5/19 American Idol 8 Finale, Who Will it Be? Kris Allen Shows His Metal

“The Acoustic Rocker vs the Glam Rocker. Conway vs California, The guy next door vs the guy liner.” Kris Allen vs Adam Lambert.

This week was rather surprising for us. Kris did an excellent job on his first two songs, especially his first, to make it at least seem to be a horse race.

1 Adam Lambert – Personal Favorite- “Mad World” by Tears for Fears

By the luck of the drraw, Adam had to go first, which did give Kris an advantage. Adam started off with “Mad World” which we could imagine being a huge hit right here, right now. His falsetto was flawless, but what strikes most about Adam is how effortless it all is for him. His range is super-human, his screams from the planet Krypton and his creativity from Mozart.

2 Kris Allen – Personal Favorite- “Ain’t No Sunshine” by Bill Withers

Could Kris follow? Kris followed with an incredible rendering of “Ain’t No Sunshine”. We didn’t think we would be impressed, and we were wrong. This was an excellent and creative version of the song and Kris could do this as a hit as well. This was a performance with the piano, and we believe it is the instrument that clearly gave Kris an advantage no one else had, because he is actually quite talented as a musician as well, not just a vocalist, and it clearly adds to his appeal.

3 Adam Lambert – Producer Simon Fuller’s Choice – “A Change is Gonna Come” by Patti LaBelle and Sam Cooke

The producer picked the next song for the contestants. Adam did “A Change is Gonna Come”, and wowed us again. What was most amazing is we feel the choices for both artists were second rate. Perhaps that is just us, but we don’t think so. Still, Adam made us love it, which as we said before, it doesn’t matter what song it is for the truly talented, and Adam is miraculously talented.

4 Kris Allen – Producer Simon Fuller’s Choice – “What’s Goin’ On” by Marvin Gaye

Kris followed with“What’s Goin’ On” on his guitar. Again, it was not a great choice, but what is key here, and something always missed when the judges judge, is he didn’t choose it. Yet he was criticized for its not being the right song. Geesh, guys, get real. At any rate, Randy and Simon did a poor critique of the song and were negative on it, which was ashame, because Kris did a commendable job of keeping in the competition, but the judges ended any chance he had with their comments.

5 Adam Lambert – Original Winner’s Song – “No Boundaries” by Kara Dio Guardi

Finally, both artists sang a new song written by Kara. It was written as a canned hit song to be done by any artist, and Kara is excellent at that. The tune has melody and is very catchy. But the song is different from the others. It has not been performed before to an audience. It wasn’t a hit last week and the artists do not get a chance to see what worked before. It is new. Here is where Adam truly separated himself from anyone we have seen. He took the new song and made it a smash hit. A song we had never heard and we loved it.

6 Kris Allen – Original Winner’s Song – “No Boundaries” by Kara Dio Guardi

Kris took the song and decided to sing it sans instruments. We think he should have stayed on the piano. It is just the artist we see him as being. Kris had no idea where to go with the melody. He started off incredibly pitchy and by the time he got to the end was an octave too high for his vocal. While he did a commendable job, it was just enough for the boy scout merit badge. It wasn’t a smash.

So, there you have it. We said before that unless Adam got laryngitis or died this past week, this year was his. Adam is the best and most diverse talent we have seen on this show. When we first discovered how good he was, we captioned our article, “The Scream Is Back”. His scream is effortless and is on par with the greats of rock like Robert Plant and Roger Daltry. There is no song he cannot do and do well. His falsetto is flawless and never off key. His range is beyond anyone we have ever seen, including the women performers. We believe if there were a contest for the best American Idol, Adam would win easily. And so Kris never had a chance. But then, neither did Danny. There were bad calls along the way, but Adam is untouchable, and if the audience did not vote for him, it would be a travesty.


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Profile Spotlight on Lil Rounds, American Idol Season 8 Finalist


Favorite Quote:

“If I can help somebody with a word or a song then my life shall not be in vain.”

Favorite Male Artists:

Anthony Hamilton

Favorite Female Artists:

Alicia Keys


Lil Rounds is a buxom 23 year old beauty from Memphis, Tennessee that can belt out soul and blues with some of the best ever to grace Idol’s stage. She has a heart-warming smile and a presence on stage that makes her a real contender for the prize this year.

Lil Rounds is actually her real name. Lil is short for Lillian, but she is anything but short on talent. The name is perfect for a performer. Idol judge Kara DioGuardi agrees. “What a great name, Lil Rounds.” she said . Lil has burst onto the scene as a powerful new talent as one of the top 13 finalists on FOX’s “American Idol 8.”

Lil auditioned in Kansas City, Missouri. She sang “All I Do” by Stevie Wonder for her audition, and received a strong endorsement from all four judges to put her through to Hollywood.

Randy Jackson said she is a mix of Fantasia Barrino and Mary J. Blige. We think she is unique and more appealing than either..

The show’s four judges seemed most in agreement about Rounds’ talent when she sang Mary J. Blige’s “Be Without You.” Their praise and her superb performance demonstrated that she is not going home any time soon.


Lil began singing when she was 3 years old. She is a customer service representative and lives in Memphis, Tennessee with her husband and three children. Until now, she hasn’t ventured far from the nest.

Having 3 children is a major challenge, but that hasn’t presented a problem for Lil because of the support offered by her family in the pursuit of her dream. “Throughout my journey… my family has been so supportive… if it was not for them, I would not be here right now”.

Here’s a Lil Rounds fansite on the web.

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