Trolling TRIFECTA! Sean Spicer parody INFURIATES Leftyville tweeting about trans, Hillary and Obama

As Scaramucci continues to make news for acting like a parody (even though he’s the real thing), this editor can’t help but keep going back to the Sean Spicer parody account to check in and watch as the Left falls for his schtick over and over again. Plus since the news broke yesterday that Spicer might go on ‘Dancing With the Stars’, it seemed a good time to look through @sean_spicier‘s timeline for a laugh (and to see if he’s a dancer too!).

And as usual, he (and the Lefties) didn’t disappoint:

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Bush Executive Order Gave Authority For Undisclosed Attacks In Muslim Territory

A breaking news just came out from the New York Times with the premise that undisclosed attacks on Al Qaeda are being authorized under secret order. Here’s a link to the article.