Brilliant Ideas For Using Completely Normal Items In Unique Ways

Take a look around the room you’re sitting in right now. Odds are, the things that surround you have countless uses you had no idea about.

Take that rubber band…it’s great at holding things together, but it can also prevent your kids from slamming doors. Or your shower cap. It keeps your hair dry but it’s good for so much more.

Here are just a few of the things you have in your home that can work overtime if you just let them.

1. Keep those empty egg cartons and store fragile items like Christmas ornaments in them.

2. You can also use them as seed starters. They’re biodegradable and can therefore be planted!

3. Toothpaste isn’t just for cleaning your teeth!

4. It also makes your diamonds and fine silver sparkle.

5. Got a jar that you just can’t open? Grab a spoon!

6. You can also seriously reduce under-eye bags by freezing a spoon and gently rubbing it like so.

7. Keep all those tiny bathroom tools in one place by mounting a magnet on your wall.

8. Never break a nail again when you have to remove a battery from a snug spot — just grab a magnet.

9. Bring disposable shower caps home from hotels and reuse them by wrapping them around shoes when you pack them in your suitcase.

10. No piping bag? No problem…just grab one of those unused shower caps!

11. Command hooks aren’t just good for hanging photos. Use them to store baking utensils.

12. Keep pot lids orderly by mounting them via hooks on your cupboard doors.

13. Use a rubber band to give yourself a French manicure.

14. Stop taking your eyes off the road to look at your GPS when you use rubber bands.

15. Crumple up some tinfoil and use it as a scrubber for extra-dirty pots and pans.

16. Sharpen your scissors with a couple cuts through aluminum foil.

Now that you’ve seen a second (and third) side to some of the things lying around your house, just imagine the possibilities of all those other items!

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It Looks Like A Normal Hill On The Countryside, But Look Around And You’ll See The Truth

If you’re a fan of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, you’ll be interested to know that some of the things from the books are actually real. Okay…sorcery and elven magic sadly still don’t exist, but one aspect of the books really is coming to life.

Green Magic Homes is a company that’s looking to make homes reminiscent of the Hobbit holes that are in the books and movies. They’re built into the sides of rolling hills, and they’re absolutely amazing.

If you fantasize about living in the Shire, now you can.

They’re beautiful and offer magnificent views of the countryside. They’re also eco-friendly, which is always a plus.

Not only are they gorgeous on the outside, but they’re awesomely cozy on the inside.

Check out how amazing this living room is!

Their designs range from simplistic and small…

…to a bit larger and more sophisticated.

And some are incredibly elaborate.

(via Distractify)

If you want one of these homes, you can head over to their website for a pricing guide, and also to have a look at some of the designs they have to offer. Looks to me like this would be an awesome investment!

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An Internet Millionaire Listed His House For Sale. But Wait Til You See This ONE Special Room…

In a state like Florida, it’s not uncommon to come across gigantic mansions with every amenity available (and then some). However, in the middle of Boca Raton, Florida, there is a $35 million mansion for sale that has a little extra something inside. It is a sprawling, 8 bedroom house complete with a pool and multiple entertainment rooms… Oh, and also an exact replica of the bridge of the Starship Enterprise from Star Trek. The current owner, Marc Bell, is a tech entrepreneur and huge Star Trek fan.

The enormous, $35 million home is absolutely beautiful.

Daily Mail

Because of its size, it would probably be difficult to sell no matter what.

Daily Mail

Although anyone could see the appeal of the clear pool…

Daily Mail

And basketball court…

Daily Mail

But, convincing people to buy a million dollar model of the ship on Star Trek is another thing.

Daily Mail

The televisions in this entertainment room are set up to look like monitors on the bridge, plus there are sound effects from the show.

Daily Mail

A starry night sky is replicated in some of the rooms… but that isn’t the only thing that makes the house unique.

Daily Mail

Marc also put in a Call of Duty themed gaming room.

Daily Mail

And also an arcade set up with pinball machines…

Daily Mail

Not to mention almost any other arcade game you could think of.

Daily Mail

Marc Bell built an awesome mansion, but we’re not sure just how many people could love a place like this.

Daily Mail

Not to mention the $35 million price tag is the highest listing his neighborhood has ever seen.

Daily Mail

It is a lavish, wonderful home, though.

Daily Mail

It would hard to be bored in this thing.

Daily Mail

Even a few of the bedrooms are themed, like this pirate ship one.

Daily Mail

Source: Daily Mail The home is being sold by Douglas Elliman Real Estate. If you have spare millions lying around and really love Star Trek, this could be the house for you! Even if it’s not, share it with others, because WOW.

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A Guy Found A Hidden Crawlspace In His House. What Was In It Is Either A Cruel Joke.. Or Horrifying.

When Reddit user lmbrjack posted that he found a hidden crawl space in his attic leading to a locked door, the Internet braced itself for massive disappointment. In the past year or two, when people find locked safes or rooms, they seem to either never get into them or deliver a colossal let down when they finally open it. There’s rarely a gazillion dollars or Jimmy Hoffa inside, unfortunately. But lmbrjack delivered. And not only did he do so quickly, but it actually wasn’t a letdown. Well, mostly not anyway.

After moving in just 2 weeks ago, they wondered what this was. They assumed it was nothing but decided to investigate.

For an area meant to just store a hot water heater, it’s surprisingly nice, carpet included.

If you follow it back, there’s a black painted door.

With, of course, a lock on it. Fortunately, lmbrjack wasn’t about to go to sleep not knowing what was in there.

Once inside, the first thing he saw was a big black sentry safe.

Another view of the safe.

The walls, floor and ceiling are covered in soundproofing board and plastic tarp, all white. There are 3-4 outlets in the room with a small raised area the size of a single bed. Strange for a crawlspace.

Oh look, a random briefcase.

Inside: Old wooden box, jewelry box, envelopes with paper money of various countries and origins, 4 1 oz silver ingots.

Now it starts to get a little weird. Inside the sentry safe are some tapes.

“No, no, no, no” … that can’t be good.

6 Tapes in total, labeled I ’94, II ’95, III ’95, IV ’95, V, and one unlabeled.

“Save Yourself” in dripping ink. WHAT? That’s enough for me to get out of there.

As of this post, he’s yet to watch the tapes because he doesn’t have anything that can play VHSC tapes. According to lmbrjack, he’s working on that and will update soon. A lot of people think this is an elaborate hoax. The uploader, so far, is swearing it’s all real. Another user even came forward and said he recognizes the house and knows the previous owners. He claimed it was an attempt to grow mushrooms in the crawlspace and maybe he left some strange things up there. In response to the claims of “HOAX!” the owner of the house said: “I admit it is weird, yes I am a little spooked to sleep in my own home even though I probably only found some home movies and a joke in a failed grow room. I just wanted to share what I would find in this weird place in my crawl space and I knew anything I posted would be scrutinized. If I found a crate of solid gold even it’d be yelled fake. I’m not anything but a 22 year old Illinois suburb dwelling guy who likes working with metal in his backyard forge, playing PC games and making music.” I, for one, will be waiting to see what’s on those tapes. He should be updating that within the next day or two. Share this article with others below…. and investigate all of your hidden crawlspaces.

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