America’s Got Talent Finale: Chicken catcher Kevin Skinner wins over cancer survivor Barbara Padilla


This is what this show is all about! The unassuming country singer, known as the “chicken catcher’ Kevin Skinner wins over Barbara Padilla, gifted and survivor opera singer. We really liked Kevin’s very first performance. He blew it on his last. That was the Aerosmith “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” version we wouldn’t want to hear again! Over all Barbara Padilla was consistent, flawless and a powerhouse and should have won the competition. She is destined for greater things. She should be just fine.


Kevin Skinner moves on to the Semi-finals. Watch him perform “To Make You Feel My Love”


A Bob Dylan original “To Make You Feel my Love” ; Chicken Catcher Kevin Skinner gives his rendition of the song that’s been covered by so many artists including Garth Brooks and very recently Adele and Kris Allen

Kevin Awaits his fate on this video:

America’s Got Talent Judges start the (mis)judgement in Vegas


… and here we go for the ridiculous hits and misses of America’s Got Talent as the judges deliberated on the fate of 160 acts who made it to Las Vegas. The semi-final round in Hollywood has only 40 spots to fill. What do the judges do? Of course “balance” the acts by intentionally putting through undeserving acts over better performers to make for an ‘interesting’ show. That’s what they think!

As in American Idol and SYTYCD, eliminations in the audition process tend to be done in fast forward. They give names to certain people while most remain just a face on TV and we will never know them. Those who they did name in the initial audition, they dismiss and cut in Vegas without so much as an explanation why. They’re just gone.

Sorry we don’t have a complete listing of all those who made it in tonight’s episode where they picked 20 acts because everything has been a blur…

Here’s who made it:

> 14 yo singer Thia Megia.
> Peter Peterkin, an Obama impersonator. Go figure!
> Acrodunk
> Platt Brothers
> Barbie Rockers
> Haido Torres, we wonder what in his mediocre dancing moves the judges liked?! We’ve seen better in So You Think You Can Dance.

“Billy Elliot” 13 year old Arcadian Broad is in.

Chicken catcher Kevin Skinner and Lawrence Beaman

Kari Callen who was dubbed by viewers as the Susan Boyle of this year’s AGT is eliminated! So is the kid who’s got soul, guitarist Tallan Noble Latz.

This is Callen’s audition video where all three judges gave her a standing ovation and NBC site says: “Kari proves that all you really need is a stage and a dream”

This is going to be a crazy Top 40… Elimination continues.

Chicken Catcher Kevin Skinner Wins America’s Got Talent Auditions!


In our books, the unpretentious, unassuming laid back chicken catcher Kevin Skinner from Kentucky wins America’s Got Talent auditions. They should end the search right now. America has found its talent! Much as we dislike singers auditioning in America’s Got Talent because we think it should be in a different avenue or category and not to be put on the same basket as an Illusionist, magician or juggler- 35 year old, unemployed farmer Kevin Skinner blew us away. Our jaws dropped and almost fell on our seats hearing him sing Garth Brooks.

He is the real deal. The phrasing was perfect. Emotions flowing. We have never seen an honest performance in a long time. It is a rare gift not even seen in huge names in the music industry. Dare we say his audition cover of “If Tomorrow Never Comes” was better than that of Garth Brooks himself?! Enough said. Watch the audition and yes, it’s all right to get chills and be misty-eyed.