USA Misty May-Treanor/Kerri Walsh Olympic Beach Volleyball, Gold Over #1 Chinese

UPDATED: 21 August 2008

The US has not lost a match, or a set, in 107 straight matches.  No one can even fathom that number.  It is like trying to understand the Universe.  Billions of Stars, Hundreds of Billions of planets in our own Galaxy, hundreds of millions of life years away.  And we drive 70 miles an hour on the freeway and get speeding tickets.  Now add to that that these ladies are 460-18 since 2004.  We are talking astronomical numbers.

These women have accomplished something nearly as difficult to realize.  All the best teams in the world, from every country, out of 6 billion people, every combination of 2 women that are above average to excellent in beach volleyball in the world have tried to beat these beautiful ladies.   And you know what?  They can’t.

Misty says, “I am good, Kerri is good, but together we are GOLDEN!!”  Misty understands the primary definition of the word “team”.  It has a selfishness and pride in each other that is required to win.  It is like a successful marriage where the partners understand that they are a team and it is them against the world.  When you cannot take pride in your partner’s victories, when you start thinking of yourself above the team, you lose!

This article will be long.  The reason?  This match deserves strong coverage.  It deserves nearly a point-by-point call of each event.  We will also provide a video, but please, read the emotion this game sparked.  Our hearts were in our throats through every point.  Our effort went into every word.  And these spectacular champions are as much in every emotion we express in our words as can possibly be reflected from watching this game.

The first set, in the monsoon rains, was difficult.  Blocking was the most difficult aspect, because blocking a slippery ball is much harder than blocking a dry ball.  The wet ball does not stick to the arms, it slides through.  And that made Kerri’s job that much more difficult.  Misty will block on occasion, but blocking is Kerri’s specialty, so this had to be Misty’s match.

Misty’s mother died recently and she has spread her mother’s ashes throughout the world into the sands of her games.  She has also added a tattoo to her shoulder in honor of her mother.  Misty has undying love and commitment.  The reason she cannot be beaten is because there is no one and nothing that can beat her.  Sounds like the same thing, but it isn’t.  Think about it.

Kerri/Walsh were scary in the first set.

In the second set, they took an early lead 3-0.  But this Chinese team was tough. There was never any doubt that anything less than a 20-0 lead was over with Tian/Wang.

Sure enough, bit by bit, the Chinese tenacious play had come back to even.  How could it be?  Could Kerri and Misty be wearing down.  Certainly, it could happen.  These Chinese are butch and strong.  And they are mutants.  The tallest player is only ½ inch shorter than Kerri.  So this isn’t a matter of height.  It is a matter of talent.

It seemed like May-Treanor-Walsh had a chance to win easily by spreading the lead to 6-3.  But we already told you, these Chinese Girls have beaten the US team before.  And they have the sense of searching for blood.  They also have some tricks, but we will point that out later.

One thing you constantly notice about Kerri and Misty is how much they appreciate each other in the matches.  They can get completely outmatched and embarrassed on a point, and still, they stand up, brush themselves off, and greet each other, even on the lost point for their incredible effort.  They recognize that every point is difficult, and as a team, they earn everything, even the misses.

It is hard to understand congratulating someone for a point lost.  But it is all in the knowledge that both you and your partner did your very best to not let it be a point for the other side.  Neither of you let the other down.  It was just a point.  It happens.  That makes a team, and in this case the best Olympic Beach Volleyball team in history.

The Asians needed a timeout.   So Tian tends to fake injury.  At this juncture, down 2, the Chinese needed to slow the momentum.   This has been played before.  It is cheap, and has never been played by the greats, but it does get played by the losers.  It sometimes works to deflect the true winners momentum, but in reality, it is a cheap tactic.  The Chinese had used a similar tactic in …

In the last set, May-Treanor leads 18-17.  Tian has this forward spin to take serves. Misty bounces it up.  Kerri spike, but the Chinese do not go down easy.  And in the next volley, Misty cannot get the spike off and Tian gets off a mean block feeding it back in Misty’s face.

At Set Point 20-18, Misty Served.  The Chinese team makes a weak return and Misty returns it for an easy placement shot in the middle of the sand.

Kerri was the most valuable player in 2004.  This year it was Misty.  An that shows something that all teams should take notice of.  That is what a team is.  Both are great.  108 matches without a defeat!!

Gold America.

FIRST POST, 21 August 2008, 2:00am

Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh beat the #1 ranked Chinese team for Gold!!!  Not just Gold, their second consecutive Olympic Gold!!! The first women’s team to ever get back-to-back Golds in the Olympics.

These ladies had to play in a torrential downpour against a very strong Chinese team and won their 108th match in a row.  Think about that number.  Olympic Gold is difficult, downright near impossible, but winning 108 matches in a row in World and Olympic competition?  That is insane!!!!!!

We will be back with a video and a complete play by play.  We will not let you, our readers down, on this.  Please come back.  You WILL get the absolute best coverage of this historical and super human event!!!

Misty, we love you!!  Kerri, we adore you!!  Just being on the same sand is an honor to any team.
GO USA!!!  GO USA!!!  GO USA!!!


Second Set: First part

For the WIN!! Second Set, Last Part

There Is No Gold In The Brazilian Flag, Misty May Treanor and Kerri Walsh Prove It In Women’s Beach Volleyball Slaughter

Misty May Treanor and Kerri Walsh were in the final round against Talita Antunes and Renata Ribeiro of Brazil.  Any loss here, and despite their undefeated record, either team could only Bronze.  No chance at Gold or Silver.  One loss and the chance at Gold in the finals for the losing team was gone.

Misty and Kerri jumped out to a huge 9-3 lead over their rivals.  Misty and Kerri were angry, and they were taking it out on the girls from Brazil.  66 minutes before start time for the game, the Brazilians pulled rank and kicked the US team off the number one Warm Up Court.  Misty and Kerri moved on silently, but now they were showing the Brazilians why they didn’t mind.  The Americans were making the Brazilian team look like little more than a warm up for Gold in the real game.

There is getting angry and there is getting even.  At 11-5, already a score where Brazil should be thinking Bronze would better match their hair colors than gold anyway, there was a classic US Point.  Walsh missed a block on a touch shot by Brazil.  Misty made a super-human dive to scoop the ball up.  Walsh took the opportunity to set it up for Misty and she killed it.  12-5.

At 13-6, Walsh had Green and Yellow for lunch, stuffing it back in the Brazilians’ faces, and taking it to 14-6.  There is no Gold in the Brazilian flag, it is yellow, and that wasn’t going to change if it was up to Misty and Kerri today.  Would you like the number one practice court girls?  Anytime.

Set Misty, Smash Kerri, 15-6.  You do NOT want to get these gals hot!  The Brazilians were undefeated coming into this match.  They got cocky.  Now there was no hope for them.  Bear in mind Misty is playing sick with a cold and fever, and she is still making the Brazilians look like beginners.

Walsh made a shot that should have been an easy return for the Brazilians, but they were so shaken up, they tapped it in the air and watched it land in the sand.  Another Misty Smash, you have to love this woman’s heart, 18-7.  If we were the Brazilian ladies, we would have forfeited the first set right then and there and started from scratch.

After a long rally that went to Brazil, the Green and Yellow took 3 points running.  But you don’t come back on Misty and Kerri from 11 points down.  20-11, set point on a Walsh smash.  Whoops.  Walsh served into the net?  Oh well, it was only one set point lost and Misty killed it for a 21-12 humiliation of Green and Yellow in the first set.

The Brazilians came out stronger in the second set, keeping it close.  Misty and Kerry were up 7-6, but then, Walsh came up with an Olympic quality crushing smash.  8-6.

The Brazilians showed they have some fight and came back to 10-10, but it was on a questionable call where the referee said Walsh did not have enough velocity on the ball to call it a hit.  Huh?  It isn’t like the Kerri caught the ball!!  No matter.

Misty and Kerri responded with two fast points.  12-10.  The Brazilians were chasing Misty and Kerri for the rest of the match.  14-12, 15-12, Stuff Misty, 16-12, Brazil out, 17-12, Brazil out again, 18-12.  We have to comment on the next series.  Misty served at 18-12, and Talita made a spectacular smash right at Misty who sent in the air.  It was all Kerri could do to get it up and over the net giving the Brazilians another chance for a kill!  Talita spikes again, and Misty will not let it hit sand, barely getting it in the air.  Walsh jumps in setting up the spike, and Misty, leaps out of the sand, from her knees, jumps and spikes a winner.  19-12.  Brazilians have no hope.  You do not come back against Misty and Kerry down 19-12.  Stuff Walsh 20-12.  Match Point.

Set Match US 21-12, 21-14.  Just wanted to let Talita and Renata know, they can have whatever court they want to practice on…for the Bronze.

US Women’s Beach Volleyball Gold Champs May-Treanor/Walsh Waffled by Belgians? Gibb/Rosenthal Play: A Horror Show

Going into this match, Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh had won 104 straight matches.  Staggering.  But that was about to be challenged.

May-Treanor/Walsh were to play Belgians Mouha and Van Breedam.  The Belgians are big girls.  Mouha weighs in at 195 pounds and is 6’4″ tall, and may qualify for an NFL Linebacker position after the Olympics.

This wasn’t to be the May-Treanor/Walsh Waltz this time.  These big gals from Belgium showed the skinny Americans that bringing a little beef to the party can be welcome when it comes time to cook.

Mouha/Van Breedam kept the match close and then opened up a 3 point lead at 15-12.  Then, the unthinkable, 16-12 on a block by Mouha.  The US gals have not had to face a blocker as big as Mouha.  Shoot, there are no blockers as big as Mouha!!

The play started getting more intense as the teams traded points and the Belgians worked to a 19-17 lead. May-Treanor/Walsh were clearly in trouble, and Van Breedam made an impossible save and then placed a mean cut shot from right to left across the net and left the Americans bewildered.  20-17 Triple-Set Point Belgium.  Could this be the end of the US Run?

The Belgians had a chance to finish it and Misty pulled the serve out of the sand, but the Americans couldn’t put it away.  Mouha got off a weak spike and the Misty was able to volley it and put it in the sand taking away one set point.  18-20 Double Set Point Belgium.  And Mouha!

Mouha again delivered a weak spike and Misty set it up for Kerri.  But Kerri passed it back to Misty and she took the kill.  19-20.  Set Point Belgium.

There had to be Misty in the Belgians eyes, because the US played a beautiful serve and volley and Misty put it away once again to tie the score.  Belgium had missed 3 chances to take the set.

The Belgians put on a fantastic volley to take the lead 21-20 as Misty went at least 10 feet out of bounds to retrieve one volley, showing that the US Gals still had major heart.  That heart paid off once again.  It was set point Belgium, but they could not deliver and Walsh spiked it past them to bring the score to 21-21.

But it was Mouha’s turn for a kill and it was 22-21.  Set Point Belgium AGAIN and Mouha looked to be striking some fear into the Americans.  Misty wasn’t going to give Mouha the chance, taking a soft touch shot for the line and placing it perfectly to bring the set to 22-22.

A brutal Belgian spike scooped up inches above the sand by Misty sent the ball into the air and all Walsh could do was get it over the net.  The Belgians set up again, and it was looking to be another Belgian Set Point.  But NO, Kerri blocked the shot and the US took the lead for their own set point!!!  Unbeleivable.  Mouha was on her knees and it was like she was looking for the ball in the sand.

The Belgians choked on the next point and the match went to the US team.  This broke the big women’s backs.  24-22, Set 1, US!

We don’t want to play down how well the US played the second set, but they started off with a 5-1 run and never looked back.  Misty and Kerrie went up 20-10 and and finished it with a touch shot by Walsh leaving Mouha face first in the sand.  US 21-10!  The bigger they come, the harder they fall!! Straight Sets again.  That makes it 105 straight Matches without a single loss!!

Gibb/Rosenthal USA Beach Volleyball A Horror Show

The Japanese were working hard, and Gibb and Rosenthal didn’t even look warmed up at 19-12.  The US won a rather uninspiring first set US 21-15.

Japan didn’t let up and kept it close in the second set, but the US still seemed in control.  Then, the Japanese team started a run and were able to pull out the second set 21-19.

The teams played to a 13-13 tie, and now, it was scary.  The first to score two consecutive points would win.  14-13, match point Japan.  14-14.  15-14 match point Japan.  15-15.  Oh my.  Then, it looked like it would be 16-15 Japan, but Gibb pulled off a miraculous block and it was 17-16 match point US.

Was it to be????

16-16.    Back where we started.

Japan blunders!!  A serve out of bounds!!  17-16 US!!  Gibb blocks a weak spike by the Japanese and Gibb takes them out for good.  18-16.

Don’t scare us like that guys!!

Photo credits: Thomas Coex /Joe Clamar / Getty Images / NBC

USA Womens Beach Volleyball Team says NOrWAY!!

May-Treanor/Walsh did it again, embarrassing the Norwegian team.  The ladies once again won in straight sets 21-12, 21-15, finishing off the final set with an ACE!!

This one wasn’t worth covering, except to say the US Team is undefeated after 104 straight matches!!!!  Is that even possible?

American Women’s Beach Volleyball Make 203!!  Impossible?  Believe It!

It is truly pleasurable to watch those among the best in their sport.  It is a different experience altogether watching the best in their sport.

Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh, ranked 2 in this Olympics, played against Dalixia Fernandes and Tamara Larrea of Cuba.  Dalixia and Tamara are among the best in this sport.  Misty May and Kerri are the best.  They entered this match with 202 sets in a row under their bikinis without a single loss!!

The Cubans were beaten in straight sets 21-15, 21-16 in 36 minutes.  Easy.  The Americans made it 203 sets in a ROW without a single defeat!

Photo Credit: Natacha Pisarenko / Associated Press

Beach Volleyball in the Olympics: Treanor/Walsh and Gibb/Rosenthal Win!!

What man doesn’t love women in bikinis!! But here is a chance for everyone in the world to love them. The beach volleyball competition in the Olympics. Japan had to compete against the taller Americans. The Japanese are the specialists in finesse and the Americans the champions in smashes and kills.

It was a close match, because Japan had such incredible athleticism. They played wonderfully, but they had a major disadvantage in any net game. Height matters if you are above the net, and the US ladies were above the net.

We tend not to like sports that offer a height advantage. We like sports with rules that make it equal among athletes regardless of their height. Let’s see how well shorter athletes perform in events where the net is 5 feet tall, but we don’t make Olympic rules. The Japanese are the shortest in this competition at 5’8″ and 5’9″.

Misty May Treanor/Kerri Walsh did beat Kusuhara/Saiki; it was not easy. These ladies could be on their way to gold having won 102 matches in a row AND DEFENDING THEIR GOLD MEDAL!

Gibb/Rosenthal Win Volleyball In Torrential Downpour

It was raining cats and dogs, but that didn’t slow down the Americans as they took the Netherlands team in consecutive sets 21/16 and 21/15.  The Dutch looked like they were just glad to get it over with.

The crowd had thinned considerably, leaving most of the seats in the stadium empty for the game, with only diehard fans staying through the entire match.

The Dutch looked completely helpless against Gibb and Rosenthal as they couldn’t seem to keep the ball within the lines on kills and could not defend kill shots by the Americans.