What One Guy Is Doing To Money Is Technically Illegal, But I LOVE IT.

Don’t lie, we’ve all doodled on money before even though we’re not supposed to. However, those doodles pale in comparison to the money art created by James Charles.

In his latest series American Iconomics, Charles’ canvass is real U.S. money where he transforms the historical figures on our money into pop culture icons. His work is seriously creative, just wait until you see #17.

I’d love to actually have a $5 bill like that. 

1.) Jimi Hendrix.

2.) Yoda from Star Wars.

3.) Pinhead from the Hellraiser movies.

4.) Hugh Heffner.

5.) Johnny Cash.

6.) Old Captain America.

7.) Justin Bieber.

8.) Bob Ross.

9.) Clint Eastwood.

10.) Colonel Sanders.

11.) The four members of the rock band Kiss.

12.) Ronald McDonald.

13.) Face Hugger from the movie Alien.

14.) Vincent Van Gogh.

15.) Andy Warhol.

16.) Dog the Bounty Hunter.

17.) Spock from Star Trek.

18.) Princess Leia from Star Wars.

19.) Regan MacNeil from the Exorcist.

20.) Jules Winnfield from the movie Pulp Fiction.

21.) Sarah Palin.

22.) Mad Magazine.

23.) Mr. T.

24.) Albert Einstein.

25.) Willy Wonka.

26.) Salvador Dali.

27.) The Scare Crow from The Wizard Of Oz.

(Via: The Roosevelts)

If this currency was actually real, I’d never spend any of it. They’re all too awesome! Check out more from James Charles’ American Iconomics series here

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Worst Lawyer In The World Fakes Photos With Celebs In Publicity Attempt.

It’s not difficult to bump into a celebrity in Los Angeles, California. It’s the home of so many actors, musicians and otherwise famous faces that you can take a vacation there and see at least one of them while strolling along the streets.

But that’s not exactly the case for this L.A.-based lawyer. Svitlana Sangary apparently got tired of waiting around for a celebrity to need her services, or y’know just hang out, so she used Photoshop to at least make it seem like she had an A-list clientele. 

Images of Sangary with over 50 celebrities have been published on her official website. They’re all very small and feature varying levels of Photoshop skill.

L.A. courts have requested she remove the doctored photos and recommend a six-month suspension and three years of probation for the deceptive advertising.

Acting as her own counsel throughout the proceedings, she has yet to actually show up to court.

Instead she submitted written rebuttals to the charges, including an email from President Obama requesting a $3 donation to his campaign as proof of their acquaintance. Her writing also includes lengthy essays about Wikipedia, lemonade, her apparently blind mother in the Ukraine and the film Black Swan.

(H/T: Elite Daily.)

Unsurprisingly, the court was not convinced by her defense. She now has 30 days to appeal their ruling before her case it brought to the California Supreme Court. 

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