Much hyped Katie Holmes SYTYCD 100th Episode Performance Fails to Impress

Was it just us or the Katie Holmes supposed tribute to Judy Garland on the 100th episode special of So You Think You Can Dance was a bit of a let down?

First of all, Katie Holmes’ guest appearance has been the talk of Cat Deeley and Nigel Lythgoe for weeks; and the media was picking it up. They made us think that Mrs. Tom Cruise was actually going to perform LIVE on stage of the So You Think You Can Dance studio. Instead, the performance was pre-taped. It was a Broadway tribute and Broadway is live theater. Worse Katie was lip syncing her own voice!

It was a marvelous routine choreographed by Tyce Diorio and Katie Holmes voice singing “Get Happy” was… nice. Katie Holmes is a sophisticated and talented actress. She’s grown much since her “Dawson’s Creek” days. She was well received in her Broadway debut via the revival of Arthur Miller play “All My Sons,” late last year. She also did a similar feel of tonight’s performance on ABC’s dramedy series “Eli Stone” where she was on this big musical number. She was singing and dancing in a dream sequence and as far as we can remember, she wasn’t lip syncing there.

In the SYTYCD number, she was dressed in all black coat and black nylon stockings with a black hat in very high heels. If there was anything to her performance, she was sexy in black. Our problem was it was taped so the theater live feel to it is lost and half way we were already bored with it. It would have made a huge impact had they did the first part -where she was getting off from the car- on tape and as she was walking away, gets into the studio live with all of the male dancers and actually perform the piece in the flesh with the audience. Even if she lip syncs, there would have been more connection with her than just watching a taped acting. The main dance didn’t have any props outside of the table that needed it to be taped. The dance could have been performed best in front of a live audience being a Broadway dance.

With that said, we were left a tad underwhelmed and disenthralled. Her dancing felt safe. There were no fireworks. It didn’t do anything for us. Katie made no connection with the audience and weren’t on our feet jumping. We were just happy it was over. Next…


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SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE Celebrates 100 Episodes; July 23rd Katie Holmes performs!


UPDATE: Katie Holmes did show she can dance (and sing) but it left us… underwhelmed. Watch the video here and see if you feel the same.

Katie Holmes performs on the milestone 100th episode of SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE! Tune in as Holmes sings and dances in an homage to Judy Garland on behalf of the Dizzy Feet Foundation. Also, don’t miss surprise guests from past seasons as they perform some of your favorite dance numbers from the last 100 episodes on this very special DANCE celebration!

Mark the date, July 23, 2009 | Thursday, July 23 at 9/8c