an old Ford Pinto out back that my neighbors sometime sleep in. Maybe I can call it a hotel and start charging for it.

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