Last Comic Standing ‘resurrected’ Premieres June 7

Premieres Monday, June 7 at 8/7c

NBC’s laugh fest “Last Comic Standing” returns for a seventh season with new host Craig Robinson (“The Office”) who will helm the search for the funniest comedian in America.

This season, the Emmy-nominated series joins NBC’s summer lineup on June 9th. As with previous seasons, celebrity talent scouts in Los Angeles and New York will watch performances from aspiring and professional comedians.

In addition to the open casting calls, “Last Comic Standing” will invite some of the best and brightest comics from all over the country to participate in the competition. Then America will vote to decide who will be the “Last Comic Standing” and win a $250,000 prize and an exclusive talent deal with NBC.

RIP Last Comic Standing 2003-2009


After six seasons and 59 episodes, NBC laid to rest its hit or miss reality television series Last Comic Standing. This was a show that showed potential but never really took off. It was just there. Sometimes funny, most of the time corny and dragging. Comedy is hard. Finding great original material is harder. How can it compete with American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance or Dancing With the Stars?

Not sure if this is temporary or if they’re planning a comeback in the near future. For now the show is officially canceled and will not be going back for Season 7. That makes Iliza Shlesinger, the “Last Comic Standing” indeed!

The show was created and produced by Peter Engel. Hosts included Jay Mohr (Seasons 1-3), Anthony Clark (Season 4), Bill Bellamy (Seasons 5-6) and British TV host Fearne Cotton (Season 6)

Ant’s Last Rants and he couldn’t have shown it best through the clips why the show had to end… (bet he didn’t know at the time this was going to be his last episode!)

Season 6 Finale: Iliza Stands Alone, But Was She Funny?

So Iliza wins, and we are scratching our heads trying to figure out what it was she performed in the final competition that actually made anyone laugh.  We didn’t even chuckle.  We have found much funnier material on the wall in a public restroom….along with Iliza’s phone number. Ooops!

Fortunately, there are so many artists this show has access to.  We recommended you watch this finale, because they always bring out their best talent, and it will be the best show of the season.  Let’s DO IT!!!!

And Now For the…SHOW

OK, we expect some filler, and it is almost always at the beginning of the show, so we will not waste your time with the nonsense promotional filler at the start that seemed more like bad opera with confetti.

As we decided to think what could be special about this show, the first thing that struck us was, what would keep people away from the clicker.  Do you know what show was opposite Last Comic?  The season finale of one of the most popular shows on television!!! So You Think You Can Dance!!

So what does Last Comic do to compensate?  They employ a brand new co-host, Fearne Cotton.  Now this proves these guys have a HUGE sense of humor.  This is way, way more than coincidence.  Fearne has an Aussie like accent, blond hair, and a nose that looks like it is broken!!  Wow, who could they be mocking?  Is her first name Cat?  Inquiring minds want to know.

Fearne is actually from England and is primarily popular in her home country.  We believe this is her first job on American TV, and her coincidental Cat-like features are no coincidence.  This is satire at its best.

The show breaks into a super corny segment on Louis who masters the joke toss by throwing a rubber chicken.  Honestly, the commercials that followed were funnier.

Then they do an Olympic cameo on Iliza as well as she misses the horse.  She comments that her hair is best when it smells like grease.  OK, Iliza.  That was funny.  Yawn.

They bring on Joe Mchale.  His first joke?  “I am blacker than Willard?”  Wow.  They then cameo Jim Tavare in the cemetery.  OK.  That is original.  He already made the joke folks, about two weeks ago.

Then they show Sean’s bomb with the Playboy trio.  The comment was that Sean’s first mistake was to not explain to the trio what a book was.  Now, this trio played dumb for the camera, but in our review, we clearly indicated, these gals are just the opposite.  They are beautiful, and they are built like a dream, but they probably have read more books in the past week than Joe McHale has in his lifetime.

Joe reminded us that Iliza has a bod.  First he used a quote from Papa CJ, that she had used up all her best stuff.  Then they showed scene after scene of Iliza in less and less clothing.  If you add black high heeled clogs to the gal, you know how she got started on the Las Vegas strip.

Next was a series of foolish cameos not worth wasting your time.  We won’t.  TGFFF(Thank God for Fast Forward!).

Next was a really stupid set on Jeff Dye as a Comedy Ninja.  Wow.  We have been watching a solid 16 minutes of the show and the only funny stuff was in the commercials.

We began to think we should go into comedy.  A ten year old could write better material than this.  If America is laughing at it, there has to be a market for it.

The remaining cameos were just as idiotic.  So we will not waste your time.

They then reflected on John Reep, who won last year’s competition. He says the amount of exposure “made his life”.  He managed to make a film and it was great, for him.   Certainly it landed him into the occasional comedy show as well.  The audience applauds.  The fact that John won last year exemplifies everything wrong with this show.   He is not funny.  Could we be losing our sense of humor?  There were standard flashes to the audience laughing.  We are guessing someone was tickling them under their chairs.  They say delivery is everything, we are hoping they deliver John somewhere else.  There are so many great comics discovered on this show and we would have loved to see them.  They gave us their worst.

TGFFF. We are now into 30 minutes of a 90 minute show and have not even grinned.

Now, a puppet comes on, a dog that informs the comics that they have the chance to be like other prior comics on the show.  He says that John Heffron, a prior winner, has a new opening line, “Welcome to Burger King, how can I help you?” OK, now we have a puppet making us laugh; sad it is likely the truth.  The puppet exclaims, “This is big, the winner gets a deal with NBC…which means you will have the chance to NOT be seen by America twice”.  Again, a big laugh.  Great job.  Some writing!!

The rest was corny, but this dog puppet should have been awarded the 250K prize.  He was the best we have seen in the show.

Elimination 1

So we go to elimination one.  And the first comic to go down was Louis Ramey.  He really blew it with his racist jokes.  You just can’t get away with that.  He was so great the week before, and he blew it making fun of whites in front of whites.  Our pollsters were right on, selecting Louis as “The worst comic standing“.

They then get the presidential candidates to do a cameo face-off.  Funny stuff.  McCain won!!  And Obama was a close second.  For some reason, no one else was in the competition.

Then introduced Jon Lovitz.  ‘Do you want to live in a world without Halle Berry?’  No, Jon, but a world without you wouldn’t be bad.  He then actually got a funny line out.  He asked if the audience was concerned by Obama’s lack of experience.  He quipped, “OK, I want to be a pilot.  I have had two lessons.  Want to go flying?”  He then tells us that you can’t have a sense of humor and be dumb.  He ought to check with his writers.  Beaten by a dog puppet!!  TGFFF.

Elimination 2

Time for the next elimination.  Jim Tavare.  How stupid can this show get?  You would vote out Jim Tavare and keep Jeff Dye and Marcus after their pathetic performances last week?  OK, now we have to figure the average person that voted hasn’t even seen the show or hasn’t laughed in 15 years, so has no idea what funny is!! Jim Tavare killed it last week.  Home team advantage maybe???  It was the only logical explanation.

In retrospect, this was a clever time for the show to cut out Jim Tavare, because they let the last three remaining comics perform, and if Jim was included, he would have wiped the floor with the remaining 3.  You could tell as Iliza stepped up, the audience was cheering here.  She actually said something funny!!  Oh my.  She said the biggest challenge to young people today is old people.  This in front of one of the hosts that is 73 years old.  Jeff Dye was brilliant when he was asked what he would bring to a desert island.  He said he would bring “Salt Water, coconuts and sand.”  We were speechless, but not because we were laughing.  Clearly, Jeff was preparing for starring on the new show, “I am vastly more stupid than a 5th grader”.

After an hour, a full hour of the championship show, two chuckles.  TGFFF.

Elimination 3

The show finally did something smart.  They killed off Jeff Dye.  Thank heavens!!!

They then had Iliza come on for a set.  The audience loves her.  We have no idea what is funny about her.  She says give it up for Jeff Dye and they flash to the audience laughing.  Are these comedy zombies?  She hasn’t even started her act and these folks are laughing?  “We don’t need more lotion companies, we don’t need more Energy Drink Companies, we don’t need anymore companies…with shirts with the Old English Font”.  There had to be something funny in there somewhere.  Please, someone post us and tell us what it was!!  TGFFF.

OK, time for Marcus to redeem himself from last night.  He mentions that he is the dude that gets on the plane and he is the one that you hope does not sit next to you.  Pretty funny.  The rest of the set said it all, Marcus ran out of material.

And the entire reason for getting Jim Tavare out of here before these sets is we may have actually laughed at something!!!

Winner Announcement

Then the end.  They give the prize to Iliza and we went to bed.  We always hate to laugh before bed, so this was the best show to watch if you have that same problem.

This show was sad.  The winner was all wrong.  But at least they awarded her an SUV!!  With gas prices the way they are, the joke was on her!!

Iliza Shlesinger IS The Season 6 Last Comic Standing!!


Iliza, an audience favorite early on, managed to win the competition. In her first sets, especially her second on the show, we found her quite amusing. Not stellar, but good enough to send home the other comics. It was clear from our polls, and from just having a funny bone, that the true winner of this competition was Jim Tavare. Our polls had him winning by nearly 3-1 over Iliza. He had better sets, was more consistent and more professional.

We did express a concern last week was that Jim could lose the vote to one of the other four because the voters were primarily from America, and might vote in favor of the home team. It is a shame though, because America got beat hands down, and we voted through an act that just was not funny.

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Last Comic Standing Final Performances Poll Update

Our polls went crazy this week-end on Last Comic Standing.

UPDATE: August 5, 2008

The polls are showing Jim Tavare as the clear winner in Last Comic Standing. Iliza is second, but it isn’t close at 45-13. Taking up the rear are Marcus and Louis. Louis I think hit a sour note this past week with his comments on the Amish and Rednecks.

Playing the reverse racism card isn’t going to work on a national audience. It is just racism, no matter which way you play it, and the audience sees through that. So Louis has actually drawn more “Worst Comic Standing” votes than anyone.

Time to learn Louis, racism is racism, no matter how you play the card.

UPDATE: August 4, 2008

The voters all agreed, Jim Tavare killed the competition in “The Hills Have Eyes, The Musical”. He is so far ahead that the polls show no one else stands a chance. The big surprise was the second place went to Jeff Dye. There has to be something in this guy we don’t see. His material needs an overhaul, but if he gets a good writer or a sit com, he could do quite well considering his popularity, which we know cannot be based on any of his performances in this show.

But Jeff is behind 44-8. It isn’t likely he wins.

In another poll, our contributors proved that Amish Jokes weren’t funny and Louis Ramey blew an opportunity last week to be the winner. He got the ranking of “Worst Comic Standing”. What is most interesting about this poll is it confirms the first. Jim Tavare was the only comic that did not get a single vote!!!

Jim Tavare WINS easily according to the polls.

We have also had another wave of votes for SYTYCD. Katee is pulling away, Joshua is a distant second, and it looks like the pollsters agree, Twitch has no prayer. Twitch was the joke last week in his first dance and got voted through. Chelsie paid the price for having him as a partner, but he got voted through. We love Twitch and think him a fantastic raw talent. But he isn’t diverse enough, and when it comes to this show, that is what it is all about.

Season 6, Episode 10: Last Call for Last Comic Standing | Review and Prediction

This year, this contest is inherently unfair. We do not like the sudden jump to the five finalists because a single performance can get you the prize. You could be mediocre for several weeks and survive, and then have your piece de resistance performance and win in the final. Or you could be fantastic week after week, and then have one slightly off day and lose in the final.  (PLEASE VOTE IN OUR POLLS AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS ARTICLE!!)

Well, THIS WAS THE FINAL!! The next show is purely for entertainment purposes, and it will likely be mostly filler to keep you in suspense until they announce who won at the end…but that filler is often killer, with many of the best comics ever on the show, so don’t miss it, because you will likely see the (sorry for the cliché) cream of the crop.

Now for this week’s show…

First, they let all eight comics perform, and then, after each performance, told them if they were eliminated last week or not. Very confusing. You could have loved a comic this week, just to find out he or she was already eliminated last week?

The comics that we felt were at risk of elimination  this week were Jeff Dye, Iliza, Adam Hunter and Ron G. Jeff Dye was absolutely horrible last week. Iliza was well off the mark. And Adam and Ron G were OK, but not in the top group of comics.

Our prize picks were Louis Ramey, Jim Tavare and Sean Cullen.

Let’s start our review of the performances.


Marcus had immunity, so we knew he could not be eliminated. He had such a huge advantage with the pressure off last week, and had the time to write a killer set. His advantage was somewhat negated by having to go first, but we have really liked prior sets he has done, so we figured this one would be his best material. With the winner’s trophy on the line, Marcus blew it. He was OK. He did do a good Pearl Jam impersonation. We will give him a 7 out of 10.

Ron G

Ron G followed, and I would love to follow him if I were a comic. He was horrible. He starts off with a cliché opening (“Make Some Noise”, blah blah blah). He did a moronic impersonation of a tough guy with a retainer. Honestly, did he think this was funny? We kept watching hoping it would get better. It didn’t. None of it was funny, and at the end, we got our wish. Ron G, one of our “at risk” performers was already eliminated last week. Phew. This performance, therefore, does not require a rating.

Jim Tavare

They did a nice set on Jim’s family. He lives in London on the River Temmes with his wife and children and has performed in front of the Queen. He has performed in front of BUSH too.  No, not the President…

As usual, he brought in his bass violin. He started off with “My God, It’s The Hills Have Eyes The Musical”, and already had us laughing after Ron G. bombed. Jim had a great set on par with last week. He is nothing if not consistent. He got a standing O, leaving no doubt he is in this competition to win. He was NOT eliminated last week, and is in the running for number 1. We are once again giving him a 9 out of 10.

Louis Ramey

Louis was killer last week. We were looking for more of the same this week and had great expectations. Did he deliver?

The worst thing that can happen to a comic is to have to follow a great act. Jim Tavare got to follow a horrific performance by Ron G, which made him look hysterical in comparison. Louis would have been better off in any position other than after Jim, because Jim brought it.

He started slow with Amish jokes that were kind of silly to be honest. He tried to play the “US Is the Strongest Country on the planet” card. He let it play just long enough to get the audience to scream a bit, woo hoo, Louis says we are strong, woo hoo!!! Then he makes the comment it is because we have Rednecks and lost us. He was good. 7 out of 10.

Adam Hunter

Adam was another of our “at risk” group. And he had a good night. Some repeat jokes from earlier performances, but you can’t expect all new stuff every day. He made a suggestion for Obama’s slogan for his run for the presidency. “Blacker than Hillary”. Another joke was that having a girlfriend was like having an IPOD with one song. His best was when he told the audience that he and his girlfriend decided to use toys in bed, she bought a vibrator and he bought “Guitar Hero”. He was good in this set, but it didn’t matter, he was eliminated last week, so we will not rate him.

Jeff Dye

Jeff was awful last week. He was the joke of the show. He shouldn’t have been here. It seems he took a risk and saved material for this week. His lead joke was “Why is it that when a girl sleeps with lots of guys, she is a slut, but when a guy does it, he is…homosexual?”. He was fairly good in this set, and somehow, despite his horrifically boring set last week, managed to survive on his looks and made it through to the final five. (RECOUNT!!). His performance ranks 7 out of 10.

Sean Cullen

Sean had a good week last week. We thought he would be in the running, but this week, he was downright awful. He and Ron G must have practiced together. Not one laugh in the set. If he made it into the final five, he would never have won, so it was merciful that he was also eliminated last week.


Iliza took the stage in a bright Red tight blouse accentuating her features. The audience went crazy for her, likely because they are used to seeing her face more on television than anyone else in the group just yet.

She should have worn a lower cut and tighter blouse, because her comedy just didn’t cut it. We will be generous and say 7 out of 10.


So, the result of this week is two of our “at risk” comics were sent packing. Adam Hunter and Ron G. One surprise suitcase was packed. Sean Cullen went home, but after this week’s ridiculously stupid performance, it was merciful.

It was kind of sad for Adam.  He had a bad week last week, and was great this week, but his performance this week didn’t count because he had already been eliminated.  We believe his material was good enough this week to have been in the running, but the new “sudden death” system had already eliminated him.

We weren’t totally surprised that Jeff Dye survived. He is cute, but his performance last week was awful.

We will list the top five in the reverse order of the score we gave them. Ties are alphabetical. Oh shoot, 4 out of 5 are tied!!! Time for

Iliza – 7 out of 10

Jeff Dye – 7 out of 10

Louis – 7 out of 10

Marcus – 7 out of 10

That ultimately leaves our winner… Jim Tavare!!!! 9 OUT OF 10!! It wasn’t close. He was clearly the best of the night.

We feel badly for Louis. He killed it last week and tonight was not all that special. That is how the competition goes though, if you blow through your best material to make the finals, you may not have enough gas left to win. Louis is great, but he should dump the Amish Set. Last week was much better.

There you have it. We are calling Jim Tavare the hands down winner of Last Comic. The only reason he could lose is because he is British and the bulk of the voters will be from the US. But we are hoping America isn’t that self centered and knows when they’ve been beat.

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Season 6, Episode 9: Last Comic Standing Recap and Prediction

Tonight’s “Last Comic Standing” was a huge improvement over last week. They brought the bulk of the comics to the audience for voting, like we hoped they would in our last article, and it was a great show!!

It started off with the comics discussing Iliza. It was obvious that if they were on the way to the cemetery again, they would not vote for her. As one comic put it, if she got into the showdown again and won, this would become a story about her instead of a competition.

But they had nothing to fear, because the change was on. Tonight there would be no cemetery. Tonight, everyone was fair game. Tonight, it would be up to the TV audience; a fair challenge to see who was best. Our kind of show!!

To get “immunity”, the comics were first challenged to bring laughter to a select group. In case you don’t know what “immunity” is, it means that the person that gets “immunity” does not have to compete that week and cannot be eliminated.

The first challenge was rather dumb and a waste of time. The cast went to a Sushi bar and did some comedy while cooking for Lady Body Builders, Deal or no Deal (a set of hot women, now isn’t that unfair to Iliza?), the frat boys of Sigma Chi (I think that is right) and a bunch of midgets.

This was boring and seemed to serve no purpose.There was no voting, and it appeared to just be filler. They had to make the show run two hours, and well, our best guess is that they ran out of material and used this to burn time. Yawn. No one was spectacular and this part of the show was totally forgettable. In fact, you can delete this paragraph.

But the next stop was interesting. The comics were loaded on the bus and carted off to what appeared to be a mansion. A beautiful estate with a pool swarming with…bikini-clad models. What could this be? Of course; the Playboy mansion.

Three hot Playboy models that have repeatedly adorned the front page of the most famous men’s magazine in history came down the stairs to meet the remaining cast of performers. And those men that were eliminated in prior weeks committed hari-kari immediately upon viewing this segment of the show. Esther, however, was not amused.

The task was to take a story line , make it into a fairy tale and tell it to the three models. The one that got the highest vote would get “immunity”.

You know, the performances were all pretty crappy. It is difficult to perform comedy to strangers on the spur of the moment, but one performer was head and shoulders above the rest. His advantage? Something comedians have used for eons to gain an advantage on stage. Something that allows them to wow an audience quickly and that is a great lead into other material. Something that even exploits the humor of other well-known performers. What could it be? Impersonations of course. And Marcus killed it.

What was funniest, though, was how dumb the three blonde models played through the entire set, leaving us thinking, “Wow, these really are three dumb blondes!!” Then, they came down with their selection and showed us all; nothing could be further from the truth. These ladies were far from dumb and they are living in that mansion for a reason. Well, right, multiple reasons, but one of them isn’t because they are dumb.

So, it came down to a showdown among the finalists. We will list each and rank them and you will be given a chance to pick your favorite and your least favorite.

1. Adam Hunter – Adam started off slow but got progressively better and had us laughing by the end of his set. He uses major facial expression and got a 7 out of 10 from us for his performance.

2. Iliza – The winner over the past two weeks was clever again, trying to draw in the audience, but this week, she wasn’t going to take out everyone. She got a ranking of 6 out of 10 from us, but did get a giggle or two.

3. Sean – Great performance by Sean. His initial lead-in was only fair, but when he broke into song, he had us in stitches. His facial expressions are priceless and the lyrics classic. We won’t repeat them here. You have to see the show. He took the lead with an 8 out of 10.

4. Jim Tavare – You know, Jim started real slow. He came on with a Bass Violin and led us down a merry path of boredom until he hit his stride and then had us laughing huge. One joke was “I went to a child psychiatrist; he was 8”. Delivery is everything and this guy brought it. 9 out of 10.

5. Jeff Dye – Cute for the ladies who obviously love this guy, but only a moderate performance. Got a couple of giggles out of us, but overall, 5 out of 10.

6. Ron G – Ron seemed to grab the audience, but we didn’t get it. Because he had the audience’s attention though, we gave him 7 out of 10.

7. Louis Ramey – Fantastic from the word go. One laugh after another. “I never go to book stores, because I have cable.” Or “Ladies, if a man ever tells you he wants to cover your entire body in honey and lick it off, you are looking at a man that has never tried it before”. 10 out of 10.

OK, so there you have it. The bottom for us was Jeff Dye. Just not funny. Iliza didn’t have a good week either, so she could go too. The top three that should garner the audience’s favor are Louis Ramey, Jim Tavare and Sean. Adam Hunter and Ron G could be at risk.

Now what else do we say? Katee will win this competition too?

Polls are now closed. Thank you.
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Season 6, Episode 8: Last Comic Standing Results

If you missed last night’s “Last Comic Standing”, don’t fret too much, because you didn’t miss much. The show was drawn and tiring. The final face-off was OK, drawing the occasional laugh, but overall, just not too funny.

Bill Bellamy, the talented host, is always energetic and a great cheerleader for the show, but he can’t carry it by himself. He needs a bit of good humor from the contestants.

If you want to see how exceptional Bill is as a talent, check this out… It is reverse racism, which I find black comics abuse, but it is funny and in good humor.

Last week, if you recall, Esther Ku and God’s Pottery were eliminated for calling out Iliza Shlesinger, who got over 60% of the vote with what seemed like a mediocre performance. Iliza drew in the audience well enough to garner votes well in excess of the differential between her and Ku. God’s Pottery came up short being too limited in their humor. They have a niche, but it is too narrow. It is akin to “Alter Boys” off broadway, amusing for a short period, but getting old really fast and leaving the audience looking for the nearest exit.

This week, though, Iliza may have shown why she won last week. This week it came down to Paul Foot, Iliza and Papa CJ. And this week, Iliza went second, not last, giving the advantage to the Indian comic, Papa CJ.

It started off with Paul Foot. You had to feel sorry for him. He seemed so nervous about his material and being on television. He got the audience laughing, but he was real slow to start. His first joke seemed to go on forever. And his best joke was that a living room is the place we go to die because we can’t hang out in the hallway or bathroom. It was humorous, but not of the quality it would take for the first person to win the face off.

Then, Iliza (who now has first name status, huge advantage) came on. The comics did not vote her into the face-off this week. She was called in by Papa CJ to get revenge on her for voting for him the week prior. Now, this is a stupid tactic. Iliza should have been avoided. She just won the week before. She was on a roll and the audience was already familiar with her. Plus…she was in her element. She is an American comic that lives in the western US totally at home in LA. This was not the time to test her again after she just sent Ku packing, who, in our opinion, is better than Papa CJ or John Foot.

Well, Iliza is clever. She used specific jokes to get the audience to identify with her. For example, she used the video game “Oregon Trail” to draw people in because she knew many would have played the game.   This got a the bulk of the audience into the act, which demonstrates that Iliza knows how to lead an audience.

What became most evident about her in this performance is how she uses her body to perform. In last week’s performance, it was not as apparent, perhaps because she did not want to play that card against Ku, who is much cuter. But in this performance, she wore a very low cut blouse and did over a dozen frontal dips for the audience to make sure she gave the best view inside.  It was her ace in the hole, her major differentiation and her best physical feature. She used it well.

Papa CJ came out last and was funny at first. But he tried too hard, centering on one black man in the audience to heckle. At first, the participant seemed to think it was funny, but after jokes about gay sexual relations with the man and a number of jokes that went too far, Papa CJ commented that if the guy didn’t like it, he didn’t care because he was from the land of the Kama Sutra and could screw him in more ways than he knew. Offensive and not funny; something that was apparent on the face of the man he heckled.

Papa CJ also made a major blunder. He not only used a lewd premise for his piece, but much of it was censored. Beep. Beep. Beeeeeeeep. That made it less funny and the black man he chose to heckle obviously laughed less and less during the performance making Papa look a bit the fool.

So, at the end of the day, Iliza won again. Two competitions in a row!! With over 60% of the vote!!! Now, even if her cleavage flashing helped, even if her “home team” status helped, and even if in the first week she got to go last helped…that is impressive!! She took out FOUR COMICS!!!! In TWO WEEKS!!!! Actually, she took out five because one of the acts was God’s Pottery last week, and they are a duo.

Iliza is a gal to be reckoned with. She is sexy in a subtle way, and she also has a way of drawing in the audience. The guys, who looked real nervous as Iliza did it again, likely won’t be calling her into the ring again any time soon.

Point, set, and match to Iliza…the winner by a pair. Hair? Uh…Whoops.