What They Just Discovered In The Harvard Library Will Make Your Skin Crawl. Seriously, OMG.

Recently, three strange books were discovered hidden within Harvard’s enormous library. The tomes covered the topics of Roman poetry, French philosophy  and a treatise on medieval Spanish law. But that wasn’t the weird part. The weird part is that the books give off a distinctly creepy vibe. They’re covered in thin, crackling leather. It’s a shiny material that looks familiar and strange at the same time. When researchers discovered what material the books were bound in, they probably had to sleep with the lights on for a few nights.

The strange, leathery covers of the books already had an air of creepiness to them.

But it wasn’t until they were more closely inspected that researchers realized they were bound in human flesh… locking in the creepy factor.

Anthropodermic bibliopegy, using human skin to bind books, was once a fairly common practice.

In the 17th century, professionals would make use of the flesh of cadavers they used in their research.

The books made out of flayed skin garnered so much attention, the university had them tested for authenticity. It seems one of the books was just a horrifying hybrid of animal skins… but the others were legitimately human. Source: Road Trippers If we have learned anything from various horror movies over the years, anyone handling the human skin books should probably avoid reading from them (especially if there is strange Latin inside). When movie characters do that, they tend to summon evil spirits. Or at least sound really, really silly.

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