China Boos As Horton Takes Gymnastics Silver Medal, China Takes Gold

Even the Chinese booed as the score for Jonathan Horton of the US Men’s Gymnastic team came up just behind Zou Kai of China.  Horton had put in the performance of his life.  Flawless execution throughout, and the audience knew it.  And Doctor Suess would be proud!

Jonathan would have easily taken Gold if not for a single step forward on the toughest dismount in the competition.  Had he stuck that landing, it would have easily been Gold.

But even with that small step, the judges could have been vastly more generous and it seems like every time the judging is close, the judges ensure the Chinese have that small fraction of a point they need to win.

Jonathan scored a 16.175 to Zou Kai’s 16.200.  That is right, once again, a Chinese Olympic Athlete wins by hundredths of a point.  So coincidental that it always seems to be the Chinese that benefit from the crucially close calls.  The last amazing coincidence being Nastia Liukin, taking Silver in a tie when she clearly won the event.

Seems an insult to the study of statistics.

Congratulations Jonathan.  It was Gold in our book!!

US Men’s Gymnastics Team Pulls Surprise Upset, Could Paul Hamm Have Meant GOLD?

No one expected the US Men’s team to place in the top three teams, but their performance was a pleasant surprise for us all.

The team put in solid performances across the board, despite missing team mates Morgan Hamm and Paul Hamm, the reigning Olympic champion, netting the Bronze behind China and Japan.   Not one member of the US team had any Olympic experience.

Had Morgan and Paul been able to perform in this Olympics, would Japan and China have had a run for their money?