DUDE, that’s GROSS: Conservatives hilariously MOCK Michael Moore and his ‘TrumpiLeaks’ site

TrumpiLeaks … really?

We get what he’s trying to do here, make it a WikiLeaks just for Trump, but the visual is not good.

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Drama Queen ALERT: Hollywood elite send letter to Congress about Trump and ‘Constitutional Crisis’

If any of these people can spell the word Constitution, let alone have read it, we’ll eat our hat. And crisis, really?

Hello drama queens.

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Michael Moore’s big idea for pro football: Lots of artificial snow


Sure, games played in the snow are entertaining, but wouldn’t using artificial snow be cheating? Not to Michael Moore, who’s sold on the idea of a field of the white stuff for every game — for safety’s sake.


Of course, changing football to snowball will require a few adjustments to the rules.


Anyone have a better idea for improving the entertainment value of the NFL?


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