12/8 SYTYCD 6 Pre-Finale Performances by the Top 8 Dancers. Vote for your faves!

How is it that sometimes listening to the doctor can be bad for you? They often make suggestions that are just downright foolish when viewed in the context of a person’s life. One doctor once advised, “Perhaps you should quit your job if it is stressing you?” The obvious response…”And who pays your bill?”

This week, a doctor severely damaged the chances of a contestant because of an injury that just would not have impeded most of her performance. And those parts that were impacted (one move in the second dance), could have been skipped letting the audience know her shoulder was injured and allowing her to show how great a competitor she really is.

But no, Ashleigh, a huge favorite both on our website and in our hearts, was told not to dance this week, despite the fact she was willing and raring to go. She popped out her shoulder but it was back in place by show time. Football players play with this injury and they take hits from three hundred pound linemen!! You don’t take a person out of the chance at making the finals because of this kind of injury. We believe she could have worked around just one move in the second dance and been fine.

And what if she did come up lame? This is a once in a lifetime chance for anyone that makes it this far. The finals are something that turn the performers into true stars. It is the superbowl of dancing. Doctors always have to be overprotective, but this is one time, the show should not have endorsed it. A doctor can advise, but that is all. If a ball player gets an injury before going into the World Series, he bandages it and sucks it up. Ashleigh was ready to do it, and we commend her. This doctor was over the top.

Ashleigh’s husband stood up after a spectacular solo, and said to vote for number 1, Ashleigh, his wife. It was touching and brought the crowd to their feet. It may save Ashleigh, but not by her abilities, which leaves us even more disappointed, because we wanted her to win with her talent..

Now, to the actual dancing.

Kathryn and Ryan – Disco – “Last Dance” (Donna Summer- Samantha Ronson remix) – choreography by Doreana Sanchez. This was an incredibly energetic dance with moves and lifts that wowed us. Both dancers were nearly perfect in every way. The only judge that disagreed thought Ryan a bit stiff, but most of the dance he was performing a major athletic feat, so that was off base. The only problem for the couple is that this dance came first, making it less memorable than the latter dances. Oh and possibly that it wasn’t as challenging as some of the performances that followed. (9/10)

Mollee and Jakob – Viennese Waltz – “Ordinary day” (Vanessa Carlson) – choreographer was Jason Gilkyson – This dance has been the kiss of death for dancers in past seasons, so it is appropriate it be thrown at Jakob. He is by far the best male dancer this season and if this doesn’t kill his chances, nothing will. It didn’t. The moves were spectacular by both dancers. Mollee was so incredibly beautiful in the dance. This waltz added a clever storyline, and it involved considerable acting ability. Mollee has that in spades. In this dance, she actually outperformed Jakob. The synchronization and moves including a forward flip by both dancers, had us in awe and we knew, they had just made the Viennese Waltz look not only easy, but phenomenal. (10/10)

Ellenore & Legacy – Contemporary – “Machine Gun” (Portishead) – choreographer: Travis Wall – Travis showed us that he always pushes himself to the limit in his choreographies. This was no different. This was a violent theme with each dancer supposed to be attempting to assassinate the other. The movements and acrobatics demonstrated superhuman capabilities on the part of Legacy. And Ellenore was no slouch. This was a truly edgy dance with some of the most dangerous and circus-like moves we have ever seen in a performance on this show. It left us in awe. The acting was great by both dancers and the sexiness of Ellenore in this dance was beyond captivating. The use of props was also incredibly well played. This was the most violent and physically challenging dance we have ever seen on this show and both dancers were incredible. (10/10)

Ashleigh and Russell – Hip Hop – “Too Much Booty 2” (Bobby J Remix) – choreographer: Shane Sparks – Because of Ashleigh’s injury, this became a solo for Russell. He had a partner, but she was not it it to win, just to fill in the best she could. But in a way, this may have helped Russell. It allowed one to completely focus on him. We often hear the judges talk about hitting hard, but Russell defines it. Every move is potent and explosive. Trick moves are slick and fun to watch. If this were purely a hip hop contest, we would give him a 10 out of 10, especially dancing a bit out of his element. But it isn’t. (9/10)


Round 2

Kathryn and Ryan – Cha Cha – “Put Your Hands On Me” (Joss Stone) – Jason Gilkyson – This dance was spectacular from beginning to end. Kathryn was outrageously sexy and fluid in her movements. Ryan was sharp, strong and masculine. Our only hesitation in giving this dance 10 out of 10 is that it didn’t seem much like a Cha Cha. Much of it seemed contemporary. But the moves were so smooth, the lifts so strong and the finale so memorable that it raised the audience to their feet. (you just have to see that final move to believe it), So, we will overlook the divergence from a standard Cha Cha and gift this couple with. (10/10)

Mollee and Jakob – Broadway – “Easy Street,” From Annie (Samantha Ronson Remix) – choreographer: Joey Dowling – No doubt this couple made the finals with this dance. Mollie brought her character to life, and once again, it was easy to forget it was truly her. The theme was a con artist, experienced at his craft, drawing in an innocent and somewhat naïve girl. Mollie proved she can not only dance, she can act. Even the judges said she should go straight to Broadway. The piece also demonstrated that Jakob has a hand in the choreography of all his dances. He solves problems and enhances the dance to ensure it captivates. The moves in this piece, as usual, were outrageous, somewhat comical and fun. But the most stunning thing is we forgot we were watching Mollee and Jakob, which is the sign of a truly successful act. (10/10)

Ellenore & Legacy – Hip Hop – “People Are Strange” (The Doors) – choreographer: Tabitha & Napoleon Dumo – This started off amusing. The couple was facing backwards, but wearing masks on the back their heads that made it look like they were facing the audience. Only their feet gave them away. The first movements were so cool it got us excited this would be another great piece. From there, though, the choreography was weak. It did not challenge the couple at all, and it was a severe letdown from their first performance. It wasn’t their fault, and it demonstrates how the choreographers can lose points for the couple just as badly as they themselves. The shock power and fun of Legacy was not present, and Ellenore was not her quirky best. It wasn’t hard hitting, it was just, well, strange. (8/10)

Ashleigh and Russell– Bollywood – “Spirit of Rangeela” -from the Rangeela Soundtrack – choreographer: Nakul Dev Mahajan – This style brings back the memory of the truly amazing performance of Joshua and Katee two seasons ago. It is all synchronization. So, this was a rather awkward dance to judge. While we give Russell credit and believe the fact he can dance this style is a miracle, the substitute dancer once again was not Ashleigh. There was little synchronization in this piece, and the hand movements we love so much were not present either. This was weak. But Russell has major personality and faced a potentially disastrous event in the loss of his partner, and performed with a smile throughout, giving the dance a truly fun appeal, so we have to weigh that in the end. (9/10)


Jakob – One of the dangers for Jakob is that he could be taken for granted, because his solo is not all that different from show to show. They are all incredible. His other danger is that he comes across as too effeminate for America to embrace him. But once again, his solo was magic, except for one part that was much too feminine, and for that we give him a one point demerit. (9/10)

Mollee – We don’t believe that solos are that important. The couple dances are what we remember, and are what most strongly sways our votes. That is a good thing for Mollee, because she just wasn’t the greatest in this one. Some fantastic moves, but the overall performance may have been the weakest solo of the night. (8/10)

Legacy – There is absolutely no doubt we can only give Legacy a 10/10 in this solo. He is super human in his movements. He put on a bit of corny action with a telephone, but he was stellar. (10/10)

Ellenore – Ellenore brought the quirkiness to the stage as always and put on a great show. It wasn’t so much the moves as the performance in this instance. Even the ending was rather simplistic, but still showed off her allure and talent. (10/10)

Russell – The outfit was appropriate for the season. Russell came out as Santa Claus, and he krumped it to death. The only flaw was an accidental result of the costume. His shoes were loose and he kicked one off. Sorry Russell, it made a difference for us (9/10)

Kathryn – When Kathryn dances, it is already something wonderful to behold, but when she pushes herself to the limit of her talent (or possibly anyone’s) she is beyond imagination. She worked this solo with grace, elegance and beauty. Win win win. (10/10)

Ryan – Ryan showed his stuff in this performance. He went all out to show us how much he wants to reach the finals. He added a split and somersault, both of which are not characteristic moves for him, and demonstrated that he can pull off a few gimmick moves himself. This was his best solo of the season. It was enhanced by his look. There is no question about this man’s sexual preference. At the end he made a somewhat noble call to the audience to vote for his wife. It may save her, but we can’t honestly vote for her this week, because we did not see her perform. Leaving it to our imagination is too much to ask. Guilt and sympathy just don’t play at this house. (10/10)


This week is always difficult, but usually flaws appear in the dancers, and they kill off the performers that aren’t as diverse or perfect as the rest. We have to place Ashleigh last because she didn’t dance. If you are in a race, and you hurt your leg prior to the race and cannot run, you can’t ask them to place you in first place because you are hurt. This is a competition, if you cannot compete, whatever the circumstance, you lose.

However, the audience does not always follow our beliefs. They often play the spoiler by gifting the sympathy vote. With the work these women put in tonight, we believe they would be wrong to do so.

Finally, we don’t believe the solos mean anything in this competition, so we don’t weigh them as heavily.

Here is how we would call it.

1. Jakob
2. Mollee
3. Ryan
4. Kathryn
5. Russell
6. Ellenore
7. Legacy
8. Ashleigh

We have Legacy and Ashleigh hitting the end of the trail. Legacy and Ellenore are surprises for us, because they had such a stellar first dance. But their second dance was mostly memorable for being so forgettable. It drew criticism not only from us, but from the judges as well. Russell and Ellenore are in danger too. They weren’t quite up to par this week. If any one else is chosen to get eliminated tomorrow, it would be a tragedy for those that performed such amazing feats this evening.

– 0 –

Tonight’s show, December 8th is most crucial because it determines who will be in the FINALE next week. We’re taking the time to put in the numbers of all eight dancers for you to vote! PLEASE PICK UP THE PHONE AND VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE.

Ashleigh couldn’t dance tonight because of a shoulder injury, You may still vote for her to dance next week! – 1-888-836-7601

Jakob – “When You Say My Name by Mario Spinetti – 1-888-836-7602

Mollee – “Heartburn” by Alicia Keys – 1-888-836-7603

Legacy – “Fancy Footwork” by Chromeo – 1-888-836-7604

Ellenore – “I Got the Feelin’” by James Brown – 1-888-836-7605

Russell – “Holiday Bucness” – 1-888-836-7606

Kathryn – “Shadowfeet” by Brooke Frasier – 1-888-836-7607

Ryan – “Din Da Da” by Kevin Aviance – 1-888-836-7608

12/01 SYTYCD 6 Top 10 Perform! Some favorites emerge.

This is our first time writing about the dancers this season. We do feel that the top ten are indeed the top ten. There were some disappointments along the way, but overall, these ten are the most deserving. That said, we do have our favorites already.

We knew were were out of sync a bit with the judges on this show when Nigel called Krump “sedentary”. We sincerely recommend that Nigel get a dictionary and thesaurus or to just stop trying to use big words.

The dances were all excellent this week, but we have to disagree with the judges on some of their criticisms. Let’s start with the couple dances and leave the solos to the end.


Ryan and Noelle – This was a contemporary piece choreographed by Tabitha and Napoleon and music by Melanie Fiona- “Give it To Me Right”. Ryan, as always, was incredibly handsome and captivating with his personality. Noelle shocked us and gets the ranking of the most cosmetically changed dancer this week. In prior weeks we saw her as rather dull. This week she was hot. This dance brought out her sexiness along with a new do that really got our attention. The couple together are extremely sexy and danced this piece with spark. The theme was an office pursuit by the boss (Ryan) that ends up with a harassment suit. Well, if Noelle acted like this in person in the office, no one could blame Ryan. She smoked this. Ryan was the penultimate partner. But he wasn’t the central focus of this pairing. Both were in sync perfectly when they had to be, though, and Ryan clearly helped Noelle shine. The guitar playing of the dance was corny, but the rest was sheer sexuality and talent. Nigel called it last week saying Noelle wasn’t sexy enough. He changed his tune this week, as did we. She has the capability of playing the vixen. Dance was superb. (9/10)

Ashleigh and Legacy – We like these two as independent dancers. We aren’t sure about this pairing. So it is good they got a dance that did not play them as close partners, but as cooperative singles. The dance reminded us of the video game street fighters. The theme was to have the couple battling each other physically, and it brings to mind some of the somewhat corny karate scenes on TV on shows such as “Alias”. It was interesting choreography presented by Gary Stuart. Both Ashleigh and Legacy were in perfect sync, and played their combative roles perfectly. Contemporary is not Ashleigh’s style, but you would never know it from this dance. The ending was perfect with Ashleigh standing facing Legacy, but holding his legs as he stood rigidly on his head, something that we mere humans could never do.The dance was excellent, but there were more to come that were just as stellar, so going this early in the show could have this excellent piece go a bit into obscurity. (9/10)

Katherine and Nathan – We found this to be a superb Broadway piece choreographed by Danny Kaye. It had an old world feel from days of the great musicals like Oklahoma or West Side Story. This was more romantic though like a Fred Astaire movie. It started off great, and Nathan was moving well, keeping his happy character in tune with the dance. Katherine was the stronger performer. She looked flawless and beautiful at the same time. A true leading lady. Nathan, while dancing quite well, does not go with Katherine. It looks like a sixteen year old courting a 24 year old in a dance where the man should be leading. He can dance it, but he can’t play the part convincingly, which is key to Broadway. This was a fun piece, fun to watch, but Nathan lacked charisma. (8/10)

Ellenore and Jakob – Ellenore has a major quirkiness about her and we love the personality she brings to the dance floor. She reminds of Cheryl Burke from Dancing with the Stars. At first Jakob didn’t look the part, but man, can this guy move. Usually we don’t comment on the speed of a man’s legs in dance, but Jakob’s move at the speed of light. Ellenore has a way of looking nearly perfect on the floor. Great smile, fantastic hair and posture. She kept right up with Jakob on this dance and they partnered wonderfully. The chemistry we thought couldn’t be there- was there in spades, to which we give kudos to Ellenore. The couple was smiling ear to ear throughout and had us smiling as well by the time this dance was done. (9/10)

Mollee and Russell – This was a lyrical jazz piece that was choreographed by Mandy Moore. It is a beautiful piece, but blurs the lines between contemporary and jazz. It started off with a touching embrace, with incredible feeling, We have to give Russell an A for effort on this piece. He does an overhead lift and shows diversity way beyond his untrained Krump background. Still, we watched this twice to see if we were wrong after the judges praised him and, well, he was awkward. While he didn’t drop the ball and fought his way through, he didn’t leave us feeling we had watched a professional. Mollee looked mature well beyond her age. Perfect performance by Mollee. (8/10)


Round 2

Noelle and Ryan – This was a graceful waltz, and Ryan was, as usual, at his best at ballroom style. They provided the Cinderella experience for us all, and lifted us gracefully into a clouded world of fantasy in which we fell asleep. It is very difficult to get into a waltz after some of the powerful artwork and personal expression that comes out of a contemporary dance. Probably why the contemporary dancers tend to take the lead season after season, and why ballroom dances eventually fall short. Still this was a nearly perfect waltz. (8/10)

Kathryn and Nathan – A rumba choreographed by Tony and Melanie did not leave us standing nor did it give us any goose bumps. Nathan was frowning and portraying an angry character throughout trying to be intimidating and just came across as silly. At the end when being judged he kept on this angry foolish face. We think he danced well, but character is as important as posture in this competition and he did not portray the leading man well. Not believable at all. Kathryn on the other hand was stunning and flawless. Loved her. Once again, we hope she is not associated with Nathan’s less than stellar performance. (7/10)

Ashleigh and Legacy – Time to bring out an old theme. The vampire. Legacy came out with his cape dressed like the Count, but, unlike Dracula, was unable to turn them into a pair of wings in this piece. His cape certainly contributed to the problem taking away his ability to perform his more exciting moves in this dance, but his lack of training showed as well. Ashleigh was flawless and for her sake, we hope the audience didn’t notice Legacy or associate him with her performance. (7/10)

Ellenore and Jacob – This was an extremely quirky contemporary piece which fit Ellenore to a T choreographed by Sonya. It also allowed Jacob to show how well he can act. When he stands still before the judges he looks effeminate and humble. But when he had to play a dark character, he shows he has acting down. Unlike Legacy and Nathan, he is believable in his portrayal of a character. He has chemistry with anyone, but the chemistry in this piece was stunning. You would have thought they had danced it a million times. They played off of Ellenore’s move and pause technique and had many moments with Ellenore still portraying her character. Her facial expression and personality shine through. She has become our most memorable girl. And Jacob stole the show from all the other men. He looked fearful and dark, in direct contrast to his true character. This was the best of season so far and possibly the best of all time on this show. If you missed it, and watch it now!! (10/10)

Mollie and Russell – Man, who would want to follow up Eleanor and Jakob’s piece. What can one do but be perfect? This was a standard rock dance and required a ton of energy to pull off. And these two dancers are all energy. This brought Russell back onto our best liked list after his last dance, which the judges liked, but we were less impressed with. Russell’s lifts, throws and enthusiasm ruled this dance. He was both fun and exciting to watch. They nailed this performance, and if not for Ellenore and Jakob, would have been the best of the night. (9.8/10)


Mollee – Mollee always does her solo’s well. She looks so young it is disconcerting and hard, at times, to take seriously. But when she dances, watch out. She is a firestorm. She did a sexy solo, shaking about curly locks obscuring her face and her youth. Wearing jeans that looked to be sure were painted on, she still pulled off flex moves that would challenge a rubber band. She is the most athletic of the girl’s this season and clearly has the most energy. It showed and she had a great solo. (9/10)

Noelle – We found Noelle incredibly sexy in her first couples dance, but in her solo she was back a bit to her cutesy look. She needs to pick sexier outfits for her solo or it is hard to be drawn to her. She can dance superbly, but it felt like this solo wasn’t quite up to Mollee’s. Still, this lady can stand on her toes wile pirouetting and that shows signs of hard training and a background in ballet. (8/10)

Ryan – Now, ballroom dancers always have a weakness in solo’s. They cannot typically dance with the strength and diversity of a trained contemporary or jazz dancer. It appears impossible for a ball room dancer to win this competition. Ryan, though, has this major charisma that carries him beyond the dance. In this dance he came across as a superhero. And we expect he could be in the next Superman musical. Unfortunately, his moves are more theatrical than challenging. (8/10)

Kathryn – Kathryn is all grace. She can move with strength, but you are captivated more by her ability to mesmerize you with smooth elegance. However, in this solo, she did not thrill us. It didn’t have that edge required for competition. (7/10)

Russell – Of course, Russell does Krump. Nigel said it was sedentary. WE hope he was joking. This was powerful. We have not really understood krump until now, and we can tell you, Russell defines it. (10/10)

Nathan – No doubt Nathan is one of the most talented dancers on this show, but he has a personality that does not appeal. He overdoes things, crying at the end of the dance and making frowning angry faces throughout his solo. It turned us off. (7/10)

Ellenore– If quirkiness could win this competition, Eleanor has that in spades. Her movements are so unexpected at times and her jerky movements are her trademark. A quick move and a pause. Then another. Then another. All providing the viewer a chance to view her position. However, Eleanor is not as talented a dancer as Noelle or Kathryn when it comes to solos. (7/10)

Legacy – We have seen some great break dancers on this show. Legacy is better than any of them. Some of his moves just don’t seem humanly possible. His solos are incredible to watch and in this lies his strength. No one is more fun to watch or more amazing. At the end you are just shaking your head and wondering how he does it. (10/10)

Ashleigh – What is most amazing about Ashleigh is the character she becomes when dancing. When you look at her standing still, she isn’t much to look at. But when she dances, she takes on a different aura. Her legs are fast, surely, but not as fast as some dancers from prior years. But her ability to draw us in during her dancing and her sexiness is unquestionable She comes across as in control and fearless. This is where she is meant to be. (9/10)

Jakob – If we were to have to set the odds in Las Vegas for the most probable to win this competition, Jakob is it. He isn’t assuming and is so incredibly talented. While he has a bit of an effeminate personality, it isn’t overplayed and he is lovable and graceful in personality. But when he dances, well, there is no one this season that holds a candle to him. (10/10)

That leaves it time to put our dancers in place.

1. Jakob
2. Ellenore
3. Mollie
4. Noelle
5. Russell
6. Ashleigh
7. Ryan
8. Kathryn
9. Legacy
10. Nathan

This is how we think it will play out. Nathan gets to the bottom not for his talent or dancing as much as his personality. Legacy showed major cracks in his ability to do other than break dancing. We cannot see him winning the competition, and he could go as well, but we figure he has a much bigger following because of his superhuman tricks during the solos. Kathryn was great, but was impacted in our judgement by Nathan and drawn down the list. Ryan is great and fun to watch, but so far behind Jakob and not growing as impressively as Russell. We don’t believe we need to explain the rest other than to say if Jakob doesn’t get hit by a truck, he already won the season.

There you go.

The Music for this episode:

Nappytabs hip hop (Noelle & Ryan):  “Give It To Me Right” Music By: Melanie Fiona

Gary Stuart contemporary (Ashleigh & Legacy): “Poison” Music By: The Prodigy

Mollee’s solo: “Rock the Beat” Music By: LM*AO

Russell’s solo: “Outros” Music By: Black Milk

Spencer Liff Broadway (Kathryn & Nathan): “Choreography” Music By: Danny Kaye

Noelle’s solo: “Everytime It Rains” Music By: Charlotte Martin

Tony & Melanie quickstep (Elleanore & Jakob): “Four Brothers” Music By: Manhattan Transfer

Ryan’s solo: “Rock You Like a Hurricane” Music By: Scorpion

Kathryn’s solo: “Beautiful” Music By: Bethany Dillon

Mandy Moore: lyrical jazz (Mollee & Russell): “It Must Have Been Love” Music By: Roxette

Nathan’s solo: “Golden Train” Music By: Justin Nozuka

JT and Tomas smooth waltz (Noelle & Ryan): “Jeaux d’eau” Music By: Cirque du Soleil O Soundtrack

Elleanore’s solo: “Beatbox Harmonica” Music By: Yuri Lane

Dave Scott hip hop (Ashleigh & Legacy): “Slow Down” Music By: Bobby Valentino

Tony & Melanie rumba (Kathryn & Nathan): “Walk On By”  Music By: Aretha Franklin

Legacy’s solo: “No Air” Music By: Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown

Sonya Tayeh contemporary (Elleanore & Jakob): “Tore My Heart” Music By: OONA & Dave Tweedie

Ashleigh’s solo: “Batucada Por Favor” Music By: Bob Azzam

Anya & Pasha jive (Mollee & Russell): “Land of 1,000 Dances” Music By: Jimmy Barnes

Jakob’s solo: “Always Midnight” acoustic Music By: Pat Monahan

Who Got Eliminated in So You Think You Can Dance 6?


Who is out of the competition?

Check back here every week for the quick results! Performance nights are on Tuesdays and results night follow every Wednesday at 8/7 (central).

Vote for your favorites, every phone call counts… See you again!

jonathanlegacy_perezJonathan Legacy Perez . Eliminated December 9, Top 8

molleegray8Mollee Gray . Eliminated December 9, Top 8

nathantNathan Trasoras . Eliminated December 2, Top 10

noellemarsh10Noelle Marsh . Eliminated December 2, Top 10

victor+smalleyVictor Smalley . Eliminated November 25, Top 12

karen+hauerKaren Hauer . Eliminated November 25, Top 12

huntekevinKevin Hunte . Eliminated November 19, Top 14

cookechanningChanning Cooke . Eliminated November 19, Top 14

Pauline Mata . Eliminated November 11, Top 16

Peter Sabasino . Eliminated November 11, Top 16


Bianca Revels . Eliminated November 3, Top 18

Phillip Attmore . Eliminated November 3, Top 18


Ariana Debose . Eliminated October 27, Top 20


Brandon Dumlao . Eliminated October 27, Top 20


Billy Bell left the competition after only one performance due to an illness. He was replaced by Brandon Dumlao who was consequently eliminated by a unanimous decision from the judges.

SYTYCD 6 Profile Spotlight on Mollee Gray

Full Name: Mollee Gray

Nickname: Molls and Mollster

Specialty: Jazz

Hometown: Orem, UT

Currently Resides: Upland, CA

Age: 18

Audition City: Los Angeles, CA

Professional Work: High School Musical 1 – 3, The American Mall

Favorite professional dancer: Joey Dowling

Other talents/hobbies: Singing, acting, gymnastics.

Looks up to So You Think You Can Dance Alumni: “Allison Holker – I trained at T.D.C. with her and always idolized her.”

Mollee Gray has been dancing for 15 years and has appeared in all three “High School Musical” films. She has a hearing impairment in one ear, but doesn’t let that stand in the way of her love for dancing. Gray’s interests include singing, acting and gymnastics

How did it feel on the recent day with the press and photo shoot? “This is definitely going to be a lifetime, memorable experience.”

Dance Signature Move:

Though she’s an actress and a singer and goes on an average of five auditions every week, she says Vegas was brutal: “I’ve never been so stressed [while] auditioning in my life! The pressure is [intense].” by Korbi Ghosh, Zap2it



From Fox Dance Profile:

Hey my name is Mollee Gray and I am 18. 🙂 I am from Orem, Utah but just moved here to California!! I have been in all 3 High School Musicals and The American Mall. I am a singer and actress as well. I love to do anything that I can express myself with. I’m just a fun girl that enjoys life. 🙂


So You Think You can Dance Season 6 Top 20 Finalists Revealed

After thousands of auditions across the country and the Las Vegas callbacks, the judges of SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE announced Season Six’s Top 20 finalists. The top girls include Channing Cooke, Ariana Debose, Ashleigh Di Lello, Mollee Gray, Karen Hauer, Noelle Marsh, Pauline Mata, Kathryn McCormick, Bianca Revels and Ellenore Scott; and the top guys are Phillip Attmore, Billy Bell, Ryan Di Lello, Russell Ferguson, Kevin Hunte, Jakob Karr, Legacy Perez, Peter Sabasino, Victor Smalley and Nathan Trasoras.

For the first time ever, the Top 20 dancers will make their debut performances on SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE: MEET THE TOP 20 airing Monday, Oct. 26 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT). This special episode will showcase each of the dancers in their own style and genre and will feature group numbers choreographed by some of America’s favorite choreographers. Additionally, viewers will get a chance to learn more about the dancers. Then at the end of the hour, judges Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy and Adam Shankman will match the Top 20 with partners for the first performance show airing the following evening.



The competition begins Tuesday, Oct. 27 (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) when the Top 20 dance for the judges and America on the season’s first two-hour performance show. The finalists will work as partners with a world-renowned choreographer on a dance routine chosen at random from a number of dance genres. At the end of the episode, the judges will deliberate and then eliminate the first two dancers from the competition. The following week, on Tuesday, Nov. 3 (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT), the Top 18 will perform and the judges will send another two dancers home.

On Tuesday, Nov. 10 (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT), the Top 16 will take the stage in another two-hour performance show. Beginning this week, after each Tuesday performance show, the phone lines will open and the fate of the finalists – one of whom will be named America’s Favorite Dancer – will be left up to the voting fans. Tune in the following night, Wednesday, Nov. 11 (8:00-9:00 PM ET live/PT tape-delayed) when two finalists are sent home on the first live results show.


from Fox.com/dance

SYTYCD 6 Season Premiere Mollee Gray in Los Angeles Auditions


Mollee Gray, 18 from Upland, CA auditions in Los Angeles. She gets a ticket to Las Vegas for the next round of competition!
Music: “Take a Look At Me Now (Against All Odds)” The Postal Service