What These People Spotted In The Sky Over The Weekend Has Everyone Freaking Out

More often than not, seeing strange lights in the sky fills people with terror. Sure, it might not be a UFO, but seeing bizarre lights isn’t usually a good sign. From what movies tell us, it usually means that something bad is about to happen.

Well, residents in Los Angeles saw a bright light moving through the sky over the weekend. Panic immediately ensued. People started speculating about what it could mean just as quickly as it appeared.

Is this a UFO, a meteor, or something a little more nefarious?

Source: Missile test explosion sparks scare in California by ianhouser on Rumble

Military officials say that it was just an unarmed missile test, and that the whole thing went according to plan. This explanation hasn’t convinced conspiracy theorists, though.

Even celebrities have their reservations! Judging by the look of these tweets, they’re sufficiently freaked out, too.

(via Elite Daily / CNN)

Apparently, the light was from a missile test off of the USS Kentucky, but some people still believe that it was something more malevolent. I can’t say that I blame them. This is exactly how the government would react if they were trying to cover up an alien invasion!

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