Drama Queen ALERT: Hollywood elite send letter to Congress about Trump and ‘Constitutional Crisis’

If any of these people can spell the word Constitution, let alone have read it, we’ll eat our hat. And crisis, really?

Hello drama queens.

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‘Hulk’ actor Mark Ruffalo wouldn’t like you when you’re angry

Finding a liberal actor in Hollywood isn’t much of an accomplishment, but we have to give Mark Ruffalo some credit for being consistent in his beliefs whatever the issue, you’ll find him committed to thefar left side of it. Is it ironic that Ruffalo plays the Hulk in the “Avengers” movies, the big green guy whoseimmeasurable strength grows in direct proportion tohis rage? Moviegoers might love the Hulk, but Ruffalo doesn’t want to set a bad example on film, or in reaction to the terrorist attacks on Paris.

That’s a lot of retweets, but we disagree; the intended outcome of the Paris terrorist attacks was to kill as many innocents as possible and frighten the survivors into compliance.

Ruffalo also retweeted this bit of rhetorical Fruit Stripe gum to chew on from MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, who made his debut on Twitter crying into his sweater but confessedto becoming “physically enraged” at the Supreme Court’s “gutting” of the Voting Rights Act.

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Mark Ruffalo won’t boycott the Oscars because of #BlackLivesMatter

LOL. Variety caused a stir earlier today when it reported that Mark Ruffalo may boycott the Oscars because of diversity issues (he’s actually not boycotting … see below):

Ruffalo was nominated for an Academy Award in the Best Supporting Actor category for “Spotlight,” a film with what looks like an all-white cast. Again, no diversity.At what point do the liberals in Hollywood who control Hollywood start blaming themselves for who stars in their movies? It’s getting tiresome.

Ruffalo took to Twitter to clear up any confusion:

Hey, do you know what would bring even more attention to #BlackLivesMatter? NOT going to the Oscars, that’s what!

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Hulk smash carbon emissions!


Katrina vandenHeuvel is pretty happy here:

Loving Mark Ruffalo–He Wants the Avengers to Divest From Fossil Fuels http://t.co/qqxddyoElR via @motherboard

— Katrina vandenHeuvel (@KatrinaNation) September 19, 2014

Yes! Divest! Except, don’t ask him about the carbon footprint of celebrities, because that’s not cool. From yesterday’s big climate march

Hulk Actor: Questioning Gore & DiCaprio’s carbon footprint ‘defies the spirit’ of the climate march http://t.co/DY5sS2LweC

— Marc Morano (@ClimateDepot) September 21, 2014

Is it too much for Hulk to ask Al Gore and Leonard DiCaprio to divest themselves from their private jets and yachts?

More from the interview between Hulk and Cimate Depot:

During the media availability press event, Ruffalo was asked in a one-on-one interview with Climate Depot if celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio, who boasts that he will fly around the world to fight global warming and former VP Al Gore, are the best spokesmen for global warming given their huge carbon footprints. (See: Leo DiCaprio: ‘The Argument Is Over. Climate Change Is Happening Now’)
“Oh brother. That is a question you shouldn’t be asking here today because that defies the spirit of what this is about,” Ruffalo told Climate Depot. The interview was conducted for the upcoming climate documentary Climate Hustle.

Oh, brother is right. The hypocrisy, it burns!

Too bad Climate Depot didn’t ask Ruffalo about Al Gore’s sale of Current TV to the Qatari government’s Al Jazeera network. Give back that dirty money, hey Al? Do it for Hulk!

Full Twitchy coverage of yesterday’s People’s Climate March here.

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Mark Ruffalo wants you to help Greenpeace fight … Lego?


Environmental scientist Actor Mark Ruffalo wants you to support Greenpeace in attacking Lego.


Lego has had a partnership with Shell Oil for some time and the Shell brand appears in some of Lego’s play sets. Greenpeace is now attacking Lego as a way to publicize their opposition to drilling for oil in the Arctic. They even produced a macabre “Lego Movie” of their own which has gone viral despite some legal kerfuffles.

Ruffalo’s latest tweet promotes something called the “Protest-o-matic.” It’s a slick web app where you can come up with your own protest sign for your little lego hippie and his friendly (totally not man-eating) polar bear.



We’re guessing that not everybody’s words will be chanted at their protest.


That’s rich. Polluting children’s minds with junk science through movies, television programming, and school curricula is the bread and butter of the environmental movement. Guess they don’t like competition.


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